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  1. So since WG ain't doing shit, you blame the dominant clan instead and ask them to break their clan down. I thought it was just an in-joke at the Kylie forums, but now I see down under tall-poppy syndrome in effect. Pity. I'd agree with that. Chips limited clan land holdings back then, as long as you keep the LZ's unclogged by 4S1/2/3/232 and so on. Now with alliances, clans can band up and make collective farms far larger than the Viets in post-FLAPDACOC days would've ever have dreamt of.
  2. Not sure if forcibly redistributing players will fix CW hopey. Some people play CW to win, thus they join MYTH to win. If you break down MYTH, they'd quit, further shrinking the CW population. Another example, PVP broke down its core players and redistributed them to clans like AGILA, DSD, and maybe even PINAS. This led to all clans involved, recipient and donor both, so badly weakened that PVP can't field a team this season (thus I left) and only one of the recipient clans can hold on to land...it's only 1 piece of land. We do likely agree on one thing: what works in RU doesn't work
  3. DPS had all the best players in one clan and that didn't break CW. What makes MYTH special? I do remember the prehistoric SEA to be quite lively...until they started losing continuously. CW is endgame after all, not pubs-with-golds. And Nisa T34 > tier X tanks lol.
  4. The truly ancient CW people would say SEA CW died when the local developing CW scene was quashed by the NA & EU colonizers, who came in with superior tanks, strats, and firepower.
  5. Here you go, hopey's original posts. Didn't track if he edited it or not. For a split second, this thread became an AdrianK Attention/Appreciation Thread c/o HoPeY
  6. Everyone testing out their pref-MM tanks. And guess who's the biggest, baddest bitch in town? Ole-venerable KV-5. Though I wouldn't have done it without our SWA clicker clicking furiously.
  7. Did they change WN8 per-tank data again? I don't remember being this close to teal since '14
  8. I'm thinking tanks.gg may have wrong data for terrain resistances for the 277 vs IS-7, as well as 65t vs M4 49. Their terrain resistances are the same between both 277 and IS-7, and 65t and M4 49; it's like there was a copy-paste error. EDIT: So I checked wot-news.com and they say that the terrain resistances for the tanks were the same as well. Client would also say that they're the same resistances. So it might be a hidden 3rd "gearshift" variable similar to that between KV-2 and KV-2 (R)
  9. I was split between liking the Professor and the BC 1555+; Professor is faster, but BC has a turret and is stable enough for some CQC. Its HD-ification also made it low enough to hit stuff; even better for knife-fighting against fat LT's like Blackdogs. Then I played the GW Panther which has even more RoF than them both, if a bit less alpha. Just as accurate, sufficiently fast, and has good gun arc. I felt sad for the French SPG line for that. Though I still have respect for the Professor, for once winning a KAC CW battle by resetting cap in Arctic Circle (they call in Mannerheim Lin
  10. Is it just me, or has the GW Panther been better than the entire French SPG line all this time? It's better than the M12, better than the FV207, practically the best of the 150-155mm SPG's?
  11. The latest RanZar video seems to be getting a lot of Pole hate. Just a litte dicking-around from Ranzar I guess.
  12. Ezz justifying himself when he's going for a Kamikaze on the enemy Mauschen in his Type 59. (And yeah, those are the actual lyrics)
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