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  1. LNE is a waste on the EVEN. Put on a turbo so you can actually stay alive in an EBR meta. LNE however is godly on the EBR75 - because nothing at tier 8 has VR and you only then get spotted when you wish AMX 13 105 does best for me with optics, vstab and turbo. I run bond equipment on that, but if you don't just put the optics in the slot. It leans into the mobile assassins' role. If you get that game without EBRs and T-100s, sure do some spotting. Otherwise, you just need VR to protect your space and enable your gun. And don't play the WZ-132-1. Don't let WG steal precious minutes of your life with that cruel joke. I have one in garage, hoping for a buff one day!
  2. It's a bad tank. But that was a good game!
  3. Here's a couple: http://wotreplays.eu/site/5569105#fisherman_s_bay-crabeatoff-xm551_sheridan Kemp boosh. Then more kemp boosh. I actually play this a little badly, letting the EBR spot me from the left a few times. But I've got a solid tank count, and we win the weak side well enough with inferior numbers. Consistent spotting, a wee bit of cleanup damage. http://wotreplays.eu/site/5569151#empire_s_border-crabeatoff-xm551_sheridan This is a bad map for the Sheridan. But I counter the EBR from a safe place, not over-extending into the middle. Then I do literally nothing for like 7 minutes. Then I go clean up awkwardly because I'm rusty and shoot sorta poorly fairly often. A good set of shots and this is an easy 3k damage game. http://wotreplays.eu/site/5569178#westfield-crabeatoff-xm551_sheridan Repeat to yourself: "I am not a LT, I am not a LT". I do not go to the LT spots. I go to the brawl. I get a complete bullshit pen on the Emil2...except that you know...these things happen. You shoot enough turrets, you're sometimes gonna pen somebody in some pixel or tiny hitbox (see the Super C pen in the video above). Then I just hang around harassing armor and picking up easy kills. Then I take some space, dance with the 50 120, and then run down to the last 2 kills. Is this nonsense? Duh, but it's WoT of course it's nonsense. http://wotreplays.eu/site/5569185#ruinberg-crabeatoff-xm551_sheridan A loss for fairness sake. My early position harasses the T57 and denies the 183 his preferred position (after a boop on enemy Sheridan #1). Then I exit to field to try to deny the rush, but it's pretty clear by then we're not winning this match - because the Foch, Leo and 62A just...didn't deploy. With the 62A in the corner, we might have had that. I pen the M60 for the lulz, but then I got sloppy on my bushwork (they reworked these, again begging some rust) and died. Could have gotten another 3ish shots off with proper bush use. Oh well.
  4. Sheriderp in Summer/Fall 2020: bond vstab, bond vents, and then your choice of optics = IRM = CVS > rammer Here are some Dos and Don'ts: Don't try to out scout the EBR, T-100 or Manticore. Do try to ambush them from safe places Do passive scout from near hard cover or from distance (>400m) Don't fight anything 1-on-1 Do shoot from TD positions Do use your mobility to relocate to and win brawls where an extra 350 dmg + track shot will matter Don't peek on anyone already aimed Do peek on reloads and smack armored turrets before they can get a gun on you Do turret lock so your bloom becomes reasonable Do shoot for tracks on lazy crossers, and hold shots for re-tracks Do splash people in the roadwheel and in sidescrape for 300 dmg Do relocate to pick up killshots on targets <300 hitpoints I played Sheriderp almost exclusively during Ranked. That's honestly where it's the most fun - limited EBRs, limited arty, lots of slow HT brawls. The Sheridan is NOT GOOD in really fast past games unless you're penning your shots. The wild on the run EBR maps and style really aren't something you can contest - so you will just lose some games by virtue of being not-an-EBR. Just accept these, and play for the flipside - when you can win on El Halluf, Ensk, Himmels, Ruinberg, etc because you don't have to pen shots to make an irritating impact, and you can pick on heavies and superheavies easily. It's not as good at the EBR, T-100 or 13 105 - but it IS really fun. edit: replays coming soon. please accept this Ranked lulzfest in the interim
  5. My big winners are definitely TDs and LTs this patch. 268v4 as seen above, ha! But also the Grille and especially the SU-130PM which is now better than the Skorp by a wide margin. IAU and IRM - then choose turbo, rammer or binos depending on your style. Personally turbo works best for me because I can make good use of positional flexibility. Waffle 4 also. The T49/Sheriderp flexibility is great too - i take bond vents and bond vstab and then the vision slot gets what suits my platoon. Optics for big view range, IRM for hilarous gun handling. CVS also viable since the view ranges are 480 and 491 with bond vents.
  6. I uhh, forgot to change it from trying to do a Chimera internal crits mission. By the time I'm flanking the SuperC and shooting the 704 I'm legit conserving HEAT shells to secure the top gun. Mistakes!
  7. The same way(s) i told you 5 years ago. Or whenever it was. Certainly been a minute.
  8. I've mounted full improved equipment on this to have a T49 with terrible MM to grind bonds with. I use ivstab, ioptics and irammer to get 550VR - tons of passive spotting and outspotting EBRs. I use both guns. The 105 for scavenging and the 152 for control. Kemp boosh, hope your team can pick off the EBRs. It's fun in either mode. Just accept that you can't brawl EBRs or T-100s and that the Leo1 is now 2x the tank you are. With a camo directive you at least can sneak some places a Leo1 can't... http://wotreplays.eu/site/5408916#studzianki-crabeatoff-xm551_sheridan
  9. It scales by tier I suppose. 460-470 would be where I'd feel good in tier 6 and consider switching to gld...but it's definitely a playstyle thing.
  10. EVEN90 with full improved is lulzy. EBR105 and 75 are good times. The Hwk30 surprisingly good. T-100LT and 13 105 also a blast.
  11. I like it. 370 VR and more camo than the Type 64. Reload gets to 6.7 with food and BiA. I use binos, rammer and optics right now, but a gld would be valid. Shells speed is acceptable. The smallness is really nice for getting into corners and poking behind small bushes. 508 VR with binos right now. With recon training it might have enough VR to use optics only but as a turreted TD you keep binds up lots. Like the hellcat it's a wanker not a medium but current tier 6 mm means you're fighting 7s or 6s where 221 pen is enough. It moves like an old LT before the across the board hp/t buffs. 1500 dpg thus far with no real dmg farming skills. 67% wins in 15 games because @sr360loves2throw sometimes. It'll settle in the low 70s. Optimal platoon with a VR stacked Type 64 and a Strv 42-57 for 80% wins
  12. Single best use of bonds in WoT is of course ivstab on the T49. I've really really enjoyed my fully improved Even90. 498 VR and 46% camo is hilariously unfair.
  13. There's a lot of things that are much better than the past. But the complaints of this thread are pretty valid. 10s are not good times. I just play tier 8 LT + TD combos and win 80% so I'm having fun...but i realize people might want to branch out beyond that sometimes.
  14. It's been a bit crept by these other premium LTs. Buffing it to 65 kph would help. Same with 170 alpha shells, or an autoloader at 150. The gun , camo and VR hold up reasonably well under this revised MM though. Crab Tier 8 LT power ranking: EBR = EVEN 90 > Hwk30 = 432 > M41s = T92 Even the bottom tier ones are pretty good.
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