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  1. Do you see an error code when booting? Unplug all peripherals and try to boot first
  2. Hang out on our TS and play with us! You're so close to our reqs that in no time you could be in.
  3. ... It looks like after deep limbo, we are waking up again. RIP LIMBO v1 (<o AWFUL) LIMBO v2 is relaunching! Oh yeah this thread aint gonna be pretty because I have no artistic skills. LIMBO is a part of the JKLB MAFIA along with JIMBO, KIMBO, and BIMBO clans. Are you not too gud@tonks and want to get better? Our newly relaunched LIMBO is geared towards social play, platoons and we hope to get strongholds going very soon! Requirements: A recent 1000 Games Played WN8 rating (WoTLabs signature) of 1600+, Overall WN81200+A recent 1000 Games win rate of 53%, average tier of 5.5+Be an active
  4. Tl:Dr Kimbo is recruiting and is filled with kewl kats and things.... and boomer is a poop face <3 Confirmed afk dude
  5. Hey Darby I have some potential options we can talk about ;P Come on Mafia teamspeak at ts3.jklmafia.com
  6. ayy me the biggest scrub now in LIMBO.
  7. Not entirely sure if this is the best place to talk about this, but from the other topics I saw here it seems the most relevant. Anyways, it is a well known fact that the API does not include damage upon detection statistics to be accessed, and thus this has been a limiting factor in WN8 calculations etc. for a long period of time. However, a few patches ago I was curious to see if such information could be extracted from replays. Using WoT-Replay-To-JSON (a vBAddict tool ) a particular replay was able to be analyzed in a human-readable form. Insights: The replay was well structure
  8. Just picked it up two nights ago, I am liking the 57 mm with gold.
  9. PM sent. Feel free to have a bump o7 !
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