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  1. I'm up for platooning if you'd like. I have pretty much the same schedule you mentioned, week day evenings and some on weekends. I've been ~95% solo because all my WOT friends are stupid and don't want to switch so friends to pad win% with would be lovely.
  2. When you are playing against competent players willing to spam premium rounds the armor of both the KV-5 and the IS-6 mean little. Playing against pubbies on the other hand I find the KV-5 absolutely stomps face. That is not to say the IS-6 doesn't also stomp face but in racking up damage and wn8 in heavy tanks its all about leveraging your trades and I think the KV-5 probably does that better than any other tier 8 heavy. The KV-5's premium round actually has 2 more pen than the IS-6 so anything you can't pen with the KV you also cant pen with the IS. Everybody and there brother knows to shoot the R2D2 so don't even try to hide it, cock your tank at a 30 degree angle and roll back and forth (don't wiggle, the traverse is fucking terrible on the KV and it doesn't actually change the angle of the aim that much). While pubbies sit there and try to aim in hyper focusing the the R2D2 just take the fucking hit and pump 3 shots into him in the process thus actually using your major advantages over the IS-6. Oh and even with all that careful aiming the pubbies do you will still bounce a ton because R2D2 goes to auto ricochet very quickly if it's not hit flush and is hard to hit in the first place while moving at range. I run vert stab, rammer, vents, and food on mine with a 4 skill crew ( BIA, gun skills, Repairs, other bullshit) and fire almost nothing but premium rounds and I still usually turn a small profit. The mobility of both is practically a wash with a slight edge to the IS-6 (better traverse, slightly better pwr/lbs, terrain resistances, slower top speed) While I would probably put the armor as a wash between then before the HD buff now the IS-6 is a slight to moderate winner in that regard (raw thickness but with weak spots Vs. angles). As stated earlier though most tier 9's wont care about your armor anyway, tier 8's if they load gold can pretty much ignore it, tier 7's are probably a 65/35 split on penning if they know what they are about and use gold, and tier 6's don't stand a chance 1 way or the other. So here are a few stats to highlight the gun handling/dpm/ HP advantage over the IS-6. This is according to tanks.gg with the above mentioned setup on both tanks- Category KV-5 IS-6 difference DPM 2653.33 2526.98 -4.76% Pen 219 217 -2 Aim time 2.51 2.99 19.12% Dispersion 0.38 0.4 5.26% Bloom 0.14 0.18 28.57% 0.14 0.18 28.57% 0.09 0.09 0.00% Sh. velocity 1038 988 -4.81% Depression 7 6 -14.29% HP 1780 1550 -12.92%
  3. Hey If there is still a spot open I'd like to join. I'm in the same situation as you, little late to the party so all my friends already have teams.
  4. I also have a Fractal R4 and while it technically says that you can have 120/140mm fans you definitely want the 140mm. I put Cougar cf-v14s in mine and they are pretty good, better than the stock fans, but i've never tried the noctuas so i can't compare them. Cougars are running 18 USD on newegg as apposed to 23 USD for the noctuas .
  5. I'm actually enjoying the Mikhail quite a lot right now, it's a fun ship. First off don't get me wrong, it's not as good as the Atago and it certainly could use a quality of life buff, i.e detection range. I also don't think it's as bad as people are making it out to be and it's closer to being balanced than people give it credit for. Its rudder shift time is no joke ~5.2 secs with equipment means that once you get in the groove you can really start to avoid significant amounts of fire, even at closer ranges. Couple that turn rate with AMAZING gun arcs, you can seriously get both back guns on target at like 15 degrees off the bow and visa versa for the stern, that means that even though you are very squishy you can present a small silhouette that is constantly juking back and forth while keeping maximum firepower to bare on target. I've been playing it, the Atago, and the Mogami a reasonable amount in ranked and while people are quick to throw out that the Kutuzov is just a mogami but with 1 less turret they fail to realize that in battle situations you cant bring all the mogami's guns to bare a fair portion of the time without over exposing your side to return fire (the Japanese gun layout is fairly retarded when it comes to bringing guns on target AND not giving a fat broadside) , and its the same with the torps. The Kutuzov, even with one less turret, just brings more effective fire to bare for a longer percentage of the match. If I had to make a comparison I would probably say the Kutuzov is a hell of a lot like the CDC in WOT, your average pubby and or heavy tank main is going to do terribly in it, they are going to go to the wrong places and over expose themselves to die horrible deaths repeatedly and thus cry foul.
  6. Ranked has not gone according to plan so far this season. Last season I started 2 weeks late but I flew to rank 5 with over a 70% win rate. I hit a bit of a wall at rank 5 but managed to re-adjust, probably made me a better player as well, and manged to get rank 1 with a 58% win rate. I was really finding it hard to get motivated with this season coming so close on the heels of last and it seeming like wargaming really half assed the rewards. Ranked started and despite my unmotivated state I gave it a go and fucking hell I can't seem to find any traction, terrible team after terrible team. I've only played 25 battles so far but I think I'm done for this season at least. 48% winrate despite averaging over 1900 exp and a 3.78 K/D ratio. Pubbies seem to be listening to well meaning advice and coordination at an even lower rate than usual and the amount of window lickers in DDs yoloing into caps and dying 30 secs into the match is just unreal.
