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  1. I completed the on Track for the FV-215b 183. But I already had in my garage all the tanks in that line from tier 3-8 and earned the Tortoise during the event. So I was getting a minimum of five doubles each day and 3x on weekends. I also have a premium account which gave the XP earned a boost as well. Yes there was some grinding and solid hours spent playing. But I work fulltime and have a life outside the game so it wasn't impossible. I played as much as I normally do but more on that line than usual.
  2. Are Vertical Stabilizers really necessary on the FV-215b? Seems so accurate on the move already. I have been running vents instead.
  3. I'm in the process of trying to go from Dark Green to Light Blue. I have only crested 1700 recent in the last month or so. What I have found to be the biggest difference for me lately is better evaluation of starting team make up, map awareness/flexing, and target selection. I used to only look at the initial team lists to see how many green+ players each team had. I am finally factoring in how the make up will impact their initial deployment and our chances of success in certain areas of the map. I now deploy more based on where I think we might have an over match or where I am more needed. I started WoT playing slow Brit heavys then arty and it took me a long time to begin to learn how to flex as it wasn't a consideration before. I have now worked myself up a couple medium lines and a couple faster heavy lines. Flexing and map awareness is beginning to click because I have tanks that are capable of actually flexing. I have also gotten better at not locking in on one tank and I am seeing the bigger picture better. I am trying to focus fire what my pubbie team is shooting at or selecting bigger threat or softer targets instead of just the guy who is shooting at me. I still have a long ways to go and crap the bed far too often still. But it's less frequent and I am much more aware of it and try to learn from it. I run ingame WN8 calculator and vbaddict session statistics whenever I am playing now and it makes me much more aware of how I am performing.
  4. Just a follow up: I have purchased all the parts and am happily waiting for delivery to begin my build. I made a few upgrades to the initial build based on my preferences and a couple little changes due to availability in Canada. http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/p/C3yLYJ I upgraded to an i7-4790K 4.0 GHz Quad Core and upped the memory to 16GBs. The Case and Sound Card were sold out at the website so I switched to similar models but didn't update the pcpartpicker. My overall costs were $2375 CDN (approx. $2018 US). I am happy with that cost point for what I expect I am getting.
  5. I buy the year long subscription. It's the cheapest per day package and takes away the worry of ever running out of premium. I am lucky enough to be at a point in my life where my career affords the ability to buy a premium account, premium tanks and buy gold and credits as I deem I need them. I want to spend my time playing the tanks I want to play and not be held back from moving up a line because I am making less XP than a premium account or because I don't have the credits because I didn't have a premium tank. And if I want to free XP the components of a tank so I am not playing stock or to skip a tank that everyone says is a nightmare (A-44), then I want to do exactly that. Those things bring more enjoyment from the game for me. Like others have said, this is a cheap form of entertainment when you start counting cost per hour of time invested.
  6. Thank you so much for putting this together. This is exactly the type of information I was looking for. You have inspired me to decide to build a new setup for myself. I really appreciate you sharing your build as a reference and link to a build site. This is just a fantastic response that answers every question a non-tech geek could ever need to get themselves a great new setup. Much appreciated!
  7. Thanks for the quick reply. I BuyPower looks promising but cyberpowerpc doesn't ship to Canada unfortunately. I only play WoT currently. But I do have Elder Scrolls Online and that series of single player games as well. I tend to play only one title at a time and don't see myself switching to anything beyond WoT for quite some time.
  8. So I am currently running WoT's on a 3 year old Dell XPS laptop that has an i7 processor and what was a decent NVidia card at the time of purchase (not at my laptop atm to give full specs). I am currently getting a ping of 30ms West & 100ms East with a FPS of 60ish on very low video settings when I play WoT's. So the game is very playable right now but I would like to have a computer that can run with similar results with high quality graphics running. I am looking to buy a desktop computer. I am a person who is NOT capable of building a computer so would be either getting it built or buying off the shelf. I live in Canada. Any recommendations of where or what I should be looking for as far as minimum computer build specs? I am not price adverse and would like to get a system that will be good and reliable for a number of years. As of right now, I have been looking at Dell.ca but the only systems with real video cards are the Alienware systems and everything I read is that they are grossly overpriced.
