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  1. Hey this is a pretty good thread. MOTHERFUCKING NECRO Hi!
  2. 1.0 removed my ability to play WoT without investing in a PC upgrade - which isn't of great interest to me right now (mind you my internet is very shoddy). I didn't stop playing because I don't like WoT, or because i found particular fault with the community - it just upgraded past my ability to run it. I'll also share that@dualmaster333 has sold his PC parts and turned off his home internet. The era of the original chode$tarz has passed it seems. 

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    2. Fulcrous


      gotta prioritize them irl gains

    3. kreigermann


      Aw, man.. I was wondering why we hadn't seen you in a while. 
      @CraBeatOff, hope to see you back before too long. Thanks for all of the encouragement and advice up to now.

    4. Tanager


      Just noticed this.  Bummed that you're taking a forced hiatus.  Hope an upgrade falls in your lap soon.

  3. ping? where you at?

    1. TheChang


      I played for a bit yesterday, just have been busy.

    2. CraBeatOff


      We miss you on G ts! Please come by!

  4. @dualmaster333 gets credit for this Obj 263/263B (Tier 9 TD) Front: Splash engine deck (30mm) Sides: HEAT (80mm everywhere) Rear: HE/HEAT (50mm, avoid hitting spoiler) Summary: Load HEAT because you can always take the side if you can't get the booty Obj 268v4 (Tier 10 TD) Front: Upper plate (100mm) or splash deck Sides: HEAT for rear half of superstructure, everything else HE Rear: Huge 45mm goodness Summary: Just throw HE at it Obj 430 (Tier 9 medium) Front: Steeply sloped portions below the turret are only 40mm Sides: HE for splash Rear: HE (40mm hull butt, 63mm turret back) Summary: HE effective from all directions Obj 430U (Tier 10 medium) Front: Deck is only 30mm, splash if you can Sides: Spaced armor above tracks, no good shots Rear: 45mm booty, 63mm flat box on back of turret Summary: HE all day, erry day IS-M (Tier 8 heavy) Front: 40mm deck, everything else is thick Sides: Thick armor everywhere, 120mm above tracks possible to HEAT but not very large Rear: HEAT, sloped 80mm hull, 120mm turret Summary: HEAT for butts, otherwise HE and "nice angling bro" Obj 705 (Tier 9 Heavy) Front: 40mm deck, 60mm roof, thick everywhere else Sides: Spaced above tracks, steep angles, just stick to HE Rear: HEAT! 60mm hull, 70mm turret, too sloped for HE but large and HEATable Summary: HEAT for butts! Obj 705A (Tier 10 Heavy) Summary: Same story as 705 - HEAT for butts! Obj 257 (Tier 9 Heavy) Front: Nice 45mm sloped sections under mantlet Sides: Some space armor, not good HEAT territory Rear: HEAT for large, sloped 70mm butt Summary: HEAT for butts
  5. Who is trying to 1v1 other LTs? Since when is hp trading in a vision/camo class with hp and no capacity to bounce a good idea? Does anyone who is objecting to this tanks strengths watch my replays? How many replays do I need to post? @tajj7 did you watch the replays? Almost every objection I read makes some fundamentally wrong assumption - like that there's no vision on Ruinberg and Ensk or that 7% camo is basically nothing.
  6. Yea but in ridge surfing you're primarily trying to keep middle lit - and those targets are plenty close. It is nice to spot firing TDs on rails and 1 at max view but you can dig them out later. With perks vents and food you still get 420+ vr. Old prem LTs have this hp/t yes. @sohojacques it's got a couple of tricks. @MagicalFlyingFox listed a few. A 660 spike is another trick. So is 9 degrees depression.
  7. I wouldn't object to 1700 dpm and 2.5 aimtime. It would become a lot easier to play. Or another 5 hp/t. Ivstab and ivents would benefit it. Vstab would be most noticeable. Vents is only good for 0.3% camo and 5 view range - but it adds up. I do hope they buff it.
  8. FV 4005 Stage 2 researched. HE is the best ammo.

