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  1. I traded it in yesterday for my JT88 and I'm really happy with it. Ofc. there are stronger tanks out there but the armor can take some abuse and the gun isn't that bad at all. I like it.
  2. Destroyed my 4th Mouse while playing WoT yesterday.

    The graveyard now consists of:

    4 Mice (G9x, Razer Deathadder WoT Edition, Logitech G Pro, Steelseries Sensei) 

    1 Monitor 22" 1680x1050

    1 Keyboard Logitech G11

    2 Headsets but I'm not sure.

    How much stuff did you break while playing WoT or am I the only lunatic?

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    2. Rexxie


      get help

    3. Fulcrous


      Stop playing WoT. Seriously.

    4. LetsMakeTheMagic


      I mean the switches on the mice can be replaced so they should work again.

      Maybe I really should consider playing something else :feelsbad:

      I forgot that I broke an ikea table while playing my E50M once. Everybody penned my turret so I got pretty mad.

  3. 45TP turret is quite strong in same tier matchmaking which makes it an ideal bully against lower tiers. The gun looks bad on paper but acutally performs quite well. The mobility is more then decent aswell. I'm not anywhere close to 2k DPG but it's a decent performer.
  4. It seems that you need atleast a minimum amount of competence to play it compared to 279. I don't see a lot of them on EU and if I see one they play pretty bad. I enjoy taking mine for a spin then and there but yeah the arty focus keeps me from playing it too much which is a good thing I guess.
  5. How do you deal with Arty focus? They seem to love anonymized Chieftain players. Do you just play at night?
  6. This begs the question: Where to find platoon mates which read and understand this thread?
  7. I loved the FCM when it was introduced but in todays meta I can't get it to work. I played it a few games to get the ram mission for the T-55A and that was it. If you are matched up against a 703 you know you are screwed. JT88 was enjoyable but not anymore. I never played the T54proto but I think it's the best out of the given choices. FV4202 is just bad.
  8. Played it on the testserver for 5 games. This thing sucks. I don't even know where to start. I'm not a heavy tank player but it's not fun to play. The mechanic just feels so bad. It would be better without the gimmick almost like a more mobile S.Conq with less armor and a slightly worse handling gun.
  9. I started playing it on my alt account yesterday. First five games fully stock since I didn't want to drop gold - huge mistake. Now I'm at 2800 DPG after 20 battles. I played it back then the Leo was introduced and boy is it better now. I averaged 2,2k DPG back then. The 420 alpha is a game changer and so is the insane shell velocity and pen on the gold Round. I think this is even better as a learning tank than my trusty M46 which has close to 1500 battles on it. I'm running the classic statspadder 3mark setup - Bond Rammer, Bond Vents, Vstab (don't have enought bonds atm). Edit: Wow this tank is bonkers. 3,4k avg for yesterdays session. Found a bond Vstab. Even though the crew is bad it simply shreds. The gun feels twice as poweful as the M46 patton gun. It's a whole tier of difference.
  10. It suddenly works again for me. Before the periods were 200games and now it is updating daily as it should.
  11. I wonder if the ability to citadel RN battleships was intended or happens to be a bug. It seems like most people ingame believe its the latter. Whats your opinion on this?
  12. I'm fairly new to the game but steadily improving. Somehow I can't seem to find people for high tier divisions. I can handle any ship class except carriers on a good but not unicum level and lots of ships to fill any division gap. I consider myself a Teamplayer and look for people that aim for tactical play. Sometimes I can get salty but never at my division mates, if it annoys you I can simply mute. I can handle criticism if I potato too hard. Mostly I play around 6pm weekdays. If you are fed up with potato randoms - hit me up: Tzeentech
  13. I'll add you later ingame. Need a Missouri aswell Not the best player though but I'm slowly improving..
  14. I liked all except the Nicholas. The problem is not that is bad in any way. It just feels like a downgraded Clemson that additionally gets worse matchmaking. (Why did it lose the double guns? And has higher reload?) When did you play your Nicholas? Keep in mind that the 2 only radar cruisers on T7 were on sale the last weeks. This circumstance made it even worse. Yes there are ways to deal with them but hey I got 300 games under my belt. It takes time. I'm not good in this game by any means and therefore I'm watching flamus guides thoroughly. You can always join me for a division and give suggestions since you are also on EU.
  15. Thanks for advice guys. After 6 consecutive battles against T7 I decided to freeXP. Farragut seems to be nice.
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