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  1. Do I need to have save replays enabled in game options for this to work? As it is I only have the latest replay saved, automatically replaced after each new battle (saves me deleting them all manually)
  2. I got one to train the crew I will put in the AMX30 some day in the distant future. It's a good tier 4, and it looks weird, in a fun way Top of turret can be quite bouncy, going hull down is a must!
  3. They gave this away for "free" on the SEA server (30 tokens of 25k exp per day) I wouldn't pay for this tank. It's manageable if top tier, but other than that really not worth much. Some might want to use it as a crew trainer, but that's likely to be a painful exercise. For credits, a Tiger 1 would make more money.
  4. Vonblunder

    ISU-152 Help

    So I can't find an ISU-152 thread... I am playing this TD purely so that I can knock TD15 eventually, either with the ISU or the next one. I sucked at the SU152, and still suck at the ISU-152, but then again only got the derp gun and it's getting a bit long in the tooth and expensive with prem spam Generally I now prefer mediums and HTs but that's another story Now my question: I can unlock the BL9, or grind some more and wait for the BL10 gun. No doubt I'll eventually want the BL10 as it seems to be what makes the ISU. Should I keep grinding (my teeth) with the stock gun, or get the BL9 and
  5. All I can say is that the T-44 is very enjoyable to drive for this scrub I actually prefer it to my tier 8 HTs (IS3 and Tiger2) and I'm now thinking of moving up the Russian medium line for my first tier 9 instead of getting a heavy.
  6. Congratulations! This is a serious achievement and must feel very good indeed. Being a slow learner myself, I am improving ever so slowly. Far behind you, as to me maintaining a 1400 WN8 in any session can be a struggle, but here's hope...
  7. You may be already doing that but just in case: try to use a LAN connection instead of Wifi when possible. This will make your connection more consistent and your average ping lower.
  8. Hey Joe, Welcome, from a noob to a newb! This forum is very nice and there is a lot to learn here. The one thing that made the most difference in my game is watching replays of people like Zeven. 1 hour of watching his replay reviews will teach you more than 100 hours of playing the game. there are other very good youtubers of course, but to me, Zeven stands apart with his ability to explain clearly a thought process that leads to better game play.
  9. I'm taking it slow, and found the following tanks pretty good to learn on the way: T1HT, T-34, T67, T-34-85, T29, T20 Now working on IS3 and T44 (more luck with the T44, somehow I don't 'get' that Russian heavy line) Current goals are T54, E75 I'm still a scrub, but not a total liability for my team in every game I found that playing from tier 5-7 was a good way to learn the maps and the different tanks roles, tier 5 is where it really started for me At tier 8 there is a difficulty curve that is undeniable. I would be too embarrassed to play a tier 10 at this point, but then I'm a
  10. I am having a hard time with the SU152 Maybe it's the 9.6 accuracy / dispersion? I use the 152mm because I don't see the point of the 122mm on a heavy slow moving machine, This gun can miss fully aimed shot at mid range like there's no tomorrow, shoot the sky or blow the dirt... The occasional fun of taking half the health of a Tiger in one shot doesn't make up for it's lack of flexibility or reliability. I find it hard to influence a game's outcome, even if I end up doing a bit of damage.
  11. Hi all, I am a SEA based player, struggling to improve my game. Still very ordinary as you can see. Got an IS3 as my first tier 8, and I can't get this tank to work for me. I understand the spiked armour, and the need to hull down, yet it seems to be cheese and wrecked by anything tier 8+ (lots of tier 9 games on the SEA, I am rarely top tier + premium seems to be the standard ammo for everyone). However I am thinking now that the IS3 is not the best tank for me to learn tier 8... I don't seem to do too well with Russian tanks, the T150 and T34-85 being notable exceptions. So
  12. Coming from a professional shitlord pubbie himself: - Accept that if you play a stock tank with untrained crew you will lose a lot more. ie a Tiger 1 with the short 88 and 75% crew is nothing compared to the Tiger 1 with the long 88 and a 200% crew, at the very least 5%+ WR and several hundred WN8 difference right there. Some tank are ok-ish stock, most aren't. - Some tanks are a lot better In their tier than others: a T-34/85 will give you a much better result at tier 6 than say a VK 30.02M, at least at our level of skill. - Accept that there will be games you lose no matter
  13. Thanks for clarifying! There goes my tinfoil hat theory... And now you are going to tell me that the Easter Bunny doesn't exist either?
  14. oh thanks for the link, very interesting read...this got me all excited now: "The actual dispersion amount is based on a Gaussian (normal) distribution curve and depends on your gun and the turret it is mounted to" The post then goes on to say that "WG hasn't provided the parameters that define the normal distribution of the various guns"... So, baring some comprehension issues (English isn't my first language) there could be something there?
  15. If you don't go premium, I'd try the T82, got some good results with it at my skill level. Has good view, is stealthy, good gun. Also Pz1c for the sheer mad fun factor.
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