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  1. According to the manual I found here: https://dealers.nextel.nl/DesktopModules/Bring2mind/DMX/Download.aspx?language=nl-NL&Command=Core_Download&EntryId=839&PortalId=3&TabId=1568 Settings > System Settings > Update Settings > Now If google play refuses to work, you could try FDROID, there's more than enough stuff on there that works with android versions back to 2.3. Other than that, if you don't manage to get any updates, using a phone with an android version that's that old in a corporate environment seems pretty reckless. Edit: If you can't get an upd
  2. I'd like to know if it's even possible with 15Xmm guns in general. I've had one go broadside to my Bullyonny for 3 salvos at 5-6km and I managed to get 0 citadels.
  3. Warspite and Hood seem to have had the same guns in reality, does that mean the proposed buffs to Hood's AP mechanics will also affect Warspite's guns in WoWS? No idea how WG handles these things in this game.
  4. Thanks. I don't feel like paying WG for making the ship unpleasant to play, so I'll just let it gather dust for now.
  5. Is it supposed to stay tier 10 only, or is that simply for preliminary testing? I'd love to play this at mid tiers, say 4-7 (with a 1 tier spread MM if possible). Fix the outliers at these levels and maybe adjust earnings so people are willing to stay if they end up as bottom tier in a game.
  6. Could one of the good players be so kind and tell me what Ibuki is supposed to be good at after these changes?
  7. Did the mission for today, boosters count, first win bonus counts, and the bit of extra XP you get for playing a premium tank counts as well. Can't comment on premium or the platoon bonus.
  8. I was trying to imply that going by the treatment of the Russian AW cluster is foolish, as WG treats their other servers like trash compared to their RU players. Which seems to be par for the course for Russian devs, as Gaijin adds a significant price hike to everything if you buy it from outside of Russia as well. Anyway, in my opinion Russians play this game instead of the ones you listed because they don't have to pay up front, after all people in Russia earn nothing per month compared to the US, and this game is about one of the most significant events in recent history for them. On t
  9. Looking at the RU cluster, World of Tanks is a very affordable F2P game, with regular developer interaction, lots of community contests, and great sales/events... Anyway, perhaps mail.ru will manage to push Project Armata to a level where it is a decent competitor in the Russian region, so WG will have to throw nice things at people again. I feel that's all we can hope for at the moment.
  10. One of my cousins got me $10 of boxes for spending a day of my vacation fixing his laptop- 2000 gold, some camo and some flags, I'm glad I didn't spend my own money on that.
  11. Of the WoWS youtubers I've watcher so far I've found Flamu to be a great source of information but not really entertaining. Arlios is fun to watch and he seems to be doing mostly highlight reels but all the weeb stuff could be annoying to some people. I hate Notser's diction, can't listen to that guy without getting annoyed. Jingles is kinda okay but I've been getting tired of him since he stopped playing tanks. Somebody whose videos I also enjoy from time to time is NoZoup, think he hasn't been mentioned here so far. I'd really love to know where all that money is going. WoT is
  12. Decided to throw 10 dollarydoos at the game. All purchases at least a few hours apart. December 25th 3$ - Warspite 3$ - Arizona 1$ - Flags December 27th 3$ - Flags I'll probably quite while I'm ahead, as I wouldn't put it past WG to decrease the odds to get decent stuff after the Christmas weekend.
  13. I feel like I'm missing the joke behind the Swedish TD line.

  14. Bonuses for emblems and inscriptions were supposed to happen in 10.0. When that patch didn't happen, emblem bonuses didn't happen as well. People didn't seem particularly enthusiastic about the idea anyway.
  15. Graf Spee ST stats are up on TAP, she's currently a tier 6 CA. Not something I'd pay money for in the current meta for 5s and 6s. https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2016/11/09/wows-graf-spee-stats/
  16. It's 70k on NA. I think most people should easily manage that in 45 days. Also, according to the ingame tooltip he's trained for the tier 1 boat.
  17. I've made it to (stock) Leander but they're mediocre at best, and mostly pretty awful so far. Caledon felt okay at times. I guess many people feel the same because you hardly see British cruisers in the game any more. The main problems in my opinion: -Completely useless against BBs at range, even ones at a lower tier. Which is especially wonderful if the meta means you see close to 50% BBs per side in many matches. -Smoke is a joke with the 2 puffs at best and the weird conditions required for the second one to trigger -Get citadel'd no matter the angle, some even by destro
  18. With Nassau and Kaiser I'd say yes, with Konig I wouldn't bother.
  19. You'd think they'd do something about tier 3 and 4 balance to keep new players playing but, hey, I guess everybody is busy rebalancing tier 10.
  20. My first guess: it's pretty much a Tiger P at tier 8 without the shoulder weak spots. And of course, it has 40mm side armour to be of balance for Soviet 122mm guns )))))))))))) Looks pretty decent but knowing WG you'll have to pay an arm and a leg in the premium shop for it with lots and lots of stuff you wouldn't want to spend gold on like a 100% crew trained to this vehicle, a shitty equipment loadout, lots of consumables, and maybe premium rounds. Maybe even an ugly camo skin you can't get rid of too.
  21. I haven't been keeping an eye on this but is free gold actually handed out in any significance amount on EU and RU? Wasn't the gold payout for tournaments on NA reduced as well? I wouldn't be surprised if somebody at WG ran the numbers and found out it's much more cost effective in the short term to release a shitty premium people buy and never play instead of releasing something that's competitive and they'd have to worry about balancing. There seem to be enough customers who buy tanks regardless of their performance to make this preferable to the challenges good premium tanks te
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