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  1. This is my first time going for a tank that is new on day 1 , did not consider this at all . Thanks for the response , I understand now .
  2. I apologise , I am not sure how wotlab requirement works .
  3. I do around 3.4k dpg with 1.7 kills per game and I only achieve 1.8k wn8 , is the wn8 expectations bugged ? The CS-63 is not really that OP .
  4. I will give you a broader sample then , I been stuck in a unrevesible decline for a long time . My aggression play style do leave me utterly disappointed .
  5. Aside from T-54 LT which I used APCR as standard shell coz the AP is outright terrible , I would appreciate that you looked at my games before judging my wn8 .
  6. The armour seem adequate to fend off LT and maybe MT is good enough for me .
  7. http://wotreplays.com/site/2164104#winterberg-porphyrogennete-t-54_ltwt http://wotreplays.com/site/2164106#redshire-porphyrogennete-t-54_ltwt http://wotreplays.com/site/2164107#swamp-porphyrogennete-object_430 http://wotreplays.com/site/2164109#overlord-porphyrogennete-t-54_ltwt The games I played today , I am hoping that you can point out my silly mistakes and also I sucked at being aggressive .
  8. I just brought the Kanonenjagdpanzer , any suggestion on how to play it ? I am pondering if my medium tank spots works for this TD . It does drives like a LT/MT but I am rather torn about actually playing it like a MT because of the lack of turret . Any TD spots you think is great for the Kanonen ? I am also waiting for more replay to be uploaded on WoTreplay for more research material .
  9. Is the Chieftain buy-able via premium shop/gold or its a CW/event tank ?
  10. That I likes , good riddance to the 215B then .
  11. The mid road position is kinda broken after the town fight is over tho , a bit of cover for the town would be good for both side to get close to the flag .
  12. Whatever the situation in ASIA , I would like to see them sell the Type 59 at Christmas .
  13. Exploitable rules , surge of Viet clans replacing old favorites and English speaking clans turning to trolling or insults e.g Dongs . This is how I see ASIA official forum for the past year , there has got to be other medium of approach rather than to provoke the mods or give the Viets gang casus belli to just spam click report " my feelings " is hurt , I demand everyone to be banned to appease my fragile dong feelings .
  14. Well we are obviously different players , I opt to stay safe yet at the same time contributing to the team's effort in their attack early on while you risk some hp for some advantageous position . I make do with whatever spots available to snipe and weaken them down before going in for the kill . Both methods has its merit but I am more than willing to see your games from your point of view , I am not a good front line player therefore I have to preserve as much hp as possible .
  15. Maintaining a distance in early game does not mean putting my tank side by side with the CGC , I like to preserve my hp for later uses . What is the point of going point to the enemy in the first 5 mins of the game only to get wreck ? I tried the 140 , T-62A and finally 907 guns over the past month and I found that the 907 stands in the middle in terms of accuracy so why not put it to good use ? Going to an advantageous position in Malinovka like C5 ( North spawn ) F7 ( South spawn ) to fire off a couple of initial shots against HT/MT moving up the hill or in open is crucial to the success of your team . I am only willing to spend my hp in mid-late game where a fresh attack is needed to tip the tide in my team's favor , it is all about timing no ? Just because I say stay afar does not mean the red line .
  16. I hate to say this but the best way not to get ammo rack is not to get spotted and just fire from afar till some opportunity arise to flank . Normally when I get ammo rack , it is my fault since I am showing off my side armour etc .
  17. I concur , T-62A's gun is really amazing . I recently went toe to toe with an Object 907 and I came out with just scratches on my paint job , it seems that even at close range it is hard to penetrate a T-62's cupola whereas it is too easy to hit the 907's one .
  18. Burns ? I been doing various test in the training room for days with different tanks and that 10% chance to burn seems to be holding out rather well with no fire for 20-30 shots so far .
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