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  1. The live version of 9.22 that tanksgg has lists the lower side as 45, so unless you're playing the Japanese 140mm or larger it's Russian bias all around
  2. No engine upgrade has ever made as much difference as on the E50. Wow

    1. saru_richard


      wait till you see the difference between the stock T1 Heavy engine and the top one

    2. HowitzerBlitzer


      SU-100M1 engine upgrades are huge too, from barely 25 km/h at stock to 50 km/h when upgraded.

  3. I knew IS-4 side armor was good, but not shrug-off-multiple-grille15-heat-without-even-paying-attention good. In love after only a few games.

    Hope it's not just beginner's luck

    1. Assassin7


      its side armour is spaced, of course HEAT is going to get absorbed. 

  4. I thought I knew what camping was

    Then I played ranked battles

    1. SaintLaurentius


      ofc you'll chai-snipe in it, since the 3 best players(by xp) on the losing team get points.

  5. knowing arty is getting changed soom(tm) makes randomly losing half the health of my tank that much harder to deal with in the meantime

    1. Whole_Nutmeg


      My KV5 got hit by GWP AP twice tonight, so yeah, I know that feel all too well :feelsbad: 

    2. SchnitzelTruck
  6. I am completely in love with this tank. It was already one of my favorites before the changes and the armor and gun buffs only made it better. The problem is it's so different from anything I've ever played there isn't any reference point on what makes it better or worse than the tanks I have. The VK doesn't seem necessarily "better" than the E5 or IS-7 that have their own strengths, but I can do 400-500 more DPG with 10% better winrate than in either of them with the VK. This makes me think I'm really missing something about driving not-huge-fascist-boxes. Are all 750 guns this easy to u
  7. Discovered the Swede tier 1 can go 90% underwater without drowning, spent 4 hours exploring coastlines. Some of the most fun I've had in this game.



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    2. Audax_Bellator


      any interesting micro-positioning spots that can be used?

    3. HemanathanRX7


      wao hax confirmed :doge:

    4. KenadianCSJ


      Confirmed true TOG.

  8. I was actually pretty surprised to see the E75 getting a handling buff. For having the highest alpha in class it's impressive that the gun isn't derpier than it already is. Not that I'm complaining, just hard to see why the accuracy is what they buff when the fights happen at such close range. This change is to keep it in line with the Mauschen, right? Even after the buff the Mauschen will still have slightly better handling and dpm. Not that that will matter when the E75 moves twice as fast and aside form the cupola has stronger weakpoints. Also since it was mentioned in this
  9. Even as the VK is right now, it's usually a better idea to jam the front around a corner than go for a sidescrape. If the weakpoint is the first thing you show while sidescraping, anyone who is baited to shoot a usually invulnerable target like that has a good chance of hitting the weakpoint on accident, and anyone good will just pen it anyway. The front plate buff will just make the playstyle more aggressive.
  10. No tank since the KV-2 has made me giggle as much as the VK 72 does

    1. Tman450


      Same. just got it, and I love it in its pre-buff state. super troll.

  11. Is this driving of the T95 right or wrong? I don't know what to say


  12. Why doesn't WG give it some kind of frontal weakspot? That's how they've balanced pretty much every other heavy in the game. Fighting the Type 4 and 5 from the front is just a check of whether or not your gold rounds have enough pen. Being completely immune to tier 8s is just creating the same problem that they canceled the VK 100 for, too strong against smaller things and too weak against things can can pen it. If they made say the axle areas weaker, the rest of the tank could be arbitrarily thick without it being broken. That said it's nice to see they're giving it at least some attenti
  13. Quietly proud of marking a tier 6. French marks look so great with how bright they are. No one I know understands my love for the ARL. How do I convince them it's OP?
  14. Type 95: 26+1= 27 Literally everything but the alpha is worthless. Being the worst tank in the worst tier is quite an achievementM5 Stuart: 33AMX 40: 8 Sau-40: 20B1: 17Pz 38 Na: 14Pz III K: 20Matilda BP: 22M4 Improved: 18Churchill VII: 1 TOG II: 2-3=-1 ay get to save the TOGBlack Prince:15Type 62: 13 AMX AC 46: 21 Kanonenjagdpanzer: 18AMX AC 48: 17Conway: 8FV4005: 24 The Sau got stealth killed early in the thread. For some reason I can't format it right
  15. Type 95: 23+1=24 gets one-shot by hetzers or any 105. Why even botherM5 Stuart: 30AMX 40: 11B1: 20Pz 38 Na: 14Pz III K: 20Matilda BP: 21. M4 Improved: 18Churchill VII: 7TOG II: 14-3=11 Horrible to play, but it wins games. Can 1v1 any tier 7 short of a Tiger. Doesn't deserve to be seriously called badBlack Prince: 19Type 62: 13 AMX AC 46: 21 Kanonenjagdpanzer: 18AMX AC 48: 17Conway: 11FV4005: 22 How is the A-44 not on this list? Would be my top pick
  16. TIL the cap supplies have a hole that lets you do this with a derp gun


