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  1. Destroyed my 4th Mouse while playing WoT yesterday.

    The graveyard now consists of:

    4 Mice (G9x, Razer Deathadder WoT Edition, Logitech G Pro, Steelseries Sensei) 

    1 Monitor 22" 1680x1050

    1 Keyboard Logitech G11

    2 Headsets but I'm not sure.

    How much stuff did you break while playing WoT or am I the only lunatic?

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    2. LetsMakeTheMagic


      T49 main detected :bigdoge:

    3. CandyVanMan


      Better to vent any aggression and get on with it, than sitting there raging.
      I really should get a punching bag though.
      WoT wasn't the reason I broke my hand first time, it just didn't heal right as going to the doctor is for pussies (actually didn't know it was broken first time), so I've broken it 10+ times.

    4. HowitzerBlitzer


      I logged back on to say you need help

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