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  1. Again I agree but on the other hand we need to accept what they offer otherwise we need to find ourselves a different game and honestly the competition is shit. I think they just go with the low hanging fruit strategy. HE rework is the easiest to implement and most likely to "succeed" and satisfy a greater part of the playerbase. Arty and map design are a different cup of tea in every aspect and really dangerous for them.
  2. I want to emphasize "different" position here. There are some key positions on certain maps which you have to play to farm and have a high enough impact. If the HE spam results in agressive tanks sitting in the back sniping it's not the way. We have enough redline Leotards and Progettos already. No need to have sniping 277 and Chiefs aswell. Bots forcing players out of key positions with mindless he spam (without counter play) is toxic. You have to seperate the kran from the mix though. If it's not using maximum gun depression (which is a hit or miss on most maps) its turret can be penetr
  3. I don't know what you are on about but the glory days of the Sconq are long gone. There are far superior alternatives and yes it's fucked by HE spam. It has exactly three things going for it - good gun handling, DPM and a decent turret. Rest of it is trash. Mobility hurts it the most in the current meta but whatever. I still like it. Haven't tried the E5 myself post buff but atleast it has some kind of armor going for it if you hide the cupola. It's my experience from the games I play. Ofc. this doesn't match the statistics I don't play 10k battles a day. If it would be possi
  4. I see plenty of 60TPs. For most people it seems to be the only viable way to enjoy T10 heavy gameplay. Maybe it's not an issue because you don't play t10 hulldown heavies that much? They won't be shooting HE at a E50m. I understand both sides but it's still toxic.
  5. After seeing Daki getting trashed by HE for 1k in a perfect hull down I have to revise my other postings. This rework needs to happen. If you are stuck in such a situation it's just toxic. Them not needing to properly aim means you have no chance of hitting their weakspots. This means you either get dumped on or do nothing. This is especially an issue with tanks like a 60TP and E3 where you have to aim precisly.
  6. I'm a recent addition to the forum and I can't say the people here are xenophobes. Most of them are really helpful and share lots of good advice which you can't say about the rest of the playerbase so I avoid the official forums like the plague. They have strong oppinions about the game, which they are allowed to have playing for so long and at that level. If you can't respect that don't expect any respect in return. You have some valid points which make sense but these won't validate all of your thesis. Ofc. they try to push their T8 sales by making T10 stupidly expensive.
  7. For me this is a double sided sword. Less HE damage means aiming at weakspots is getting more important which forces players to show their own weakspots for a longer period of time. The 60TP has weakspots which can reliable be shot and penetrated with APCR if you as a player need to aim shots at weakspots. Take the heavy corner fap on Ghost town as an example. I encountered an enemy chief there in my 60tp. If I try to aim at his hatch (which no good chief player would allow) I expose my hatches which he has absolutely no problem penetrating. At the moment I just need to get
  8. Will prepare some material. I hope the offer still stands until then. Would be really intersting to hear your oppinion since I'm struggling to reach 3k+ dpg in my Sconq reliably and play horribly in my BC except some good games. Would also be nice to understand why I can't squeeze more DPG from the Chief. It is way stronger compared to Sconq - can't manage to average higher DPG . Progetto commentary would be nice as well. Damn it I need to make a choice.
  9. Playing 60TP this weekend I had a game on lakeville where me and my platoon mate encountered 2 other 60tps in the corridor. We spammed HE at each other for 10 minutes. It was a very boring experience and this ordeal will take even longer after the HE damage is getting reduced. An array of unpenetrateable tanks lobbing HE shells at each others pixels chewing down 2,4k HP with 50 damage a shot. Sounds like fun and engaging gaming experience. Even less people will play Heavy Tanks.
  10. This sounds reasonabe, would be easy to implement and accepted by the larger part of the community. Instead they engineer some bullshit which actually noone but the biggest bots benefit off of and refuse to address core issues like Tier 10 matchmaking.
  11. This "feature" is not exclusive to a Maus. All the heavily armored vehicles can be damaged by shooting the turret ring and splashing into the weak "deck" armor. Maus is just perfect for this since the engine deck and turret is so stupidly designed. (huge gap between turret face and engine deck + front engine). Who gives a sh*t about the Maus anyways?
  12. This "spalling" is bullsh*t in my mind since they didn't properly model the inside of tanks like War Thunder. Need to test this HE Rework myself but it doesn't look as promising as I thought. Yes the HE Spam (E4, 60TP, JPE100 etc.) is annoying af but it's their own fault implementing unpenetrateable tanks like 705A, Chief etc. This wouldn't be a problem if the maps weren't designed the way they are. It's okay to have tanks which are impervious when hulldown but then enable the possibility to flank them atleast. They only needed to fix this bullsh*t setting tanks on fire with a
  13. After the 274 which I played exactly twice after unlocking I will skip this. Totally useless as a trainer as well.
  14. I tried surviving more. Had one game with 6k in the Bat on Erlenberg but also a 0 dmg game so kinda meh. (http://wotreplays.eu/site/5766247#erlenberg-kingofthemongols-bat_-ch_tillon_25_t) - If anyone is interested. Will use the Bat for the Tier X Kewei method I think. Emil 1 is a lot of fun though.
  15. Sounds like Steppes to me. Or Ghost Town Assault. This going in one by one is deadly on any map. This is how you carry games. Same on Sand River, Live Oaks or even Redshire. I remember it as kinda fun but it was dark closed beta times so a lot of winters have passed since then. Swamp and Windstorm would be really nice to get back. I also want Fiery Salient back. Would be nice for the game to switch some maps around every patch.
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