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  1. Yea this is the pub and platoon specific sub forum and this thread is all about splitting roles between platoonmates - avoiding compromises. Min-max across persons if you will. Crab hates compromise! I probably wouldn't pub the Skorp without optics. If forced to solo a Skorp I'd probably take the aiming hit and run rammer/vision/turbo.
  2. Among things i play regularly: T49 and Sheridan, WZ-120-1, Chief, T-100, Manticore, LeoPTA, 50B. Do the EBRs count? It's kinda to the point where if a turbo build isn't viable i probably just don't play that tank very much.
  3. @SchnitzelTruck I was typing this in your status, but realized I wanted it in this thread to reply to @Rexxie as well. I run turbo on nearly everything? Optics has come off nearly everything - I just platoon with good LT players and vision is now better than ever thanks to CVS, boosted optics or vents, LNE, etc. If you don't platoon with vision tanks, I have no idea. My general rationale is that relocation ability scales with skills. If you know where you want to be, and when, turbo helps make it happen. Here are some groups of things I run turbo on: French MT & LTs get turbo in place of vents. Adding more mobility in both speed for cross map relocations, and acceleration for scooting out after a clip dump is the key here. Same goes for the Bourrasque and Bat25t and most people run it on the Prog46 as well. If you want to have your spike in place at the right time and drive away for free, turbo really helps. in garage with turbo: Bat25t, AMX 13 105, Bat25AP, AMX 13 90, AMX 13 57, AMX 13 75, Bourrasque, Bat12t Sniper TDs if it's soft it needs to not be seen, and that means relocating quickly. So I run turbo. Also nice for cleanup when you win and need to leave your nest for those last few shots. I drop vision from these. As a bonus - turbo increases the siege mode movements in the Strvs - which is just awesome for peeking up and down faster or death creeping tanks that can't pen you. In garage with turbo: Grille 15, Strv 103B, WaffleIV, Skorp G, SU-130PM, Strv S1, GSOR 1008 (this like a mix between TD and MT) HTs that can dominate hulldown if they can get there - Moving 4 kph faster seems to really help these tanks for me. I usually remove the vstab from them, and often pair this with hardening. I am not saying these are the best builds, but they work for me for winning battles. Super Conq, T110E5, Chieftain (sometimes), Obj279e (this is a meme, ymmv), Conqueror, CaernAX
  4. I tried so hard and got so far but in the end failed to pen and facehug the KT.
  5. I'm pasting this here for my reference but also for the rest of y'all. Courtesy of a discussion with and permission of@TheChang. Edited for clarity and brevity, 90% of this is Chang's words but i want to re-read it when i try to master this tank, and this kind of style is one of his many strengths. This is his first impressions after reading this thread and playing a handful of games including an 8 kill Ensk match taking no damage (referenced). Chang confirms turbo gld vents build. Kinda play it as a 3rd line MT? It has much better accuracy and pen over the lorraine, with a bit faster burst, higher burst alpha, and about 100 less dpm It's no pure TD like I assumed at first because of the insane pen dropoff. Yeah, like I said, 3rd line. Never get shot, but get your sneaky angle/flank in, dump fast, and leave The accuracy + intra is great for tracking In my ensk game, I just played city and kept switching flanks and killing tanks on reload while they killed my teammates. Just finding angles, flanking, falling back, flanking behind Snipe early, then drive to make an overmatch or punish a mistake or awkward peek The camo and smaller size compared to the lorraine lets it fill more spaces sometimes, but it has less view range. And the longer reload is tricky to play around which is also why it's 3rd line - meaning no risks, only free damage You can't play primarily 2nd line, because if first line dies, you're dead as well. So you kinda fill the grey area between sitting in a bush all game and playing second line Oh, gun depression is huge as well, for fitting in more spaces. And the 40 sec reload is excellent for forcing you to play safe, leave to go be somewhere else unexpected
  6. I definitely agree on this. I get enough damage but sometimes...because of where I'm positioning shooting 1 is all that's safe. But shoot and scoot with 360 alpha is great. And 0.09 still works in close. Thankfully 0.36 accuracy isn't terrible if you let it fully aim. I still got monster games but they were mostly via opportunity or when i got a top tier battle and just sniped down the blind.
  7. That's what this post is aiming for. Or WZ 1-4s on any of the maps i listed above. Some crossfires just can't be pushed through. 3x heavium cannot always win fast and decisively enough to get map control!
