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  1. Yes they made the crappiest( faulty thin left mouse button) 2012 MMO mouse this side of the Pacific, not even sure what it was called anymore. Only know they miraculously changed the design of the left mouse button the following year and refused to honor any warranties( even though it was less than 6 mos after purchase) using the physical abuse of item clause. When I asked them how they think an 11 yr old( my son) who plays WoW would have abused the mouse..no response...nope that and every other product( except mousepad) has broken without warranty replacement >>>>> Sum it
  2. You don"t even need to flank it just shoot down the sides at like a sidescrapping angle....I did about 1100 dam to one from over 300m on El Haliuf in the BP firing just AP....and the guy was that funny Blue/Teal color..( must have been experienced......) Here http://wotreplays.com/site/3485743#el_halluf-cloud_1-black_prince And yes I know I am just a plebe at this game
  3. To all that said it before I played the marathon and grab it for the lofty sum of 2 tokens...$14.99? To that end it's OK . Having been gifted the Mod 1 from the PAX East 2016 booth visit helped me determine that. To pay $55 for it NFW.....
  4. Am I missing something here? Doesn't it get t7-t9 MM? Respectfully asking thinking of getting to train my Tiger I crew
  5. Auto Banning and you

    So for the first and last time i hope i was auto banned for taking out the AC4 that was pushing me out of the bush/hill i was hiding my Ke-Ho in and right into incoming fire on Mountain Pass. What sucks the most is WG will do nothing about these people..

    so much for plunking down the cash for a german heavy trainer

    1. PrinzEugen478


      What is an autoban?

  6. In tier 7 matches it is manageable, but unlike the Tiger 1 or T 29 its total shit by the time you get into tier 9 matches( even with APCR,which negates the premium credit making). Between the frontal ammo rack and the soft hull, you have a hard time performing in the heavy role.
  7. So once again WG brings out an irrelevant t5 german medium......why would anyone want a T14( t5 tank w/t4 gun) without pref mm? Firing 139 APCR in a t7 battle will get everything laughing at you
  8. Flor, If its a new laptop check and see if it has an M.2 drive bay, before you buy your SSD. With the right protocol, you may be able to leave your original drive in as a data drive preserving you OEM OS Image. Plus some M.2 drive bays use the newest PCIeX4 protocol which is super speedy. Respectfully Cloud_1
  9. Wow, Ok Arty is in the game get over it, on the other hand TK'g in in the game get over it. As for being as asshat about a game ........
  10. Since you can't fix the Rampage Mode Riggate, how about just give all players one. I for one have asked and seen the response from the people that have gotten the tank through rigging: things like "Yeah so don't you want a free tank", and 'Don't be jelly you should be in a clan then they can get you one'. Basically the only 'FAIR' thing to do would be to either take the tank completely out of the game or give it to everyone. Since the later is no better than the current situation, I would be grateful to have the tank removed from gameplay. Respectfully
  11. If you have to spam gold doesn't that defeat the purpose. I found Joyrider's review spot on and since I was able to earn the BiA crew the Mutz ( a modified Indy PZ) prints credits no matter what tier it sees, as well my win rate is 2 pnts higher. After 277 battles in the mutz and 144 battles in the KR they seem to be rather equally useful. My only wish is i had won the KR during the contest period ( I have luck like a stone), since I could only afford one or the other. Also there are 2 videos for the Mutz out there: one the unicums guide is ROFLMAO good time but truthful the other is fro
  12. Shackram, This article should help lay the groundwork for anything you are looking at. Remember the trick is to calculate your systems peak power requirements and purchase your unit accordingly. One thing I can contribute to this is that I have the older (2013 purchased off white color) APC back-ups pro 1000, and with it's line conditioning I have not had any issues with components. http://www.techrepublic.com/article/10-things-to-seek-in-an-uninterruptible-power-supply-surge-protection-device/ and here is some more dope from the omnipotent...but sometimes misinformed wiki
  13. A truly epic achievement, I salute you Sir! May the force be with you always
  14. JT 88..losing preferred MM? was on wiki and it says tiers 8-10, i picked it up in the tank carousel mod and then checked it out on wiki? Any ideas?

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    2. Crossfader


      or they offer to sell it back for gold

    3. Cloud_1


      awesome thanks guys


    4. SoliDeoGloria


      The sPersh's nerf was far less significant than that would be, and it got compensated. Besides, the 88 L/71 is bad for tier 10 gameplay on mobile platforms, I can only imagine how anemic it would be on a slow turretless platform.

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