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  1. VK2801 derp is back!!! So excited to boop!

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    2. CraBeatOff


      HE changes are a mix. It will be a worse damage dealer because you can't slap IS-3 to death for 100 dmg but it has the RoF to track HTs. But equipment 2.0 will make it a 40% camo spotter which patches the biggest issue with the German LTs.

      The 104 HEAT was around for about 2 years before the LT line extension to tier X (which is when the tech tree VK2801 lost it's derp in exchange for the improvements in MM). Virtually all my VK2801 games are from that period - i didn't play it much when it was tier V with 150 pen HEAT (10-20 games, I was bad then). But now it's getting the good MM from 6-8 instead of the 7-9 tiers from that intermediate period. And there's just so much soft stuff.

      If you've played a lot of M41 90, Hwk30, Kpz07, RU251 and RhmPzW - then the 90-105 pen range is pretty familiar. There is a lot of stuff that is positionally vulnerable to that pen - and having 3100+ dpm in 350 chunks is no joke from a tier 6. Tier 8 TDs go down in a very short period with whatever round pens.

      What's the standard for good? I'm so excited for this tank I'm prepared to try hard!

    3. Rexxie


      I am really tempted to come back just to play around with the 2801, it looks like a lot of fun and a blast from the past for me. I'll probably give it while though, because I figure playing a 2801 vs other 2801s might not be ideal? With endwalker about to release I have a pretty good excuse not to play anyway.


    4. Panzergraf


      I haven't scrounged together a crew for mine yet, but I've been playing the tier 6 T78 a lot lately, and the 2801 horde really didn't last that long. Most games at that tier only have one or two VK's per side now, so it's starting to feel normal again.

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