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  1. I completed the on Track for the FV-215b 183. But I already had in my garage all the tanks in that line from tier 3-8 and earned the Tortoise during the event. So I was getting a minimum of five doubles each day and 3x on weekends. I also have a premium account which gave the XP earned a boost as well. Yes there was some grinding and solid hours spent playing. But I work fulltime and have a life outside the game so it wasn't impossible. I played as much as I normally do but more on that line than usual.
  2. Are Vertical Stabilizers really necessary on the FV-215b? Seems so accurate on the move already. I have been running vents instead.
  3. I'm in the process of trying to go from Dark Green to Light Blue. I have only crested 1700 recent in the last month or so. What I have found to be the biggest difference for me lately is better evaluation of starting team make up, map awareness/flexing, and target selection. I used to only look at the initial team lists to see how many green+ players each team had. I am finally factoring in how the make up will impact their initial deployment and our chances of success in certain areas of the map. I now deploy more based on where I think we might have an over match or where I am more n
  4. Just a follow up: I have purchased all the parts and am happily waiting for delivery to begin my build. I made a few upgrades to the initial build based on my preferences and a couple little changes due to availability in Canada. http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/p/C3yLYJ I upgraded to an i7-4790K 4.0 GHz Quad Core and upped the memory to 16GBs. The Case and Sound Card were sold out at the website so I switched to similar models but didn't update the pcpartpicker. My overall costs were $2375 CDN (approx. $2018 US). I am happy with that cost point for what I expect I am getting.
  5. I buy the year long subscription. It's the cheapest per day package and takes away the worry of ever running out of premium. I am lucky enough to be at a point in my life where my career affords the ability to buy a premium account, premium tanks and buy gold and credits as I deem I need them. I want to spend my time playing the tanks I want to play and not be held back from moving up a line because I am making less XP than a premium account or because I don't have the credits because I didn't have a premium tank. And if I want to free XP the components of a tank so I am not playing st
  6. Thank you so much for putting this together. This is exactly the type of information I was looking for. You have inspired me to decide to build a new setup for myself. I really appreciate you sharing your build as a reference and link to a build site. This is just a fantastic response that answers every question a non-tech geek could ever need to get themselves a great new setup. Much appreciated!
  7. Thanks for the quick reply. I BuyPower looks promising but cyberpowerpc doesn't ship to Canada unfortunately. I only play WoT currently. But I do have Elder Scrolls Online and that series of single player games as well. I tend to play only one title at a time and don't see myself switching to anything beyond WoT for quite some time.
  8. So I am currently running WoT's on a 3 year old Dell XPS laptop that has an i7 processor and what was a decent NVidia card at the time of purchase (not at my laptop atm to give full specs). I am currently getting a ping of 30ms West & 100ms East with a FPS of 60ish on very low video settings when I play WoT's. So the game is very playable right now but I would like to have a computer that can run with similar results with high quality graphics running. I am looking to buy a desktop computer. I am a person who is NOT capable of building a computer so would be either getting it buil
  9. When I started playing WoT, I went straight up the Brit Heavy Line to tier X before doing any other line. I didn't have a premium account, understand using free XP for components, buying crews or even understand I was a terribad and needed to learn to get better until I had the Caernarvon. While still just a green now, I feel like I am a long ways better than what my Church I, Church VII and Black Prince stats show. The Black Prince was especially terrible. I was 43.8% WR 668 WN8 in 317 games before I finally sold it. This stat line drives me crazy anytime I am looking at my numbers. Som
  10. About 3500 games ago I turned off Encounter and Assault after reading somewhere how pubbies get more confused on these maps and are less likely to know what to do to support you (and that I was probably one of those confused pubbies). I thought that it might help me in learning how to play better on Standard battles and hopefully make a bigger impact in battles. In the last 3500 battles, the only time I have played Encounter or Assault is when I join a platoon and the leader doesn't have it turned off. I decided today to look on VBAddict to see what my stats were in Encounter and Assault to
  11. I just wanted to post a follow up to this initial post. I want to say thank you for the advice I was given. I had a great time going through the tier 3-6 Brit TDs that I had been very tempted to skip. I have a 58% win rate over 379 games and I feel I have a much better handle on how to play the Brit style of TDs as well. I also have a near 57% WR in the AT-7 which I would have crossed over to from the Church GC. I just unlocked the AT-15 and look forward to building on the experience.
  12. Thanks for all the feedback so far. After reading everyone's replies, I think it's a combination of a lot of what has been said. It did take me a couple weeks to realize I didn't have the BRR installed and have kept it up to date ever since. I was looking for a new clan during the first half of the 2 month time frame and often was platooning with people I didn't know very well and didn't know their play styles. I was probably over thinking my playing as well as I was wanting to impress these clans and probably put extra pressure on myself. I noticed another thing last night while plato
  13. Everywhere I go, I read how platooning can often mean a 5-10% increase in winrate. 2 months ago, I registered at vbaddict and have been uploading my dossiers. I recently was looking over my stats there and came across a comparison of my winrate solo vs platooned ( http://www.vbaddict.net/player/cooperhawk-na-afa4d20e2ff569434b151f3ff7460cb3 ) and found I was a 57% solo and 52.7% platooned. I haven't been platooning with baddies who would bring my WR down. I would say those that I am platooning with are equal to or a little better at WoT than me. So if I am this much better solo, either I a
  14. I have a JagdTiger 8,8 so I think I am getting the feel for heavy armor, low damage machine gun style TDs. But I don't have side mounted experience for sure. I just looked a little more closely, and the 49,000 XP for the Church GC is identical to the total XP for the Brit TD line tier 2 up to tier 6 combined. Only 567,900 silver to buy up the line vs. the Church GC. It sounds like AT-2 and possibly the Alecto justify going up the line instead of bypassing via the Church GC. Thank you for such quick feedback.
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