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  1. RIP. The first new-release soviet tank that got nerfed before during CT? Stat changes of Object 277 made in 1.0.2_test2: Gold ammo pen from 350 mm to 340 mm (10 mm worse) Accuracy from 0.35 to 0.38 ( 0.03 worse) Aiming time from 2.5 to 2.7 sec (0.2 sec worse) Rate of fire from 5.22 to 4.8 (0.42 worse) Reloading time from 11.03 to 12.5 sec (1.47 sec worse) Turret traverse from 26 to 27 deg per sec (1 deg per sec faster)
  2. Gnasherrr

    STB-1 Thread

    i finally 3 marked this after 2.2k battles. lol
  3. Gnasherrr

    M48/M60 Fan Club

    apparently wg cures head tumor and does full face lifts
  4. Gnasherrr

    M48/M60 Fan Club

    think for pubs this might be the best non auto loading med in the game now
  5. Gnasherrr

    The Official Garbad Fan Club Thread

    garbad back to the padding business :3
  6. Gnasherrr

    Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?

    Against those 3 arties and 2 390 alpha meds I don't think it's remotely smart to contest the windmill..hull down is dumb too against two fast aiming arties. In a three arty game in malinovka in a med, I think it's just trivial to understand that your roles should be just spotting for the hill and let them do theIR I would just try to keep those 2 meds lid while bring as arty-safe as possible and wait for heavies... with all that being said tho. This map just sucks to be on the aggressing end. Enemy can always try to stay on the hill and let his team snipe from base and wooDS while being relatively arty safe. Breaking such defense requires a clan war level organized charge, whIch pretty muCH is none existence in pubs, so securing the hill does very little.
  7. Gnasherrr

    Am I too agressive?

    For the recent three months or so I have "improved" my wn8 from 3000 to 4000+(5000+ if driving 62a type e50) pretty much all i did was suppressed my old blind aggression to a very well thought out calculated aggression play.. funny tho I don't see my solo wr improve by much(63 to 67 maybe). Dpg definitely climbed tho..
  8. Gnasherrr

    Garbad Ranks the t8 Prems

    pretty much agrees with everything!
  9. Oh nvm i get it now..jeez I'm bad at engrish
  10. plz elaborate on dat elipsis