  7. Yeah your right, I looked it up and the wiki says "Extends firing range of the main battery: +16% to main battery maximum firing range" That would give the Zao a 1.7km invisasniping zone. Damn you and your being all logical and shit. None the less, still reserving judgement until I see it in action, but once I ran the numbers I was pleasantly surprised to see that it seems to be pretty ok, especially since the Khabarovsk can also mount the "Gun Fire Control System Modification 2" which pushes its invisasniping range to a zone 5.58 Km wide.
  8. The Zao has a surface detection range of 12.6, -12% for a fully kitted out commander and we have 11.09km detection range. The Zao has a 16.2 km gun range and CAs generally have a ~+6km detection range after firing. A 17.09km detection range after firing means no goldilocks zone for the Zao. I haven't got a Zao yet so I'm not sure if it gets and module that can increase gun range but the point remains, if you fire your guns you will be spotted. The Khabarovsk has a 9.0km detection range, -10% for a fully kitted out commander and we have 8.1km detection range. The Khabarovsk has a 13km base gun range, + 20% due to fully kitted out commander and we have 15.6km gun range. 8.1km + 4 km detection(DDs get ~+4km instead of the CAs +6km) after firing gives a 12.1km detection range leaving you a pretty sweet 3.5km goldilocks zone of invisasniping. Fyi even the Gearing only gets a 2.48km goldilocks zone. Now for the kicker, again these are not "real world" numbers dpm does not take place in a vacuum so take with a grain of salt. (Numbers for DDs are with the +10% perk for guns less than 155mm) DPM -Khabarovsk- 3.5km invisasniping zone (and if the Gremy is anything to go off of one can assume the gun's characteristics will be excellent) AP=2600*8*14.3= 297,440 HE=1900*8*14.3= 217,360 Gearing- 2.48km invisasniping zone (but Wargaming somehow thought it was a good idea to give her mortars instead the glorious guns we had back in CBT) AP=2100*6*22=277,200 HE=1800*6*22=237,00 Zao- 0km invisasniping zone (but better pen of course so thus a correspondingly high chance to citadel) AP= 5400*12*4.4=285,120 HE= 3600*12*4.4=190,080 I think a good case can be made for why the Khabarovsk might just have a role in the game and why it maybe has the the potential for being a good ship. All the way up the line the Russians seem to have a larger goldilocks zone(barring the tier 8 )than the US DDs. They are to guns what the Japanese are to torps with the exception that for the most part torpedoes still require your opponent to either be stupid or make a mistake. Guns can reach out and do damage whether it be against a unicum or a tomato. In expert hands I could see these being stupidly powerful, i.e. old school WOT vision games.
  9. Wow, that got snippy real quick. Well sir here is the point where I also have to call bullshit, documentation or GTFO. I have tried to look up these side shirt upgrades you keep mentioning and can find nothing on the subject. Please enlighten me, I honestly would like to know. Here is the link to the Rita post I mentioned above for your info. I put in THAT photo because it was the one that clearly had the ultrasound markings on the spaced armor, as I said take it with a pinch or two of salt if you wish. Also that link took me all of 30 seconds to look up, I suggest you do the same next time before calling bullshit on something I have to say.
  10. This a picture of the exact IS-3(M to be precious, which is the upgraded version you mentioned) that wargaming used to make the HD version of the in game IS-3, at least according to Rita's blog so take that with however much salt you will. You can clearly see the markings where ultrasounds were taken along the spaced armor panels. Also please take note of the rusted through spaced armor panels. Now do though panels look like 30mm to you? Also note that no other part of the tank seems to have rusted through, even the clearly not 30mm brackets above and to the left of the are still very much intact.
  11. So yeah, I'm just going to leave these here. Oh and for reference to the non metric speaking world on my shitty 1600x900 work pc screen 3cm is about ----------------------- long
  12. ...........Did you even bother to try to understand the point of my post?
  13. Wow, way to be a condescending jackass. I think it is pretty known by now and most people are well aware that the 120mm ufp stated in books like Ogorkierwicz's Cold War Hot Science, 2001 isn't the true armor value of the tank. This is not new information and has already been discussed ad nauseam. What I WAS referring to by saying it had Russian bias armor values was the tendency of Wargaming to choose a tank and absolutely and categorically insist that that tank must be real and have its historical armor values even to the extent of sending people multiple times to get the most accurate readings possible. All while doing things at the same time like buffing the lfp of the IS-7(not to mention magic "30mm" spaced armor), both plates of the Vk. B, and the ufp of the IS-3 etc. Look, it's quite simple, they turn a blind eye to historicity for popular tanks i.e. most commonly Russian ones (just look at their demographics) for game play/balance reasons but yet require historical armor values on tanks such as this one even to the detriment of game play in said tank. And I bet you can guess which nation's tanks aren't the ones with the absolute most historical armor values that could ever possibly be assigned to them.
  14. The FV215b's gun and ammo type are already better than this and it has remained so for quite some time without a nerf. The accuracy and aim time of the Chieftain are slightly better but the bloom values which are the real indicators of how good a gun is are on average between 15-20% worse on the Chieftain, and that is with the Chieftains turret turning 4.5 degrees/sec slower than the FV's (that's not to say the Chieftains are bad at all, just giving a point of reference). The Chieftain NEEDS an amazing gun to compensate for the all or nothing nature of its Russian bias armor values so I really don't think a nerf is imminent unless they significantly buff other aspects of the tank. Right now the the Chieftain looks sexy as fuck and for that alone I want one, but to be honest this seems to be a straight downgrade from the tank we already have.
  15. DON'T DO IT!!!! Says the guy who just threw his wallet at the screen 5 mins ago to pick up this package.
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