    1. CraBeatOff


      But I'm keeping the 5.5in Conway, cause it's funny

  9. Equipment 'Experimental Optics' successfully purchased (1 item(s)).
    You spent bond:  4,000.

    Equipment 'Experimental Optics' mounted on vehicle.

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    2. CraBeatOff
    3. Fulcrous


      4 hours ago, CraBeatOff said:


      *spits out water*

      Imagine that on a T-100 with max camo :MingLee:

    4. CraBeatOff


      Yea you can get the T-100 up to like 517 or something. It's 390 base won't reach the extreme levels the T49s 410 base can. But if you want to see what crazy camo and 535+ does those elc 90 replays...

  10. Nay on the net. Grind crew at tier V until 2 members have camo.
  11. I put up another half a dozen replays. Silly bullshit. http://wotreplays.eu/uploader/CrabEatOff/id/396915
  12. I'll give you that El Halluf and Ruinberg are hard, but the extreme stealth of the ELC EVEN 90 gives it something to work with, where other LTs aren't able to work. Literally the entire middle of El Halluf is camo over and if you're in the river you're nigh un-hittable. I don't try to push, I just try to control the space with vision, and let my team do the work. Its possible that this is an NA thing, not an EU thing. We do get the occasional completely clueless player, but for the most part NA players are hitting easy shots on stuff that is spotted. And then things die quickly. If the enemy meds rush the low ground...I'm never letting them out. They're going to be spotted every single poke, and their TD support also. And when they're worn down I'm going to go finish them off or else cross and begin gettin' butts and arty. This isn't an important part of the map - I agree. But neither base is easy to push into from NW when the TDs are undistracted and unflanked. http://wotreplays.eu/site/4132368#el_halluf-crabeatoff-elc_even_90 Enemy wins brawl, but instead of a blowout, I'm able to get a few clips/spots in, clear my side of the map. Low hp tanks and lots of space. Grand. Airfield is broken OP in the ELC. You are unspottable on B line. It doesn't work even in the T-100LT, but the ELC makes it work, the extra 4.5% camo and the size. Every rock is cover, but not just like "cover from this 1 angle) but cover from 2 angles and sufficient to mitigate all but the biggest splashing arty. I don't even fire most of the time, except when the TD perch gets lit. I just push them back, corral them with vision, and then my team moves up. The frustration is practically palpable. http://wotreplays.eu/site/4132368#el_halluf-crabeatoff-elc_even_90 Ruinberg...south is tough. I've had success. Its just...so...small. The smallness gives the innate camo rating, but it also gives you the ability to straight up hide. The ditch that kinda hides a medium becomes full defilade. The bushes that cover no other tank suddenly become full concealment - control your proxy and you're fine. The positions to shoot the backs of houses that would get you killed by A line TD nest ARE BELOW THE RIDGE FOR YOU. Pull around, drop 440-660 and dance away. You can poke your turret over and spot their A line TDs with binos, sending them scurrying and giving your team confidence. http://wotreplays.eu/site/4132348#winterberg-crabeatoff-elc_even_90 I think you nailed it here Kolni I'm not a good enough shot to carry off damage, so my slide into this niche is of necessity, and I recognize that limitation. Would I play your game if I could? Probably, but Garbad raised me up, so maybe not. And NA just isn't quite the same as EU in the players. I was watching Smylee stream a week or so ago and he noted "I think I win because the enemy spends so much time and energy trying to kill ME that they ignore my team, and my team actually does damage". This was during the FV4202 3 mark, but during the Sheridan sessions that followed he was literally dictating the flow of the game around the exposure and resulting enemy reaction to his Sheridan. Now thats not precisely the best example, as Smylee plays his LTs in much of the paper medium fashion BUT there is a decided effort to yolo suicide him with reliable regularity. Its not something I've seen extensively in watching skill4ltu play LTs. I've not caught many other EU streams in the last ~6 months though. Meta comments aside...I do use my team. I don't count on them, but as soon as they demonstrate any kind of capability I'll read and play off their positions (while absolutely minimizing my risks). I play the pure map control gameplay like the really old Chaffee days, and the ELC 90 in particular can do map control things in a way that larger less stealthy lights can't. Its the size of the Bulldog turret...
  13. But i don't disagree that you need to adore lights to enjoy it.
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