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  1. only problem is i dont actually own the tank yet, im still 2 missions off
  2. I've heard that T55-A Uses russian camo. According to someone on official forums, it uses Russian clan camo too. Is this true? If so it's a problem as i've already used the russian one and was saving my german for it. I Need to know, because if it is i'll use the german on 251 instead.
  3. Agreed, the 20 pounder can be made to work, but due to the low speed you'll be firing alot of gold at heavies. Between the caren, Cent 1, and AT7/15, i've had enough of 20 pounders. And if i ever finish Challenger grind, i'd be using it again on Charioteer until i unlock top gun
  4. lol. I normally hate "go kill X" in video games, but I loved the slayer skill. It's why I have my current user name
  5. lol yesss. I haven't played it since late 2013.... been considering giving it a whirl, but not sure if i wanna give Jagex my monies. I've got some good ones:
  6. I'll still try to buy it by then to be on the safe side. Thanks all, I'll probably sell it. I do like the tank in general, but yeah the gun handling can be very annoying. Although I can still bounce stuff hull down, as long as I don't linger.
  7. If you buy it before the 19th, you'll qualify to earn the old tier 10 as a tier 8 prem. http://ritastatusreport.blogspot.com/2016/01/fv4202-mission-requirement-date.html
  8. yeah, i would love to use hesh more on the 7/1, but i know by the time i would have reloaded it my target will most likely be gone. although i did have a funny moment where i loaded standard hesh for a waffle, and managed to go thu the side of a 54 mod 1 when he popped up
  9. Currently 20k away, powergrinding it to unlock AX before the cutoff. Is there any good side to the 7/1 that makes it unique compared to the AX? (I do like the 7/1, but I have other tier 9 keepers to use.)
  10. Post 9.10, its pretty stronk. I'm not into the clam warz, but i was just wondering what you guys thought of it now. Would you take it more often?
  11. and arguably, you're better off buying more prem time than the boosters. its much more bang for the buck.
  12. Not that i'd ever take them over a more serious choice, but im just curious. They do help wit terrain resistance, but they also weigh a ton. Is there any tank on which additional grousers will be more beneficial then the weight increase?
  13. I'll have to give that a shot. So treat it like a heavium then?
  14. I really do want to blame the tank here, but I'll take the high road and say that I can't make this thing work. Like, at all. Clan mate gifted it to me out of the blue, so I wasn't gonna say no... but oh geebums this thing is so uncomfortable. I'm used to my American and Brit tanks, to be fair. I've only gotten the IS-3 as its tier 8 meta, should we decide to do tier 8 stronks/cw later on. I hate the KV-4, but will eventually buy it back to get ST-I so that I actually have a superheavy. But I'm willing to give this thing another chance, as I know alot of people love it. BEHOLD, THE LIST OF GRIEVANCES: Terribad penetration + 3.4 aimtime + 0.46 accuracy = LOLNO. Even If i do hit a weakspot, that pen means i stand a good chance of bouncing anyway. Long reload for that kind of gun performance. Turret cheeks easily penetrable by 175mm pen guns UFP armor seems to not want to bounce anything, despite high sloping. I still can't figure out if I should treat it like a pikenose or angle that SOB. Angled butt cheeks mean I cant reverse Sidescrape it. (ignore KV-2 WR, that's from when I played it as an ultra noob. Bought it back and trying to dig that WR out of the hole.) And before you say fire pure gold... Other than the month of prem I just bought with TOG gold, 90% of the time i run without prem account. Because of that, I try to limit gold usage to what's absolutely necessary. On more usable guns, that helps me practice better aim. Prem tanks should be making me money, not losing it for me.
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