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  1. Sr360 pointed out that i was dumb and didn't plan ahead to cheese the 121B 3 mark this week before the reqs went up. Not because of the dpm increase though - but because with bond vents, CVS and bounty LNES it's a camo torturer.



    Watch these replays and tell me it's not hilariously broken. 493 VR without optics. 35.5% camo on the move. More when sitting. What do you all think? Am i just a doddering washed up uniscum sticking to a dead meta - or does this look fun and advantageous?

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    2. Snoregasm2


      Ah, so on Cliff you managed to get around 2k just on the meds on the sniper's ledge, plus some late game 1/2 line farm. That makes sense. What is your reload? It was bugged and I couldn't see. And view range / set up (it feels like at least 500m)? I'm wondering whether it is worth dropping bonds on.

      In terms of El Halluf, all I can say is KEKL. I did not realise you could spot that cross from your side at tier 10. I know it was only 1 or 2 shots, but useful to know. Nice use of HE too, especially on the retards who just drove into the open after winning the heavy corner.

      Last thought - I don't know how your 3rd person aim so much, it would fuck me up. Kudos if you can do it though, it's preferable to not be constantly switching between 3rd and 1st person.

    3. kolni


      Yeah El Halluf is riddled with tons of weird spots for doing super specific stuff but since north is such a safe bet it’s where people will always go and never explore the map besides trying beach every once in a while so it goes unnoticed. I couldn’t make it reliable enough though to replace just duking it out up north for results in pretty much anything though 

      Cliff spotting is almost always done through winning mid and using donut to light 1-2/sniper ledge as that’s really the only area where you can really leverage a VR disparity on the map (elevation disparity for 1-2 as well) 

    4. CraBeatOff


      Cliff was big numbers from cleanup spotting for sure. But what i was most surprised by was my ability to stay concealed in the middle and spot through the bushes to keep vision up on the HT cross and always have first shot from camo on anyone using their ramp. That MT that was contesting middle literally couldn't see me in that bush until i fired.

      The VR is 493 , i put bond vents on it. 480 is about where theorycraft says that CVS gets "good". Obviously the EBR is a special case. But the 420 base plus purple vents and other stuff gives me 493 and CVS makes that work a bit better with bushes. Reload is 7.0 seconds. 3300 dpm - far less than the 3900+ that @kolni would make use of! But it still is a decent amount and useful. The Tortoise on El Halluf found out the hard way!

      Re: El Halluf. I do all kinds of shit not on the corner - mostly because I've had to figure out how to play LTs on it. That was a sequence I'd do in a LT...except I'd die to the Tort and be angry.


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