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  1. I played a game with him this week. He was in an M60 and died quite quickly!
  2. Ok still working on video commentary. In the meantime here's some thoughts and replays. First - fuck EBRs. I'm decent in an EBR - i don't love them. They're bad for the game and although i do appreciate their ability to break open stalemates occasionally mostly they ruin matches specifically by exponentially punishing idiots. Pubbies can barely counter them. So this leaves me as a salty, aging LT driver in an EBR meta. However equipment 2.0 has yielded us some options on this. And of course the Manticore - which showed us that 44% camo and high view range can sit in a bush and help counte
  3. Nearly 4 years without reply. I cannot help but feel partially responsible. Recently I was recruited to play this game again by @sr360 . He was my commander. We've been experimenting with high camo LT builds for the anti-EBR meta. LNE is a pretty good piece of equipment, especially if you can deal with crappy gun bloom! I'll hopefully have some replay content soon, as we're working on a method of recording video with voice-over, working around my shitty hardware!
  4. CraBeatOff

    UDES 16

    I'm also running this one in what I've dubbed the NUDES configuration. LNE, vents, optics. 42% camo sitting and 34% moving. With 496+ view range. Yes, then gun becomes hard to handle. But I'm taking this to LT shooting positions where the camo sets up the shot, not the ability to aim down. The reload is long but it times out well with dropping being spotted. Sneaky, big punch, useable turret in a pinch or on a bad map. Great stuff for camo abusers! Will this get you server competitive dpg? Absolutely not. Is assisted damage part of WN8? No - but it will increase your personality ratings.
  5. I bought this yesterday and played it a whole bunch. I am absolutely doing it wrong - and it's fun. How wrong? LNE, optics, vents. 46% camo sitting and 36% moving. That puts it in the middle of the tier X LTs for camo values and let's me do stupid vision plays with 440 alpha and some armor to get me out of sticky situations. It becomes a hybrid of TD, LT and MT in this mode. I've def struggled to learn where i can safely be at 50 kph and how to use the siege depression mechanic - so some real misplays and suicides. That said 2500 dpg and 1900 spotting is pretty influential in the matches.
  6. And 3x arty to click people with great skill. That's what i run on my Manticore. Missions are as often about maps and matchups. The game where you get say Arctic Region with 3 arty will be a better shot than say Prok with 2 EBRs. Platoon with an arty if you're willing - they can pick up your assisted kills pretty ez. Leo1 or Strv if you have a willing 3rd.
  7. My new meme build is the Bourrasque with CVS, iOptics and iVents. 518 view range, more camo than some LTs - and you remove bushes! 4k combined easy

    1. PlanetaryGenocide


      oh christ

      I don't have the Bourrasque and really didn't plan on picking one up but that sounds hilarious so I may keep an eye out

    2. CraBeatOff


      It's disgustingly broken. Like playing the best in class tier 9 LT...except at tier 8 and matched vs MTs. I'm averaging something like 2300 damage and just shy of 2k spotting for 50+ games

  8. I only got in a few games in the setup but it was frankly great. I have never particularly liked the 54LW at tier 9. It's not bad in any way but never excited me. Fat and very meh camo for a RU tank. However this build moves it toward the T-100 and 432 - you have the camo to really make use of 32 hp/t. No longer just a super fast MT but a proper scout with the CVS to boost spotting. Zoom zoom. Bipping people with 250 alpha isn't nearly as enjoyable for me as deleting their entire hp pool from a "safe" bush.
  9. 0.48 and 0.42 accuracy at final aim. And apparently it's in effect at all times - so another 8% less dispersion effect. The pens are real. And since it's not purple you can shuffle things around!
  10. Looks pretty meme. I usually just tryhard it with the 470+ VR setup and it's pretty zoomy without oil, turbo or gas. But i can't disagree with what you're doing here.
  11. E-25 with binos will work! Or put a turbo on the VK2801 and ram kill some arties.
  12. Berlin is a very dumb map. Bushes behind cap circle with enough room to back up 15m AND within draw of the southern sniper positions. Great designs comrade.
  13. This is incredibly easy in the T-50-2, Type 64 or other mid tier LT. There's so many more epic medals available to scouts - patrol duty and scout to start. Arty kills easy to force. Confeds also easy to force when you're fast and invisible. The competition is blind, unskilled and there's a dozen+ maps where it's likely to happen. I was helping someone with LT missions this week and double epic medaled 4-5 times in 19 games. And that was primarily with EVEN90 vision cheese (CVS, binos, turbo) and T-100 boosh kemp (CVS, binos, optics)
  14. I really enjoy the Char4. The gun is fantastic. While you have neither burst or DPM....alpha is solid. If you scavenge 390s, treat it like a single shot, you'll still be useful damage wise. When you get 2 it's bonus. 3 is devastating. Both are possible given the accuracy and quality of the shell- because it crushes track shots. I built mine for vision. 505 VR and enough camo to kemp boosh and pick off EBRs. Once the idiots in LTs are dead you can just scout around and kill blind tanks. Or just drive to the brawl and add your formidable gun to the mix. It's always got a decent play to make
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