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  1. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/kQkhCJ This is about the best I can come up with and still have good framerates at 1080p in most games. However, I'm not familiar with AMD CPUs, so one of them might be a better choice. Alternatives might be cutting the CPU to an i3 (although that's a bit on the weak side), downgrading the GPU to a 950, or upgrading the ram to 8gigs (although very few games that I know of really use more than 4)
  2. I've actually PM'd all of them on the official forums over the past week or so. As yet all the messages are reading as "has not read," although I probably should go with in game as well... I'll give them another look, but last time I was looking for a clan I was informed I was unwelcome in RELIC before my stats were even looked at, simply for having a ponee avatar. This annoyed me. But like I said, I'll give them another look once I get back from work.
  3. All of FOXEY's recruiters seem to be dead or otherwise out of contact so I'll try throwing this out here because I'm too lazy to do more clan searching on my own, and I'm running out of time before the campaign. Bottom end of purple recents, overall stats still make me wanna cry. Have useful tanks at pretty much every tier (lots of tournaments in the past), as well as a lot of calling experience. However I'm WAY out of practice calling, so there's that. Mostly interested in tournaments, although I'll also do CW (assuming anyone exists that still does it) and stronkholds with o
  4. Occasionally I cry when I realize how long it'll be before my overalls are even blue. And as for rerolling, I've put far more time/money into my account than I'm willing to throw away.
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