  8. Damn near 90% wins. Color me impressed. Seems it's a potentially reproducible result. Fwiw your worst game was Abbey which is no LT driver's fav map. Also despite the gun's relative non improvement 75% hits and 83% pens is very solid. Which build do you keep now eh? I'm very pleased to have helped a 2 mark turn into 3 - even if it means giving away my secrets
  9. This will take a few edits to fully type out via my phone. Equipment 2.0 has been very good for me, personally, for enjoyment of WoT pubs and for my preferred method of pubbing which is in a competent 3 person platoon in complimentary tanks. Everything I have to say in this post is with that perspective and the goal of winning as often and as efficiently as possible. If you, the reader, refuse for whatever reason to play with 2 others, fire premium ammo, or seek primarily to maximize dpg this might not be a useful post. I'm also going to talk mostly about tier 8 - these ideas apply to tier 9 pretty straightforwardly, but tier 10 has it's own peculiarities (specifically a bunch of broken HTs that make other options suboptimal). Tiers 6 and 7 lack the diversity that you get in 8+ but within the narrow range of those best in tier tanks the ideas work. What Equipment 2.0 enabled As @SchnitzelTruck observed in the Bourrasque thread, there are now builds that synergize with stylistic preferences, and this extends even further when your building your tanks to work with your platoonmates. In short - you can now lean into the strengths of a given tank or class harder, giving up some attribute but allowing your group to be more powerful on the net. This enables you to play more "unfairly". Your spotter can make more of their vision. Your support fire can max dpm, accuracy, mobility as needed. The advantages are less pronounced for tanks that rely on armor and hp - but this is Wotlabs! We best know by now that vision + firepower + flex is the recipe. Vision is dead Despite the developers best efforts, the game isn't yet a 15v15 3 lane HT pixel or HE brawl with arty and RNG tipping the balance of attrition. To my humble opinion vision is still what opens up (or stabilizes) most games/maps. Your platoon probably wants some vision. This is so you're not entirely at the mercy of pubbies on Prok, Mali, Muro, Westfield, Redshire, Steppes, Fish Bay, Studz, Minsk, Karelia, Highway, Sigfried, and Live Oaks. It's a lot of maps where vision can matter a whole heck of a lot - and a few others you can simply avoid losing if you can usher your idiots across vital crossings - Mtn Pass, Paris, Lakeville, Glacier, Ghost Town, Sand River. Vision can mean a MT with good base VR and optics, a wheelie boi or a properly set up LT. Even an S tank with binos can do work in some of these situations. I personally rarely run without a LT with a good driver - unless it's like a FR MT or Leo with a vision build. Bleed First, then Push If you're running vision and you want to win you're gonna want some support fire. 2x E-100 and a Leo1 is a good platoon for many maps - but it's also a recipe for a fast 15-5 loss when the enemy EBR is unseeable, unhittable and your field flank crumbles in 120 seconds. This just isn't for me. And if you play 15v15 CW generally your first deployment is precisely to prevent that kind of given away match. So I'm bringing support fire tanks to compliment my vision. Several reasons: 1. Wheelie boiz are king - you gotta pick them off because the pubbies can't 2. Crossfires are how the maps work. You gotta get 2 angles to dig out positions and progress 3. Even if you lose the brawl you can very very often camo camp the chokes and exits to stabilize a match giving time for your other flank or arty to work. So punish the crossings, refuse to give up map control the wheelies and MTs and prevent your idiots from feeding their TDs. Get some vision tanks and setups! Tank comp example walk thrus There are more platoon comps than this - nothing here is exhaustive. Some of these compositions are sufficiently strong that you can just sub in some inferior tank and still win 70% easily and grind out massive credits at the same time (I'll drive my T34 for lazy profit sometimes!). But these are some of my favorites. Classique Bush Wank LT-432 with CVS, optics and choice of vents or rammer. Inferior LTs work, but... Prog46 with build of choice - turbo is nice, tank is so OP, anything works. Other inferior autoloading MTs work (Lorr40t, Skoda T27) Sniper TD of choice - Skorp G (turbo rammer IRM), SU-130PM (IRM/IAU/turbo/rammer), S1(turbo/rammer/vents/binos) This one is easy. You kemp boosh. Set up the LT in a forward bush. Put the MT and TD in different support angles and punish lazy idiots and stupid LTs. If there is an early punish option, you should probably do it, and then flex someplace to influence the midgame. Ricky Bobby I wanna GO FAST EBR75 with optics, vents, and taster's choice. EVEN90 with turbo also works nicely. more VR less mobility and firepower. Bourrasque with gun mods or vision mods or a