  9. When I started playing WoT, I went straight up the Brit Heavy Line to tier X before doing any other line. I didn't have a premium account, understand using free XP for components, buying crews or even understand I was a terribad and needed to learn to get better until I had the Caernarvon. While still just a green now, I feel like I am a long ways better than what my Church I, Church VII and Black Prince stats show. The Black Prince was especially terrible. I was 43.8% WR 668 WN8 in 317 games before I finally sold it. This stat line drives me crazy anytime I am looking at my numbers. Sometimes I think about buying it back and trying to "fix" my stats on it now that I am a better player than back then. I remember hating the tank but I am guessing that's because I didn't know how to utilize the tanks strengths. I guess I am leery about buying it back and realizing I still hate it. I also wonder if 317 battles is too many to try to over come to clean up the stat line. Do you ever buy back tanks to try to "fix" your stats? And do you think 43.8% in 317 battles is too much to even attempt to fix?
  10. About 3500 games ago I turned off Encounter and Assault after reading somewhere how pubbies get more confused on these maps and are less likely to know what to do to support you (and that I was probably one of those confused pubbies). I thought that it might help me in learning how to play better on Standard battles and hopefully make a bigger impact in battles. In the last 3500 battles, the only time I have played Encounter or Assault is when I join a platoon and the leader doesn't have it turned off. I decided today to look on VBAddict to see what my stats were in Encounter and Assault to see if pubbies had ruined my WR in those matches. To my surprise I found I was 34-23 (59.6%) in Encounter and 17-8 (68%) in Assault. I guess my question is, am I benefitting from being in a platoon of usually greens and blues when I end up in these matches or am I actually making a bigger impact in these style of matches now that I am only mediocre and not a scrub? Or is this just too small a sample size to assume anything? Do most people here keep Encounter and Assault turned off or do they find they can take advantage better on these maps?
  11. I just wanted to post a follow up to this initial post. I want to say thank you for the advice I was given. I had a great time going through the tier 3-6 Brit TDs that I had been very tempted to skip. I have a 58% win rate over 379 games and I feel I have a much better handle on how to play the Brit style of TDs as well. I also have a near 57% WR in the AT-7 which I would have crossed over to from the Church GC. I just unlocked the AT-15 and look forward to building on the experience.
  12. Thanks for all the feedback so far. After reading everyone's replies, I think it's a combination of a lot of what has been said. It did take me a couple weeks to realize I didn't have the BRR installed and have kept it up to date ever since. I was looking for a new clan during the first half of the 2 month time frame and often was platooning with people I didn't know very well and didn't know their play styles. I was probably over thinking my playing as well as I was wanting to impress these clans and probably put extra pressure on myself. I noticed another thing last night while platooning that was an "AHA!" moment. The guy I was platooning with pretty much only wanted to run tier 8's. I often find myself in platoons that like to run tier 8s. I only have 2 tier 8s in the Caernarvon and the FV207. Both are tanks I am pretty much a 50% WR player in. And neither are what I would consider great platooning tanks let alone great tanks in general. I have 3 lines that I am at tier 7 in that I feel I am more competent in those tanks. Getting the tier 8 in those lines may help alleviate my tier 8 issue.
  13. Everywhere I go, I read how platooning can often mean a 5-10% increase in winrate. 2 months ago, I registered at vbaddict and have been uploading my dossiers. I recently was looking over my stats there and came across a comparison of my winrate solo vs platooned ( http://www.vbaddict.net/player/cooperhawk-na-afa4d20e2ff569434b151f3ff7460cb3 ) and found I was a 57% solo and 52.7% platooned. I haven't been platooning with baddies who would bring my WR down. I would say those that I am platooning with are equal to or a little better at WoT than me. So if I am this much better solo, either I am doing something wrong because of being in a platoon or I am not taking full advantage of the benefits of platooning beyond removing 1 or 2 baddies from my team. If anyone has recommendations as to what I can try to avoid doing or start doing while platooned, I would be very thankful. For what it's worth, there are 1800+ battles in the last 2 months and I would suspect 10-20% platooning rate so I think it's a decent sample size.
  14. I have a JagdTiger 8,8 so I think I am getting the feel for heavy armor, low damage machine gun style TDs. But I don't have side mounted experience for sure. I just looked a little more closely, and the 49,000 XP for the Church GC is identical to the total XP for the Brit TD line tier 2 up to tier 6 combined. Only 567,900 silver to buy up the line vs. the Church GC. It sounds like AT-2 and possibly the Alecto justify going up the line instead of bypassing via the Church GC. Thank you for such quick feedback.
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