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  1. jsoup

    Ranking: Tier 10

    haha.... remember when the waffentrager e100 had a 6 shot autoloader, nearly no otm bloom and went super fast? #1 i thought that was going to be the last glass cannon paper tank ever... then 4005 was really wtf.
  2. jsoup

    welcome back dirg

    1. KruggWulf
    2. Dirg


      These things happen =X

    3. KruggWulf
  3. jsoup

    why are such a high proportion of purps such assholes?

    too much NootNoot-nig from our pingu friends causes massive releases of energy in all directions
  4. fermented potato.. suits haswell C: C: C: C: C: C: C: C: C: C: C: C: My inner travel adventures have been satisfied...
  5. jsoup

    Submit your replays!

    http://wotreplays.com/site/2091909#steppes-jsoup_nyannyan-amx_30_1er_prototype AMX 30 1er carry: 9 kills and only 5.4k dmg Carried by focusing down the top platoon players. Won the game with almost 0 seconds left. Battle duration15 min 0 sExcellent decision making on open field maps, turned odds in my favor. Possible apprehension made it a close game, too close to almost-draw. Would like some analysis into how we could have won the game without such a close pinch.
  6. jsoup

    Christopher Lee dies at age 93

    Lived life like a true sir. RIP.
  7. jsoup

    Armored Warfare

    Just barely enough to strem guud animus~
  8. jsoup

    Does fucking nobody play this game?

    sorry cuni i am stuck in a clam team battle
  9. jsoup

    Do you think WoT is growing or dying?

    More speculation please? Just look at the server numbers. They looked pretty normal to me during x5 weekend.
  10. what is this "turret" you speak of turr turr turr ^: )
  11. jsoup

    #eatdixgetclicked - sela's Q&A Thread

    congrats on the new build. -1 for not going Haswell-E(xcessive)