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  1. CraBeatOff

    Type 62

    Still fun! plays unfair, earns nice. Not the zoom zoom boom boom thrills of the bourry-boi but one of the better tanks for earning solidly. I re-3-marked it today, took about 24 games (the mid tier hp rebalance must have pushed the marks up a little?). Using the set-up I outlined above - had a nice little 2k dmg + 1600 spotting session. Big hits for a LT at that tier, it's honestly probably ALSO the best tier 7 premium MT if you set it up for dpm with a vstab. None of the ammo or earning problems of the AMX 13 57.
  2. CraBeatOff

    Type 62

    It appears not to be able to mount a CVS. That said I gave it a whirl this morning. 20 games, 70% wins. 1500 dmg, 1400 spotting, 1400 xp/game. Made some credits but not a ton. I equipped it with LNE in the slot, and then bounty vents and optics. 43.7% camo and 503 VR at tier 7 is pretty broken. And the gun is fairly accurate at 0.32. Plus you get that punishing HE for cleaning up arties, winning LT duels even though you don't have a rammer, etc. Had a couple real monster games in there 5-7k combined. Despite the HEAT being super expensive 220 is actually enough to pen tanks that have weak points. I farmed a Tort cupola (invisibly) for example.
  3. Also - HA at high impact tanks! Sitting in a bush is the EPITOME of skill!
  4. I always like to tell people that most of skill in WoT is knowing where to be, and why!
  5. Just getting to watching it. My fav part thus far is when you say "I would move into the forest now". It validates me - because it's exactly what I was thinking! It validates me so good... Same with the calls you make to go to A1/A3 - which is what I was saying either on comms or in game (can't recall) But it's nice to see another opinion from a top player - since I am 1. washed up 2. play in my little NA bubble only Too bad my mechanical abilities failed us. I claim wrist injury and old age eyes! Agree on the tempo - if I was in the Bourr in that early spot I'd have taken the early double bushed shots - there was nothing that could chase him down in the mid position and not enough arty to make revealing be scary.
  6. Since we're revisiting the game, I just want to point out how good my choice to charge the forest was - and how bad my shooting on the KT was! good to hear from you guys @Snoregasm2 and @kolni
  7. Apologies to @sr360 for mucking in his thread. But you know - maybe we should take this out on the WN8 developers. Force them to run only manual fire extinguishers? Or dismiss their crews? WN8 is clearly the illuminati - it literally is telling you how to play your tank! Oh I have a better idea- what is WG took WN8 (which is open source) and used it to develop their own rankings! That'd show those WN8 whores who is boss! And then...WG could add in spotting! And apply it over a time period where they actually tracked stat totals over time! Then we'd never have to hear from those WN8 purple scum ever again! Oh - and here's another idea - WG could make a Ranked mode to match those players against each other - or maybe some kind of war between the clans? Or team battles or maybe some kind of Skirmish? These are amazing ideas dude.
  8. Yea this is the pub and platoon specific sub forum and this thread is all about splitting roles between platoonmates - avoiding compromises. Min-max across persons if you will. Crab hates compromise! I probably wouldn't pub the Skorp without optics. If forced to solo a Skorp I'd probably take the aiming hit and run rammer/vision/turbo.
  9. Among things i play regularly: T49 and Sheridan, WZ-120-1, Chief, T-100, Manticore, LeoPTA, 50B. Do the EBRs count? It's kinda to the point where if a turbo build isn't viable i probably just don't play that tank very much.
  10. @SchnitzelTruck I was typing this in your status, but realized I wanted it in this thread to reply to @Rexxie as well. I run turbo on nearly everything? Optics has come off nearly everything - I just platoon with good LT players and vision is now better than ever thanks to CVS, boosted optics or vents, LNE, etc. If you don't platoon with vision tanks, I have no idea. My general rationale is that relocation ability scales with skills. If you know where you want to be, and when, turbo helps make it happen. Here are some groups of things I run turbo on: French MT & LTs get turbo in place of vents. Adding more mobility in both speed for cross map relocations, and acceleration for scooting out after a clip dump is the key here. Same goes for the Bourrasque and Bat25t and most people run it on the Prog46 as well. If you want to have your spike in place at the right time and drive away for free, turbo really helps. in garage with turbo: Bat25t, AMX 13 105, Bat25AP, AMX 13 90, AMX 13 57, AMX 13 75, Bourrasque, Bat12t Sniper TDs if it's soft it needs to not be seen, and that means relocating quickly. So I run turbo. Also nice for cleanup when you win and need to leave your nest for those last few shots. I drop vision from these. As a bonus - turbo increases the siege mode movements in the Strvs - which is just awesome for peeking up and down faster or death creeping tanks that can't pen you. In garage with turbo: Grille 15, Strv 103B, WaffleIV, Skorp G, SU-130PM, Strv S1, GSOR 1008 (this like a mix between TD and MT) HTs that can dominate hulldown if they can get there - Moving 4 kph faster seems to really help these tanks for me. I usually remove the vstab from them, and often pair this with hardening. I am not saying these are the best builds, but they work for me for winning battles. Super Conq, T110E5, Chieftain (sometimes), Obj279e (this is a meme, ymmv), Conqueror, CaernAX
  11. I tried so hard and got so far but in the end failed to pen and facehug the KT.
  12. I'm pasting this here for my reference but also for the rest of y'all. Courtesy of a discussion with and permission of@TheChang. Edited for clarity and brevity, 90% of this is Chang's words but i want to re-read it when i try to master this tank, and this kind of style is one of his many strengths. This is his first impressions after reading this thread and playing a handful of games including an 8 kill Ensk match taking no damage (referenced). Chang confirms turbo gld vents build. Kinda play it as a 3rd line MT? It has much better accuracy and pen over the lorraine, with a bit faster burst, higher burst alpha, and about 100 less dpm It's no pure TD like I assumed at first because of the insane pen dropoff. Yeah, like I said, 3rd line. Never get shot, but get your sneaky angle/flank in, dump fast, and leave The accuracy + intra is great for tracking In my ensk game, I just played city and kept switching flanks and killing tanks on reload while they killed my teammates. Just finding angles, flanking, falling back, flanking behind Snipe early, then drive to make an overmatch or punish a mistake or awkward peek The camo and smaller size compared to the lorraine lets it fill more spaces sometimes, but it has less view range. And the longer reload is tricky to play around which is also why it's 3rd line - meaning no risks, only free damage You can't play primarily 2nd line, because if first line dies, you're dead as well. So you kinda fill the grey area between sitting in a bush all game and playing second line Oh, gun depression is huge as well, for fitting in more spaces. And the 40 sec reload is excellent for forcing you to play safe, leave to go be somewhere else unexpected
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