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  1. VK2801 derp is back!!! So excited to boop!

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    2. CraBeatOff


      HE changes are a mix. It will be a worse damage dealer because you can't slap IS-3 to death for 100 dmg but it has the RoF to track HTs. But equipment 2.0 will make it a 40% camo spotter which patches the biggest issue with the German LTs.

      The 104 HEAT was around for about 2 years before the LT line extension to tier X (which is when the tech tree VK2801 lost it's derp in exchange for the improvements in MM). Virtually all my VK2801 games are from that period - i didn't play it much when it was tier V with 150 pen HEAT (10-20 games, I was bad then). But now it's getting the good MM from 6-8 instead of the 7-9 tiers from that intermediate period. And there's just so much soft stuff.

      If you've played a lot of M41 90, Hwk30, Kpz07, RU251 and RhmPzW - then the 90-105 pen range is pretty familiar. There is a lot of stuff that is positionally vulnerable to that pen - and having 3100+ dpm in 350 chunks is no joke from a tier 6. Tier 8 TDs go down in a very short period with whatever round pens.

      What's the standard for good? I'm so excited for this tank I'm prepared to try hard!

    3. Rexxie


      I am really tempted to come back just to play around with the 2801, it looks like a lot of fun and a blast from the past for me. I'll probably give it while though, because I figure playing a 2801 vs other 2801s might not be ideal? With endwalker about to release I have a pretty good excuse not to play anyway.


    4. Panzergraf


      I haven't scrounged together a crew for mine yet, but I've been playing the tier 6 T78 a lot lately, and the 2801 horde really didn't last that long. Most games at that tier only have one or two VK's per side now, so it's starting to feel normal again.

  2. I use a regular vstab - because the base bloom isn't that high. Bond optics with all perks and food gives 499 VR which is super great for the Bourrasque CVS LNES build. With my regular vstab build i do use bond vents (and bounty IAU) for a comfy 0.33 accuracy - while maintaining decent camo (35) and VR (451). So your plan is all Crab-approved - except save the 5000 bond vstab for a tank that can really make use of it.
  3. CVS turns that forest magical once again. There's some real proxy and LT-in-a-bush risk that can make that ridge not as effective as seen in those two replays. That's why i was slow to approach the ridge and just spotted it early. However - if you can get them to fuck off like the WZ-132-1 did - it usually results in a pretty big numbers game.
  4. @CandyVanMan I'll spare you the first game from the session. I went S on Sand River - the T-100 in front of me didn't spot ANYONE moving into position. I fired once, and got vollied down by 6 tanks. Fake scout is fake. Despite that meh start...had a good run obviously Murovanka - CVS build - invisible sniper tank is invisible. CVS does great things if you get can get to that line I took. Kharkov - CVS build - no LTs so I try to use vision to win the 1 line. It works ok. Then I keep pushing pace and punishing with marginal snipes and effective spotting. Empire's Bor
  5. image.png

    Spotgetto 65 3-mark completed. Used a bounty LNES + bond optics + slotted CVS build AND a bounty LNES, bond vstab, bond vents build. Pretty grand way to enjoy the tank. It gets OVER 40% camo on the move once you max out the Field Modifications, plus you get 527 view range. And the gun is slow to aim, but accurate enough to scavenge. On maps where there's too many LTs or it's brawl mode then swap to the vstab build and play as normal (except you're really strong at clean-up because 41% camo moving and 482 VR). Not expensive either, because it's a pain to switch to HEAT. 

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    2. CraBeatOff


      I'll upload the session tonight!

    3. CandyVanMan


      Very nice.

      Tried the stealth build on Standard B, didn't work out for me that well, felt the gun was simply too lacking.
      I still have it as my secondary config, in case I get a map and team setup where I can break the game by taking on the role of light tank.
      Ended up using bonused CVS, bounty optics and bounty stabs for my main, as the filthy viewrange and CVS really did add quite a bit to my spotting.

    4. CraBeatOff


      I was late on the uploads but the replays are in the Prog 65 thread in the Italian subforum.

  6. Standard B 3 marked with a meh 4 skill crew (no recon is slumming) and merely bounty optics and vents. It's not as good as the Char or Kunze and has to pay for its repair kits - so I'll probably let it rust in the garage.

    Prog 65 is cheaper to run than the Bat25t because it takes too much time to switch to HEAT! Also a wildly better sniper without gun mods - and no incentive to take half assed follow up shots!

    French and Italian MTs massive winners from field mods. 

    1. Snoregasm2


      What fields mods do you take specifically? So far i've been hesitant to take any with the tradeoffs.

      Apologies if there's a post on the meta of this that i've missed.

    2. CraBeatOff


      @Snoregasm2 I posted my T49 ones but maybe not the others. I generally take a mod at each level with a few exceptions. Anything that increases camo gets taken. In most cases taking 3% VR for -2kph forward speed is taken - at least for the French and Italians.