  17. Came to talk about Dwarf Fortress, but everyone beat me to it. Once you've put in the effort to get over DF's learning curve, Rimworld is a step back in a lot of ways. If Rimworld ever got multiple z-levels it would definitely be a better contender. I'm surprised no one's mentioned Prison Architect yet. It's got almost the same art style (Rimworld dev asked Prison Architect dev's permission), and imo a more interesting setting/theme for a base builder. Having all of the danger inside the fort instead of outside is a nice twist. Rimworld has some pretty strong competition to stand up to.
  18. Definitely late to the party on this, but wow the 416 has to be one of the most fun tanks in the game. I expected to hate it, because my reference point is the ELC and that gun has never done anything but give me headaches. Now I see that you can have alpha AND dpm AND great gun handling on a fast tank. It makes me wonder why the ELC gun is as bad as it is, with half as much turret traverse. No tier 8 I've ever played can dismantle someone so fast and rustle their jimmies this hard.
  19. I'd always assumed that this was just part of learning the game, independent of server. Is this effect really not as strong on other servers? You have the choice of either following the pattern and doing it better than the other side, or taking a chance and trying to subvert the pattern to surprise (which can be suicidal, so it doesn't happen as often). Moving to x spot to get shots because there's always a target to shoot, then moving to y spot because there's always a target was something I thought of as a core skill. From time to time I wonder why there's an average player in those spots wh
  20. Comparisons to the Roomba really don't apply. In almost every game I played today there were Scorpions who thought they were in RHMs, sat at the back, got spotted because the camo is horrible and nuked because it's enormous. It needs to be close enough for the turret to give it an advantage, or you might as well be in a JPII with some armor and a better reload.
  21. The NA daily ticket missions are really nice. Only have to play once or twice a day, not long enough to get too invested and pissed. Don't have to hope your team knows what to do, the matchmaking is mostly irrelevant. Just put yourself in the top 3.

    Why haven't there been missions like this before? (that I know of)

  22. Would be more fun if it were faster. I get the feeling I would have more games in the BT-SV than this if I had one. It's a good steam vent for when higher tiers get too frustrating. Games below tier 4 are can be entertaining to just sit back and watch because they're so silly.
  23. I'm in pretty much the same situation as you, already having the 100Y. Going to be getting the Skoda because mediums are comfier to play than lights, and can usually have more impact on a game. Also partially down the Chinese heavy line that unlocks the guns for the mediums, so will probably never be touching the lights. The REAL question is, which of the boosters will you be getting?
  24. With low DPM and no armor this is the easiest way to die. M4 with either gun likes the battle to be slow so it can stay hull down take shots when it's ready. Sticking by friendly tanks to take the enemy's attention helps a lot. Avoiding being bum rushed is important because you can't fight your way out like in a t-34. Have you tried out the 105mm? It gives the tank much more flavor and has made it one of my most played tanks. The gun depression lets it comfortably ping the sides of higher tiers with very low exposure time over and over again, and that damage adds up. The reload is long en
  25. HabNab

    The M103

    How does this compare to the Conqueror now? Sold the M103 for the E5 and told myself the Conq would be a better version when I got it. Is that still true? The buff is making me wish I had kept it since I really enjoyed my time in it.
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