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  1. Which one is the least painful of the Ferd or Jp2? 

    Also, apparently a dead tank still runs its tracks as I was killed by a Leo after it landed on my IS7, died, and it subsequently ticked off damage as I was disabled. 

    1. Flametz


      JP2 by far. No need to crawl around on a painful engine grind that renders you slower than a KV-4 with a dead driver (Ferdinand's shitty engines), and you get sloped superstructure armor that can withstand most tier 8s that double tap "2". (Ferdinand's shitty flat armor)

    2. OilyBoHunk


      Awesome, Thanks for the knowledge!

  2. Probably a stupid question.... Snapshot on a turretless TD, will it be useful? As in just shoot while traversing? 

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    2. Jaegaer


      After Stealth, Repair and BiA it is pretty useful. The thing is that often when a target moves left/right you will traverse your gun and then, when hitting gun arc limit, traverse the tracks. BUT very often track traverse will be fast and swing round your gun too much, so you traverse the gun back from the extreme more to the middle.

      Snap Shot will help with all of that a little bit.

      DT doesn't need auto aim but I don't see the need for this on a turretless (sniper) TD - how often will you be the one spotting the target?

    3. Visn0r


      I was asking DT with regarfs to spotting capable tanks, as i have it on some lts I think so having need to autoaim would be bs when rng gives you open map and ignorant enemy team. 

    4. OilyBoHunk


      Thanks all for the knowledge! Snapshot it is.

  3. Do over 5k damage, kill 1 and block over 3k in an IS7 and it's not even worthy of a 3rd class mastery. Can this be right?

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    2. OilyBoHunk


      kinda hard to chai snipe on Ensk, city part


    3. nemlengyel


      if you are going for gunmarks/mastery, you need to steal more kills and farm more assisted damage - in heavy, the latter can be accomplished by going for tracks whenever possible

    4. OilyBoHunk


      I am just mostly in awe that after doing 5k damage that I didn't  at least get the 'participation trophy' of a 3rd class tank mastery. I thought it was a decent game but I'm bad @ tonks, so there's that. I was more or less trying to confirm that I either shit up the map or that that tank is hard to get mastery badges in. 433 XP (loss) for that kind of game just seems incredulous  but i haven't played the IS7 over 5 months. I guess the meta has changed for it.

      Also. the only kill was The Chieftain in a 113 and over 2k of the other damage was to a 30 and jag100

  4. A question for 'play for fun' and arty players: Do the new HD models make it easier to masterbate?

    1. Aquavolt
    2. SchnitzelTruck


      I personally enjoy releasing a female Tennis grunt every time i click in arty. Just makes the click that much more invigorating.

    3. OilyBoHunk
  5. oh yeah, pick a fucking color scale and stick with it.....1000s should Never be green ffs

  6. Serving my second suspension this week for killing the shit platoon of arty on my team. I should have gotten the Pascucci’s Medal.

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    2. alostserendipity


      Should ask Burdened how we ended up with 9 arty on Pearl River. GG was not fun.

    3. OilyBoHunk


      I honestly couldn't give 2 shits about the money. The satisfaction of their bitching and the rest of the team laughing is worth at least 100k if not more.

    4. shwedor


      Better to use the gun barrel trick so they shoot themselves. They lose credits that way.

  7. I watched all your replays and noticed that only on one occasion you loaded gold. Strangely enough, it was only on the heavy. Why?
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