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  1. Standard B 3 marked with a meh 4 skill crew (no recon is slumming) and merely bounty optics and vents. It's not as good as the Char or Kunze and has to pay for its repair kits - so I'll probably let it rust in the garage.

    Prog 65 is cheaper to run than the Bat25t because it takes too much time to switch to HEAT! Also a wildly better sniper without gun mods - and no incentive to take half assed follow up shots!

    French and Italian MTs massive winners from field mods. 

    1. Snoregasm2


      What fields mods do you take specifically? So far i've been hesitant to take any with the tradeoffs.

      Apologies if there's a post on the meta of this that i've missed.

    2. CraBeatOff


      @Snoregasm2 I posted my T49 ones but maybe not the others. I generally take a mod at each level with a few exceptions. Anything that increases camo gets taken. In most cases taking 3% VR for -2kph forward speed is taken - at least for the French and Italians.

      Breech tweaking vs Aiming gears is an interesting one. For the Char4 and Prog 65 and Standard B i choose the dpm increase. For the Bat25t i choose the burst improvements. 90 dpm for far better follow up shots? Takes alot of minutes to equal even 1 extra pen due to gun handling.

      The 3% dispersion vs 2% acc tradeoff is another interesting one. It's NOT for turret or rotation dispersion as modeled by tanks.gg but only movement dispersion. It amounts generally to 0.01 more bloom for 0.01 more accuracy. I usually chose the latter or nothing at all. 

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