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  1. Fuck you artapidar 2-3 updates like this and our clickers will be legit purple.
  2. Shouldnt we vote only on currently available maps at tier 8+ or something? I mean, whats the point voting on Severogorsk or Hidden Village?
  3. I guess it would be quite helpful to know how much % of the average player's battles are in stock tanks , add 15-20% for newbie games and use that percentage. Thats apparently impossible from what i heard though As for base WN9, 420 unicum is dank but now that i rethink it 650 base looks better with the 100 points increments and the 1k superuni.
  4. Inb4 IS3 sits sideways and bounces APCR with its sides while sniping the conq cupola.
  5. Well, there are arguments for both 3-digit and 4-digit scores. The 3 digit one will probably thriw people off and make them check wtf happened to their stets (which is a good thing, people will learn about it), while the 4 digit one will feel more natural and easier to grasp. As i understand, the amount of unis and superunis @WN8 is larger than the advertised percentile (0.1% and 0.01%). Try to fit the scale so the percentiles are correct with WN9. I.E: make it harder to be parpl or change the percentiles.
  6. At least there is justice in this thread unlike in the T10 one. Well, apart from the E50 which was downvoted for being too good.
  7. Aimtime and speed make the T54 quite derpier than the M46 though. Pretty noticeable if you ask me.
  8. That is true, you need an anchor. But even a green or a blue can do the anchor thing well enough. The damage dealing is harder to do though and requires a tank with a higher skill ceiling like mediums and to an extent heaviums. Thats why i think bricks have no place in the top tier of T9-T10 tanks. By the way, i dont really care about how you played your VKB and ST-I or anybody else for the matter, as long as you dont claim 80% WR is anything but platoon padding. No one has enough games in a tank to represent a decent sample size nor is the playstyle/results of a single player relevant fo
  9. That moment when people get triggered when you tell them their 80% WR on a tank is padded to hell and back. Under 3k DPG and 80%, nah, platoons have *nothing* to do with your winrate or your skewed perceptions on which tanks are good. The VKB and the ST-I are fucking turds unless you 3-man platoon (which is apparently the only way some people here know how to play) because they are slow and have derp ass guns. If a tank needs platooning to perform decently its BAD.
  10. Also LUL at E50 "principle" downvotes and glorified potatoes like the ST-I still being here and at the T-10 winning this as of now. Be right back, gotta facepalm a bit like after i read the official forums.
  11. Shouldnt the I in ST-I be an upper case "i" since the name comes from Iosef Stalin? *i didnt read the other pages so someone might have said or even infirmed this*
  12. Rekt? Then again, you probably do more in any of the 3 tanks that deserve to win. But still rekt.
  13. Give replays/screenshot of a decent sample size or fuck you
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