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  1. https://imageshack.com/i/ipIhUYEOj This guy. I met him twice, first on the opposite team, and then on my team. He's basically a tomato, in first game he yoloed at the enemy team and did 87 dmg, and in the second one he fell from the hill on the Himmelsdorf right at the start of the game. Now I know I really shouldn't discuss that much with him (ESPECIALLY when playing, I know), and I played like a noob in second one, but felt like it would be right for this topic. He says that he's bored, and If he wants, he can play the game well. Oh, and you all are "internet geeks". Replays: (would take too much screens). 1. http://www.wotreplays.com/site/1090834#team 2. http://www.wotreplays.com/site/1090842#himmelsdorf-adalgrim-t-25 He's even worse than me (lol). Now come on, how can you argue the fact that you can't play and say that you are bored? Sry for the PL language in game, just used to that. P.S. the ending in the second battle is brilliant also.
  2. Thank you for replaying you get the spirit Anyway, I'll be hanging here a bit, lot of reading and learning for me. Thanks, and cheers
  3. Hello boys and girls, My name is Karol, and I'm from Poland (I probably shouldn't say that; stupid pl fuuu). Play WOT for around a year now, and I am pretty average player to say at least, but I find WOT gameplay and discussions itself extremely interesting, and I love reading stuff like on this forum, because I want to improve. I feel like I could do more that I usually do. So later on I got some replays for you, and if some of you will be that kind to actually watch them, and get me some tips that would be awesome. Anyway, hello everyone, and don't punish me for my stats Adalgrim Edit: btw, I don't know why but signature below my pic is very outdated, it shows 7493 battles, and I got more than 9k right now.
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