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  1. 10,000 posts Rexxie, that's incredible 0.0 I thank you and all the other purples who have revealed their ways and helped me pick up a few things to climb out of my averageness. Especially the common sense advice about positioning etc. Awesome community here.
  2. Just got Deathwing in a card pack - my first legendary that didn't come from Naxx or Blackrock Mountain. Will be interesting finding a deck to use it in - maybe Druid with mana crystal boosts and big beasties. Most games are over or decided by turn 6-7 anyway.
  3. In casual every other deck seems to be Murlocs or Mechs, it's kinda getting annoying now. I had better luck in Ranked yesterday to complete my Quests for the day. Good news though, I've almost completed Blackrock Mountain, just need 300 more gold from Quests.
  4. One step closer to technology seen in Ghost in the Shell. Why am I not surprised it's Japanese
  5. F The generation of actors in that golden generation are dying out now. He made the new Star Wars films bearable rather than outright crap, and Saruman was really brought to life with his acting. After reading the history there's other roles he played well.
  6. Taekwondo > Karate Though I heard Judo is good as well, you'd be surprised how accessible martial arts are.
  7. I'm voting Gashtag to support my fellow Brit cool geek Sorry Pity.
  8. Interesting that my age range (24-29) is the cutoff point for deep purple, need more samples to see if there's an older pro I think Tolos is older than me, can't remember off the top of my head though. There might be a couple more Relic Main players in the 30-40 age range.
  9. The genie's not very good at guessing Exdeath from Final Fantasy V, even though that's been played over 700 times. He guessed Ramirez from Highlander correctly on the 2nd round. Was played 446 times. Now I've got to try and beat him with a real person from history.
  10. That's amazing, 10/10 comrade I need to save that gif when I'm at home.
  11. I have no idea how someone can play that many games in that boxtank. Also, he has over 900 games in IS-3 with 44%. Why do I get the feeling he's a 'kemp bush' player. o0
  12. This is a great update, now I can see my progression from my tomato days (old tanks) to my green-blue recent tanks in full detail. It's an easy way to find my strongest tanks in different classes (DPG, W/R, WN8). Confirmed M46 Patton is awesome.
  13. Navyfield (Playing battleships). I bet even though I haven't played it for years, I'm still better at NF than WoT. When active I had the 45 degrees guns (hardest to lead targets) nailed by muscle memory and dominated in Montana/Iowa/Stalingrad. I was even more evil with the faster shell velocity guns. I was also able to multi-task and lower/raise scouts, my manual scouting was above most other players in my best years. Final Fantasy VIII. Completed 3 times, each time abusing the junction system even more than the last. Also mastered Triple Triad.
  14. I'm hoping it's like the first 2 as well. Can't wait to see it.
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