mix of both More Bourrasque if you're feeling saucy, something with stopping power if not (with turbo of course) Skorp G with turbo is fastest TD for chasing shit down or running away LIS with turbo works great too! GSOR1008 with turbo. You deploy the same as the Classique - but you can now decided in the middle of the game to just go make shit dead. Pretty much anywhere on the map, and at any time, as long as the risk calculus is good. Not much survives a strafe from EBR75 and two Bourrasques, or a Skorp 490. You have to be careful with this power, it's easy to get blown up by HE. Excels at clean-up damage! L'invisble EVEN90 - turbo is best for flex, but building for CVS/binos can be memerific. Bourrasque set-up with gun mods for sniping. Or perhaps a 2nd TD or high alpha MT S1 - the standard for sitting in a bush. Use a camo net if you're looking for memes, but turbo is the best for moving around with this platoon of course. You win all the bush maps. Sit triangle, shoot stupids. Good luck if you pull all the city maps in a session! With 2 TDs, or something like a T34 you can make this work as well. Hitting with the SU-130PM and any other TD at the same time is always funny and effective (520+390, 520+490) - high roll killing 1k hp tanks or taking half the HP off a Bat25t is just grand. Put in a GSOR1008 for extra deletion power. Stuff like the STG/Ravioli/Chimera/Lansen can work in here too. Trop Fort TurBourr - turbo, optics, vents Prog46 - turbo, vstab, choice or LIS with turbo. GSOR1008 can work too (turbo) if you can manage the pacing and downtime. WZ-120 - rammer, GLD, vents This is probably the single most fun right now. Replacing your LT with a TurBourr means you'll get matches with no LTs in them. You probably win those because you're +1 LT unless you get a vision Bourr mirror. The Prog or LIS provide consistent accurate fire support, moderate amounts of hp, and the ability to relocate as needed. The WZ-120 is a sleeper in this build - innately fast with punishing DPM. You're losing the distance punishment capabilities of the Skorp and S1 - but getting tier 9 DPM and a fast tank with some armor for when you just need to bully to clear a spot. The ability of the WZ to bounce a shot or else trade 880 for 1 hit will enable your softies to spike and preserve their hps. You get some of the "go kill shit" abilities of the Ricky Bobby platoon but with more durability, more pen on hard targets, more DPM. Le Boeuf 432 or Turbourr CaernAX with turbo, or perhaps the E75TS. S1 or WZ-120. Somua playing from support can work nicely. There is no more durable LT than Russian LT. Bourr has more hp, and the advantages discussed elsewhere. CaernAX brings enough accuracy and dpm to count as a sniper. You won't get the big hits or spike, but if you have 5 seconds on target you'll do as much dmg as a TD. E75TS 360 hits are meaningful and sufficiently accurate. Like the WZ-120 it has high base mobility for it's class, and acceptable armor. S1 obv can bully only sub 90mm guns. WZ-120 armor discussed above. This platoon will struggle a little on the open maps and as bottom tier, but still can and will work. You will be at little disadvantage on city maps however, and with good hulldowns and in flat MM can play however is needed to win. Tier 9s At tier 9 you compose your platoons fairly similarly if you wish to play in this style with a LT. The LeoPTA has good enough firepower to sub in for soft single shot TDs and more flex and hp. WaffleIV with turbo is hilariously good at stopping pushes and punishing mistakes. T30 and 263 can play armor TD roles well. AMX 13 90 built with optics/vstab/turbo is really solid in LT role, but the EBR90 can easily handle spotting duties as well. Tier 9 HTs are stronger than their 8s counterparts when bottom tier, so there's more choice there. T-54LW is less kingly than the 432 but still works. Overall the composition of these platoons matters less at 9 than 8, simply because you can bring tier X firepower to shoot tier X tanks - you don't need a TD if you have a HT with a decent enough gun who can occupy a support position (if their armor isn't needed elsewhere). Most any LT + WaffleIV + LeoPTA Most any LT + autoloader MT + WaffleIV/LeoPTA Most any LT + autoloader MT + 263/T30/Conq/etc Tier 10s At tier 10, things swing back more towards the 8s compositions. This is primarily because of the power of the Strv 103B and Grille15 for locking down and punishing lanes, as well as the relative power of the tier X LTs compared to their tier 9 counterparts (way more alpha). HTs have much more power too, relative to 8s, so easily sub in for a MT because they can actually hold space. You get some more options in fire support too, with the 50B existing. Just avoid too much downtime or weak pen and slow fat superheavies. Nothing wrong with LT + Chief + TD. Map deployment, progression and stabilization walk thrus
  10. All these boosts and pretty much the whole boosting mechanic has been patched out of the game. Sorry to bear the bad news.
