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  1. It suddenly works again for me. Before the periods were 200games and now it is updating daily as it should.
  2. I wonder if the ability to citadel RN battleships was intended or happens to be a bug. It seems like most people ingame believe its the latter. Whats your opinion on this?
  3. I'm fairly new to the game but steadily improving. Somehow I can't seem to find people for high tier divisions. I can handle any ship class except carriers on a good but not unicum level and lots of ships to fill any division gap. I consider myself a Teamplayer and look for people that aim for tactical play. Sometimes I can get salty but never at my division mates, if it annoys you I can simply mute. I can handle criticism if I potato too hard. Mostly I play around 6pm weekdays. If you are fed up with potato randoms - hit me up: Tzeentech
  4. I'll add you later ingame. Need a Missouri aswell Not the best player though but I'm slowly improving..
  5. I liked all except the Nicholas. The problem is not that is bad in any way. It just feels like a downgraded Clemson that additionally gets worse matchmaking. (Why did it lose the double guns? And has higher reload?) When did you play your Nicholas? Keep in mind that the 2 only radar cruisers on T7 were on sale the last weeks. This circumstance made it even worse. Yes there are ways to deal with them but hey I got 300 games under my belt. It takes time. I'm not good in this game by any means and therefore I'm watching flamus guides thoroughly. You can always join me for a division and give suggestions since you are also on EU.
  6. Thanks for advice guys. After 6 consecutive battles against T7 I decided to freeXP. Farragut seems to be nice.
  7. How do you guys play your Nicholas? Any tips or suggestions are very welcome. I really enjoyed the Clemson (30k+ avg dmg 60%+ winrate) but I really struggle with the Nicholas. Problem 1 are the inferior gunarcs and Problem 2 is the matchmaking that puts me against Cruiser that already have access to radar. I'm looking for a division mate aswell. If anyone is interested hit me up. Skype and english communication is possible if wanted :).
  8. Bump! Mini campaign incoming. Apply if you want to take part
  9. Look no further if you want to be a part of the famous 322 Community. -322- offers you an organized clan which focuses efficiency in TCs,Stronkhold,CWs and upcoming campaigns. We want the people that like to compete in CWs and plunder the other clans. Requirements are the following: 18+ years 55% Winrate 2000 Dmg on your main T10s 1500WN8 (No vegetables allowed) 6000 games To make this work we have a set of rules which you have to understand and agree to before you join. If you violate one of them you get kicked. -322- is pretty serious about this. -Stronghold fights and TC's are mandatory. -If we'll play CW's (and we'll most likely play them), they'll be mandatory and if you're online when CW window pops up, you will join a team. No exceptions. Everyone online should be in CW teams. -if we're in war, there's no democracy. -We all work toward a goal and at the end we all benefit. -listen to your commander, deputies and especially FC during battles. -never yell or offend anyone in -322- but it's ok to do it to others in randoms. If you are okay with this, contact Body_Count, Agent_Smith_ or me ingame. We're looking forward to awesome reinforcements for our ranks!
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