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  1. Hi! I posted here because I need some pretty specific help. I, by nature am a medium player. I love mediums, and I love the mobility and dpm they bring to anywhere on the map, However, I have just picked up the WTF - E100. The tank is an absolute joy and I love playing it; however, i'm extremely inconsistent with it. I believe most of my woes from that tank come from my often cancer positioning on maps. Being a medium player, i often have no idea what to do early game with the waffle and end up hiding behind a building until I figure out what to do. I'm asking for some T10 waffle related tips. Not just tank tips but TD positioning would be great as well! I'd love to platoon with some skilled waffle players!
  2. I'm gonna be playing pretty much nonstop until i get unicum, i need some platoon mates so i can have some company and also avoid getting ripped a new asshole by the pubbies!
  3. oh god, 36 overall, 0 wn8 recent? wtf.. how is that even possible?
  4. Hi all, I'm looking to join a dedicated League Team.... After much WOT's playing, I have realized that I enjoy playing the British AT series the most and have pretty much restricted myself to the AT15 and AT39. (Both play almost identically) I would like to join a dedicated League Team, at any level, who would enjoy having an AT15 specialist. I know they are hardly ever used, I'm quite used to the reaction to this, but I can assure you that I would not want to play in an AT15 if it sucked royally. If you know what you're doing in it, it is extremely effective. The problem is there are not that many people that specialize in it and the ones that play it typically just got past it to get to the Death Star. I also find that callers don't really know what to do with it, creating a negative impression as well. If you can get past all that....please pm me. I am only looking for a team who takes the League format seriously and is dedicated to progressing. I have a schedule which allows full participation. I would be happy to platoon to build rapport and see if I would be a good fit. Thank you! Dereklordofcheesepuffs
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