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  1. Looking for someone to platoon up while I get back in WoT and grinding through some Tier 7s+, also looking for someone to help improve me so I'm not a scrub anymore. Hit me up in game or reply in topic.
  2. Thank you, funny because first game I just went into with the Lowe I got 2.6k damage before getting overrun by multiple tanks since all of our flanks collapsed and I didn't notice. If I had a premium account, that match would had net me 66k after repairs and reloads. I guess I might be spending some of my paycheck on a premium account soon, even my T29 struggles to make me money even if I do well because I've started to use APCR a bit more in it.
  3. I probably won't be able to do purple play often, but I guess I'll keep it and try to use it to grind out the next 1.4mil creds I need for my T32. I should really buy a premium account
  4. So a few months back I won a Lowe in a contest, and I used it for a bit but wasn't sure of it, it's now been sitting in my garage for a while. Should I keep it and play it more often or just sell it? Is it any good, or is it just slow and mediocre armor? If I did sell it then I'd have more than enough credits for my first non-premium T8, the T32
  5. I see that MIT is invite only but I don't know if I should message a recruiter or have them discover me.
  6. Should I message one of the recruiters and express interest?
  7. So I'm looking into joining a clan, right now as my recent WN8 says, I'm getting better at WOT and since I joined the WoTLabs forums my WN8 has gone up from 480-514 in just 2 weeks and only about maybe 5-8 days total playing time. So I was thinking of joining a clan, probably a training clan to get that up, and to make me a better player overall and to prepare me to join a main clan that participates in Clan Wars and Stronkholds. I just remember though, I'm a volunteer firefighter, so if my pager goes off in the middle of while I'm playing in Clan Wars, then my team would lose a player and p
  8. It's pretty sluggish, you'll want to use either the Waffle gun (7.5/5.5 Waffe) or the short barrled 88. The Waffle is good DPM, good accuracy, good pen, good for sniping, but low Alpha. The 88 is good alpha, mediocre pen, and great for brawling.
  9. This is what I was able to do in the VK3601 with the Waffle gun. I know there's some stuff I shouldn't have done, but still resulted in 3k damage in a Tier 6 tank. http://wotreplays.com/site/1110463#live_oaks-commanderfour-vk_3601_h
  10. I'm trying to get better and until they implement a system where I get credits for bouncing shots....
  11. Looking for someone to platoon up when I'm on. Mostly Tier 6-8. Don't need someone god-tier but just someone that's good enough but won't be so good that I won't be able to get any damage in. Current WN8 is 493, 47% W/R.
  12. Thanks guys! It also seems that my recent gameplay is actually getting my WN8 higher, it's now a 488 from it's 480 it was at yesterday. I caved and decided to spend some money on a JT 8.8 since I'm gonna need something to grind cash with to get to my T32 now. I also bought 90 days of premium and currently today's session so far my WN8 is at either 3k or 1.5k (I don't know which of two to go by on my session stats). I'm hoping by the end of this month to be getting into the yellow zone at least.
  13. I was on RGS right before that game and found the play guide for that map and discovered one of the hull down locations. That game I was a bit more cautious, and I was trying to wait for anyone to come up and attack. Should've been more aggressive and pushed up to the rock up front of me, then after destroying the tanks there, should've moved up. Also with that E-25 again I was being cautious and was afraid if I went down there I'd take fire from other tanks. Right now my play style is a mix of being too cautious and sometimes being too aggressive, and soon I'll hopefully find the good mix
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