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  1. Started playing D&D in 1978, and I've played a lot of different systems since then, but Dungeons & Dragons has a special place in my heart... Unfortunately I really never enjoyed 3.x of 4e that much, and I really haven't had a chance to do much of anything with 5e. In fact at this point I'm mostly buying RPG stuff to have something to read.
  2. OK: it seems to me that if you have a higher WR in solopub but a lower DPG, then your pubbies should be making up the difference in damage? What, if anything, are your thoughts on the difference between this and CW or tournaments? I would think that with a picked team there would be much less to contribute in terms of getting more damage out of your team, or is that incorrect? Or is the question just meaningless anyway, since we've moved beyond the point of the solo challenge and it's much more of a team vs. team situation? What do you think would happen if there where something like a dra
  3. Hills are OP. I usually want to head up top of the hill in a med or TD (which is all I play anyway); I die with zero damage way too often but more often I end up doing OK up there (damage-wise; not really 100% sure about actual contribution). I'll usually only get stuck on the slope if I end up being the only one (or one of two) headed that way - usually because of lemming farm in J2 / K2. If the enemy start pushing up through town and I don't leave fast enough I get stuck. It's mainly an issue that I'm unbad enough to not want to bunch up with the ~45%ers, but I'm nowhere near good which
  4. Clan found. Hi, I'm currently looking for a clan. I'm a 49% player, run mostly tiers V through VII; I have tier VIII premiums, but haven't actually bought a non-premium tier VII yet (I have a few unlocked, but only in the German lines...) Tend to prefer TDs and Mediums, I guess, but I tend to like / dislike vehicles on an individual basis. http://wotlabs.net/na/player/kaomera http://worldoftanks....557844-kaomera/ I'm in the Pacific Time Zone (US), and I play mostly early evenings and weekends. I don't really have the time for tons of play. Willing and able to get access to whateve
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