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  1. I tried the I-Go and it dies to autocannon spam. I guess you are a lot better than I am at avoiding it. I find the minimaus is great though.
  2. So you think there's a good chance show Stannis could still be alive?
  3. Unfortunately an official HBO book on the great houses of Weisseroff confirms that he is dead. http://watchersonthewall.com/game-of-thrones-the-noble-houses-of-westeros-a-review/#more-50535
  4. You could try darkening the bottom guy's armor too, but because his knees are exposed they will contrast even more than they already do.
  5. As it is now I'd say top. Try brightening the red on the lower one and see if the change in contrast helps. Or make him less of a paleface.
  6. Cold Strike, following scenario: Tier 8 game, north spawn. Team goes city except for platoon A, a Ramka, LAV-600, and T-80, who go west. An enemy VBL, LAV-600, and Stryker defending west are spotted by a suiscout. Team isn't doing too well in the city and quickly loses a few MBTs. Platoon A decides to push west. VBL spots Ramka and T-80 while remaining unseen. TDs open fire on Ramka and T-80, also unseen. T-80 and Ramka push forward, taking a few hits. A TD gets spotted. LAV-600 opens fire but gets spotted and quickly taken out. An enemy Challenger 1 drives out of the city and takes a fla
  7. I can't believe someone stole your name, that totally blows.
  8. He's the imgur user who uploaded several of the gifs you posted, like the duckling horde and kitty peekaboo.
  9. Ah, haven't tried wvw yet. I tried the unranked pvp battles for a while and got a reminder of what it is like to fail miserably time and time again.
  10. I tried GW2, fun for a few hours but in the end really not my thing. I got my T-80 today, so stronk, totally worth the two preceding T-72 grinds. Had more fun in the thing today than in all the games I've played in my Chally 1 at 57%.
  11. Try the preorder commander on the Taifun, it's the least bugged tank with crew skill commanders for me so far. I'd make a video of it working properly and of being able to shoot in other tanks before the reload timer shows it is fully reloaded but I don't know how.
  12. But Ramkas? Without replays it's hard to tell where exactly they are shooting.
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