  11. It's still happening. Dmg is down a wee bit, prob because I was letting my platoon do more work and not soloing. Plus I had a wonky Mali game where I had literally nothing to shoot and did 5k spots.
  12. Yea - I was compelled to post when I told @sr360 about the drop-off and even he was surprised. When the guy who knows all the mechanics hasn't caught a mechanic - that's a sign to log into WoTLabs and bitch about it! Total sneaky bitch move. It could take the biggest penalty and still not fellate donkey dix - make it drop to 250-271 at 500m. But 101 is just unfun. In response to your 2nd point - basically the only standard fire non-TD/LT I can make work at tier 8s I can make work these days are the CaernAX (3k dpm as you requested) and the E-75TS. I do not own the Renegade. Alpha has crept, so has mobility. The creep must continue!
  13. A small review since I've had some time in this tank. Mobility - acceptable. A high top speed with low hp/t, it's sluggish but you can get places and relocate as needed. The Skorp, SU-130PM and S1 all accelerate much better (esp with turbo). But you can do what needs done in this. Protection - excellent (for a sniping TD). It's got great camo. 40% sitting and 25% moving. About the same as the 130PM but less than the WZ-120-1 or S1. Firing camo is an acceptable 8%. Low base VR means you're not going to be doing a lot of spotting without binoculars. I don't bother with this but at least that synergizes with having a full turret. It also has armor! Not a lot but it's got a great feature of being autobounce at the default auto aim point in the front! The turret also has some slopey bits. Nothing you can count on - but when you can occasionally bounce a JpE shell you cannot complain. Firepower - the focus of the tank - and it's a mixed bag. 320 is meh when you're scavenging or only have limited windows. 4x320 is glorious punishment though and extremely good for punching out enemy LTs. Aim time is good but i found i needed a GLD for follow up shots. Accuracy also good. Bloom is large but manageable, especially since the turret bloom is very low. But what's bad are the shells and drum. Choice of 226 AP and 321 APCR with a massive 40s downtime between clips. This is just really unsatisfying. The real kicker though is the prem APCR pen drop off. It drops 101mm over 500 meters!!! What the shit is this? All other tier 8 apcr firing TD (that i own) drop 10-50mm. I don't know the values for the Kjp or Cda105 shell drops but 101mm pen loss is just maddening. Because of this you're gonna have a ton of 1-2-3 out of 4 clips in key situations and then a huge amount of time without influence. The low dpm and weak pen really make it hard to play this from range. I give it B tier on a GOD/A/B/C scale. I understand why they don't want reliable 1200 burst or it having 2k dpm but it's still unsatisfying. Best platoons are with a good scout and a reliable and flexible continuous fire gun. If you play with a Lorr40t you're gonna have a bad time. A LIS or T-44-100 would work nicely. Don't solo this, please. I've been running equipment combos with GLD and vents and switching between IRM and turbo. Given the massive pen drop off i might try a IRM turbo GLD build to try to stay in closer than 445...but the fact is those are the TD lanes in WoT!
  14. If you do watch, a write up of your observations would be appreciated - i always am looking for eyes on my play because despite all this time i still have blind spots...

  15. Can confirm. Don't TRY to use the gun...but you still end up having insane games. My hard won knowledge! Oh noes! Clocked another 12ish games today in it, the results hold. It's crazy good.
  16. @sr360 kindly ran his replay analyzer on these replays. n=48, 73% wins, 1407 xpg/game, 2700 dpg, 1600 assistance.