      Breech tweaking vs Aiming gears is an interesting one. For the Char4 and Prog 65 and Standard B i choose the dpm increase. For the Bat25t i choose the burst improvements. 90 dpm for far better follow up shots? Takes alot of minutes to equal even 1 extra pen due to gun handling.

      The 3% dispersion vs 2% acc tradeoff is another interesting one. It's NOT for turret or rotation dispersion as modeled by tanks.gg but only movement dispersion. It amounts generally to 0.01 more bloom for 0.01 more accuracy. I usually chose the latter or nothing at all. 

  7. There is no equipment build, ammo loadout, or crew skill that fixes stupid feeders. Once a week i lose a Prok game where i spot 6k+ but my idiots still can't figure out where to sit to shoot.
  8. Hey these games are fun and those guys sound super handsome.
  9. 480m is why. Every single thing i run has between 486 and 527. And most are 499+. Only the Char4 slums with 486 but that's about all you can squeeze from bond optics and the directive is too pricey.
  10. LTs are dead. Long live vision. RIP everything not named EBR 105, EBR 75, T49 or Manticore. The Bat 25t, Prog 65, Leo1, Kunze, Char, Bourrasque and Prog 46 have made LTs pointless.

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    2. WhatTheSkara


      Just did a quick comparison between a full stealth 140 and my current t100.

      I lose like 5% camo but get 498m vr and gain a fuckton of armour and gun handling.

      Might be worth a try, worst case scenario I'll be useless for one battle.

    3. graukatze


      @CraBeatOff T49 is b/c eternal love or for real?

    4. CraBeatOff


      @graukatze Fun is a factor. But also because dual config patches the weaknesses. If you get Prok stealth up. If you get Ensk gun up and shoot butts for 700 with HEAT or burst softs for 910. The gun handling was significantly buffed in the patch that changed HE and HE shells penning tracks makes picking on softs easier. Generally they made the T49 gun very bad at splashing armor but very good at penning - through a combo of the shell mechanics changes, the handling and accuracy buff and the field mods you can deploy to further develop those characteristics. Plus the intuition changes mean you can always have the right shell to make the pen count. HEAT in 4s is enough to really pile into HT and MT and TD butts and sides.

      Plus you also get 3% more camo and can trade some excess view range for other stats (speed?). In any case it's very serviceable in both the shooter and spotter roles now. On raw output of course the MTs are better. A Kunze, Char4, BatAP or Standard B easily makes 4k combined dmg and assist in this paradigm - but the T49 puts out 3200 pretty consistently - makes credits. It's gonna miss some shots and lose some games but having 200% more giggles is worth 3% wins imo.

  11. I thought it was crap also but Field Modifications and bounty LNES have turned the Kunze into an extremely powerful LT. It's basically a tier 10.5 LT given the hitpoints, gun, view range and camo. Spotter built stats 41% camo, 511 VR, 2750 dpm, 0.35(0.25) accuracy. Reloads are 8.6/11.4 Gun built stats 32% camo, 462 VR, 3300 dpm, 0.34(0.24) accuracy. Reloads are 7.2/9.5 But what makes it work are the size, workable top speed and the siege mode. Siege in this tank isn't for snap shot brawling but for positional play. And especially for shooting at distances. Getting a L
  12. Close to mine - except of course nearly everything is bounty or bond I run a 7 HEAT and 4 HEAT loadout. There's some maps and matchmaking where i feel like the chances to pen a HEAT are less good. But i have no evidence and plenty of 4 HEAT pen games since the relevant patch. A wise chodefriend of mine said recently "better a 50% chance for 700 damage than 100% for 135"
  13. Preliminary testing shows that the Progs 46 and 65 work pretty well with the Full Stealth meme builds. Is this heresy? I dunno - no one likes the Prog65 anymore anyways and I didn't like it even at peak power. The 2% camo that one gets at full field mod level pushes it's on the move camo to 40%  aka the same value as the T-100 prior to this patch. With 527 VR and slotted CVS. And the ability to swap to turbo/vstab/vents for your Himmels and other no vision maps. It'll probably let me enjoy 3 marking them. I'll test the Prog65 more in Ranked tonight.

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    2. sr360


      @Snoregasm2 -- @CraBeatOff is a heretic. He also tested the Leo with stealth build... I'm waiting for his stealth build E3 and stealth build CGC.

    3. CraBeatOff


      I can't shoot. So i spot.

    4. sr360



      I can't shoot. So i spot.

      Shall I post replays of your 8k dmg Strv game?

  14. I love 10v10 Ranked MM. Limited EBRs and arty. Maps are opened up because every lane and angle cannot be stuffed. Mobility rules. So far I've just done 10 qual battles. Fully field modded Bat25t has been amazing. Float the offside in Stealth mode or else support the LT in Gun mode. 120% chevs even with some stupid derp games. Once I move into the leagues I'll rotate in the EBR, RhmPz and Leo1. It's a good amount of bonds for 11-27 hours of WoT.
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