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    am stuck in that mission too, it seems like tooning with good players can get it done however i didnt try it and so far am being very very far from getting the mission done....
  2. that was epic man i got this map only once and i overkilled the mission with it lmao! 6.3k assisted x) gg thanks a lot mate and all thoses who helped, if you need help hit me up anytime!
  3. it is overall a nice config altough 8gb of ram might be slighly low for very high end games with high settings, however the CPU amd is not really lets say "good" compared to the intel ones, you can get an i5-6500 (4 cores 3.2-3.6Ghz) for only 200 dollars and its a fair decent CPU i'd say, however its just my opinion, good luck on you way seeking stronger CPU's!
  4. i sent a friend request for most of you if we can do mutual help for the last one then yeah why not too! and later on if one of you need help for (maybe) obj 260 missions, hit me up anytime! thanks again, kind regards.
  5. i'll add you when i get ingame for sure, about the LT-15 i dont think its as hard as the one before because you can rely on your own skills and deal damage (already got 6.2k on my wz, so 800 assisted is quitly easy when you get in that stage) at least thats what i think, and about spg missions, i just barely can get more then 2k damage on my t8 spg lol but if i can help you why not!
  6. Hello everybody, i've changed my mind on looking for the domination mode players and on my way i found out am just 3 missions away from the *so-famous* t55a, the problem is that i just cant get over the LT-14 (5k assisted damage in platoon) i just cant, been running my wz 132 all day while tooning with random people and best i got was 3.2k (just me), so i really need help for this mission i seem to have troubles getting over this one and any help would be highly welcomed (specially from assisted damage masters :P) Thanks for any kind of help, advices on the missions are highly welcomed too!
  7. Hello guys, looking for some people to play and hang out on domination specially cuz am doing the T22 sr missions and i need some support if possible :^) if you are intrested answer here or go add me on WoT: aminek, i play on US east since it can make some battles on domination! cya on battlefield guys!
  8. shithead looking for some people to toon up, i have a sexy voice hehe, relish people get online when its time for me to sleep so am looking for some new people to add on spam invite toon friend list, add me on wot or tell me to add you, would be cool if i could get some tips while tooning too! cya later all.
  9. hit me up for tooning, am not the best players on earth, but i can make fair enough on high tiers, got shit battles lately but am taking them high again.
  10. I'll be also getting in touch with that program just finishing exams (told aux i will have exams)
  11. Hello wotlabs am not really super active on the forums however summer is coming and i'll try to get more online! anyways, so i can see my wn8 is going full suicide in the last 1000battles and this mainly because i seem to suck on my IS7 now (from the day that freaking cookie pub M103 penned my turrent front with AP, i just cant get over it, just cant) and mainly too because am running that crap 121 and i seem to do badly on it for some reason, so i was wondering if i could get some coaching here, i'll also try to get closer to my clanmates and other divions trying to learn more and getting my stupid wn8 up a little bit starting from tommorow (last exam day) i'll be much more active and ready up mainly for tooning (no real need for training room, i can just watch unicums moves) thanks for anyone who is weeling to help a scrub getting better, it goes on my freaking heart :') PS: i forgot, i just got the T-44 and its playing a huge role killing my wn8 because i average 200-1000 dammage on that shit, the 175mm of pen is just too awfull for tier 10's i meet each match!!, Thanks again.
  12. You gave to aux the most gay and bad dancers on da video! Such unfairness while we know all its the best division!! (shhh making ad hehe) nice video i like it, almost made me gay lmao
  13. mehehehhe this is the perfect time to start reroll, like this account, but had really really crap start, so yeah even tho my recent are high, i cant put the overall back up so time to reroll thanks alote alote :DD
  14. was just speaking about the 350m thing, i wasnt even thinking about putting binocs on my IS3 lol, its completly dumb and worthless and a waist of an equipement spot ;P, but am seriously thinking about training my 4th crew's skill for camo, it has a low profile even if am not expecting it to be invisible it could surprise an ennemy or get at the back of a TD before he sees me what do you guys think?
  15. hmmm i do this on my elc i use binocs with full camos and yeah i run epic battles rofl anyways about what you said i think i'll take off road i need to reach best spots before the dummies do and start lemming so yeah good idea
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