  17. Ok, I don't want to just be making crazy assertions without evidence, so here is my last 48 Bourrasque games, un-edited - every single one played with this build. Some last 30 seconds! https://www.mediafire.com/file/mgppfxodj1iw3n0/bourr_is_IX_LT.zip/file I'll see if I can figure out how to cull stats from this - but if anyone is already handy with a replay reading tool and wants to do it I'd be most appreciative. I am too old to be learning new things
  18. So i struggled with this tank for a little while. I couldn't figure out what to equip and how to engage. How far to snipe? How fast to peek? All that stuff. I tried gun centric bloom builds, i tried hybrid builds to spot and shoot, i tried accuracy builds. Nothing was really standing out. And then @sr360 got tired of hearing me bitch and told me to lean into my strengths and i said "fuck this stupid gun" and went iVents iOptics and turbo in the slot. I have a 6 skill French MT crew that honestly feels inadequate. I might replace them with ladies because having 7 on this would be sublime. 518 VR + 30/40% camo + 1250 hp + 67 kph + boosted hp/t means you're a tier 9 LT with best in class firepower AND tier 8 MT MM. Seriously if you described this tank to someone who knew the game well they'd assume it was a tier 9 LT (minus the moving/sitting camo mechanism). The WZ-132A gets "big alpha" with 320 dmg on a gun that's essentially the same acc and pen. You get a little more VR on a T49 and RU251 but similar total camo and more hp. And it's the MM that breaks it. Your team regularly has a LT advantage. Certain maps and MM become shit stomps because your team got a LT (a tier 9 one) and their team got a Panther 8.8! What fun! Bottom tier? You have no more responsibility than a Hwk12 or LHMTV except that when you do fire your gun it actually matters. To quote @CarbonWard "i think i broked it". I'll try to gather data from a replay analyzers or just keep better records but I'm averaging 4200 combined in this tank over the last 40 games. It's been over 1400 xpg in that stretch and my overall tank avg is threatening to break 1300. My average assistance rocketed from 850s to over 1k in this stretch and I'm not even bringing TDs to ride my coattails. I thought it was just a good map run but it's becoming more apparent that it's not. I've learned no new tricks I just play it exactly like a T49/Sheriderp until there's something to burst. The only tool it's missing relatively is the HE chicanery but the massive mis-classification more than makes up for it. Why did they do this? I don't know but unlike the EBRs it's far less game ruining...unless you're in my game!
  19. Like sr, I'm not hitting battle without vision/flex in platoon unless I'm playing some idiot tank like the Chief or 279e. On maps generally - if you don't want to be camping for minutes in a 3 lane map YPYL crossfire spot or else in a bush...welllll you've launched the wrong game! In an effort to shrink the effects of player skills they've continually revised these maps to matter as much about deployment distributions as anything else. Less platoons winning 85% means less people quitting with sub 40% WR after being horrifically clubbed from tier 1 onward! I used to ban Airfield and Overlord. Then Fjords got worse so I'd ban that. Abbey has always been awful so i ban that sometimes. Empire's is bad - not because of YPYL but because it's so big and vertical that flexing isn't a great option. I usually win on it - but it's still frustrating. Pearl River is trash. Today i camped a 1v6 to a draw to remind an irate slate of pubbies what a bad map it is. That's my current ban staple and then I'll just cycle whichever of the above listed ones has pissed me off. I have good LT deployments and contingency plans for all of them though. However Minsk is a great map. YPYL for sure - just build those bush nests in the right spot and epic games await you. Studz is pretty much the same map! Except it takes less tree cutting to get the same effectiveness. Paris i enjoy - it's got a unique crossfire system - some good progressions and can be stabilized even if you lose any of the 3 flanks. Field is an idiot trap though so don't go there unless it's the right play. A wildcard in this discussion is cliff. Cliff is fine right up until you get 7 tanks that want to play 1 line. No deployment = no chance on Cliff. And you can't even stabilize it with a platoon! Ugh i hate those matches.
  20. Just the ones that played for the wrong reasons :-P To the OP: There is hardly anything new to write about. Equipment 2.0 came out - that thread is/was pretty good. But even that hasn't fundamentally changed how the game works (for pub games) in years. Tank roles got a little more specialized - there's more viable equipment setups - but things that were true about the mechanics and meta in 2013 and 2016 remain the same. That said virtually every change WG makes pushes the game closer to parity and RNG based outcomes (not so much shells and pen, but tank dispersal and the interaction with map design). Plus EBRs for zoomers and speed up the pace and introduce more skill blunting randomness!
  21. LNE is a waste on the EVEN. Put on a turbo so you can actually stay alive in an EBR meta. LNE however is godly on the EBR75 - because nothing at tier 8 has VR and you only then get spotted when you wish AMX 13 105 does best for me with optics, vstab and turbo. I run bond equipment on that, but if you don't just put the optics in the slot. It leans into the mobile assassins' role. If you get that game without EBRs and T-100s, sure do some spotting. Otherwise, you just need VR to protect your space and enable your gun. And don't play the WZ-132-1. Don't let WG steal precious minutes of your life with that cruel joke. I have one in garage, hoping for a buff one day!
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