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  1. LTs are dead. Long live vision. RIP everything not named EBR 105, EBR 75, T49 or Manticore. The Bat 25t, Prog 65, Leo1, Kunze, Char, Bourrasque and Prog 46 have made LTs pointless.

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    2. WhatTheSkara


      Just did a quick comparison between a full stealth 140 and my current t100.

      I lose like 5% camo but get 498m vr and gain a fuckton of armour and gun handling.

      Might be worth a try, worst case scenario I'll be useless for one battle.

    3. graukatze


      @CraBeatOff T49 is b/c eternal love or for real?

    4. CraBeatOff


      @graukatze Fun is a factor. But also because dual config patches the weaknesses. If you get Prok stealth up. If you get Ensk gun up and shoot butts for 700 with HEAT or burst softs for 910. The gun handling was significantly buffed in the patch that changed HE and HE shells penning tracks makes picking on softs easier. Generally they made the T49 gun very bad at splashing armor but very good at penning - through a combo of the shell mechanics changes, the handling and accuracy buff and the field mods you can deploy to further develop those characteristics. Plus the intuition changes mean you can always have the right shell to make the pen count. HEAT in 4s is enough to really pile into HT and MT and TD butts and sides.

      Plus you also get 3% more camo and can trade some excess view range for other stats (speed?). In any case it's very serviceable in both the shooter and spotter roles now. On raw output of course the MTs are better. A Kunze, Char4, BatAP or Standard B easily makes 4k combined dmg and assist in this paradigm - but the T49 puts out 3200 pretty consistently - makes credits. It's gonna miss some shots and lose some games but having 200% more giggles is worth 3% wins imo.

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