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  1. 1.0 removed my ability to play WoT without investing in a PC upgrade - which isn't of great interest to me right now (mind you my internet is very shoddy). I didn't stop playing because I don't like WoT, or because i found particular fault with the community - it just upgraded past my ability to run it. I'll also share that@dualmaster333 has sold his PC parts and turned off his home internet. The era of the original chode$tarz has passed it seems. 

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    2. simba90
    3. kolni


      Selling your PC and turning off your internet seems awfully steep from actually having a seemingly healthy relationship to the game...

      Nevertheless, I hope he's doing well

    4. CraBeatOff


      Oh dual had no problems with the game. He's just testing his hypothesis and chasing other goals

      I won't rule out a return. But it's not a current priority

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