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  1. This mark was a long long time coming

    Draw Map: Sand River Vehicles: IS-7 Exp: 1,389  Credits: 85,269 Battle achievements: 3 Marks of Excellence, High Caliber, Mastery Badge: "II Class"

    12 games, 75% wins, 1300xpg and 3900 damage + plenty of spotting did it. I actually was at 94.8 on game 7 and then got a bunch of real shit maps and TONS of arty focus. The arty focus only has 2 levels now - lots or tons. Its nice that they can't do shit for damage though. Final game was an ugly one, but 8k combined popped me up from 94.3 to 95.1. Much relief! I've known for a long time I could do it, but battling that gun....

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