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  1. Kolni, this is great, tx. What are other good maps for mountain goat exploits that actually help win games?
  2. IS-6 seems really good now. I only played 3-4 games, but armor upgrade plus what feels to be MUCH more responsive handling esp. when beginning to accelerate / reverse from standstill, allows much better side scraping and peek a booming. I got HT-12.2 did with combined >7.5k dmg dealt plus bounced in my first game in it post patch. That said, even more folks are loading gold when facing you. Generally, I am really pleased with this patch.
  3. NA top clans list messed up? Or did I miss some serious drama?


    1. SoliDeoGloria


      Serious drama. AKA, everyone died.

    2. zipritch


      whole of na clans died pretty much


    3. CarryMode


      Literally all top 10 clans disbanded.

  4. Question: how do you Lakeville in a T-10 (i.e. a heavium with iffy armor, crappy depression but good gun handling)? Where specifically do you go to? North spawn giving me more heartache. Assume: regardless which mode in high-tiers with a typical tank comp (typical mix including hard hitting TDs who seem to be very meta recently and arty spamlords along with hard heavies such as VKB or E100 and flexi mediums) I go city near the church and then do the dance what avoid TD fire from lake road, arty fire from above and heavy fire from the various alleys. I find the lack of depression and
  5. My performance for slow heavies is substantially under par compared to what I am able to do in pretty much any heavium, medium or light, both in terms of WN8 and WR. I dont think this has anything to do with tactical skills like angling, scraping etc. Instead, I just struggle to get my slug of a heavy to be in the right place at the right time where a) I can actually do damage to significant hit point pools worth of enemies or b) stem an important tide / hold a flank etc without getting killed too quickly. Too often I show up too late, or picked the wrong brawl cause no-one show
  6. Sorry to interrupt the vitriol and traditional useless rehashing of ancient arguments that happens whenever something new is published on this topic. I was curious to see how wn8 vs. wn9 compared for me personally, by tank. Reading the table in RN tool isn't super visual so I made this for myself. Please let me say, with a slightly red face, that the tanks on the far left of the chart are nearly exclusively what I played during my early WOT career, and I was an utter noob. Boy was I bad in my Hetzer. Today I am just a mainstream shitter. As always, the outliers are most int
  7. So, do I get a cookie for this? 99.3% MOE level on T20.
  8. Argghh - Just bought Waffel on PzIV last night with the 15% discount; today its on track for 30% discount. Sobbing quietly.

    1. Darvek


      Did the same with the Waffle E100.  RIP credits.

  9. MOE question: where does the data for the x% MOE progress come from in the game client? Is there a way to grab the e.g. the 95%/triple MOE damage+vision target systematically thru API etc? 

    This data http://www.vbaddict.net/moe-marks-of-excellence or the corresponding tab under my tanks is very hard to reconcile with what I see for my tanks in client and my actual MOE awards.

  10. I dont own the Rudy, but for me personally Bromwell is best premium vs. all others I bought to date. Good earning power, even if I need to use gold sometimes for higher tier heavies By far the most fun tank to drive in my entire garage (dat speed, decent gun etc) Flexibility allows me to make up for poor position decisions early in game, bail out of tight spots and flex to save the other flank Flexibility also allows it to be fun on virtually every map which isnt true for other tanks that need vision maps (where they go) or brawl maps to do well Took a while to le
  11. Need to shame an OTTER - General Tsos Chicken. In two domination games he decided to use his CDC to stop team mates from moving (driving/stopping in front of them) while proclaiming "no mission for you". I think he focused on flag carriers. In any case, I saw him do that to one guy - unprovoked - in one game and then he did to me for ~60 secs in the next, including getting me shot by enemy because of what he was doing. Again unprovoked, I just had the audacity of taking the flag. We would have won that round except for his idiocy. Yes, he is a otter and yes he has great stats.
  12. Yeah.Rip that. I am going to stop doing this in the middle of the day. Let me redo in peace and quiet. The battle count is still wrong. Is it clear yet why the promoted me to mgmt and kept me away from doing actual code?
  13. Thanks! Sorry to have bugged you - I messed up the battle count. Fixed. @ThanksLuna Updated/ corrected below. The bubble sizes changed and the dmg_received metric changed, rest is same. Holy damage avoidance while putting out high rate of fire and hitting and penning shit = key to purple.
  14. My pleasure. The damage received metric is messed up. I use the API field "all/damage_received" for Luna's personal performance and then divide by "Dmg received" VBA all-players data. In Luna's case there are a few tanks that have all/damage_received / all/battles value that exceeds the HP of the tank (Leo 1, T62, E5). I was interpreting damage_received as "hit points reduced", in which case the metric should be capped by the HP of the respective tank. What am I doing wrong? Paging experts @Phalynx and @RichardNixon @Golem501 E75 Yield: 104% Dmg fired:
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