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  1. Preliminary testing shows that the Progs 46 and 65 work pretty well with the Full Stealth meme builds. Is this heresy? I dunno - no one likes the Prog65 anymore anyways and I didn't like it even at peak power. The 2% camo that one gets at full field mod level pushes it's on the move camo to 40%  aka the same value as the T-100 prior to this patch. With 527 VR and slotted CVS. And the ability to swap to turbo/vstab/vents for your Himmels and other no vision maps. It'll probably let me enjoy 3 marking them. I'll test the Prog65 more in Ranked tonight.

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      @Snoregasm2 -- @CraBeatOff is a heretic. He also tested the Leo with stealth build... I'm waiting for his stealth build E3 and stealth build CGC.

    3. CraBeatOff


      I can't shoot. So i spot.

    4. sr360



      I can't shoot. So i spot.

      Shall I post replays of your 8k dmg Strv game?

  2. I love 10v10 Ranked MM. Limited EBRs and arty. Maps are opened up because every lane and angle cannot be stuffed. Mobility rules. So far I've just done 10 qual battles. Fully field modded Bat25t has been amazing. Float the offside in Stealth mode or else support the LT in Gun mode. 120% chevs even with some stupid derp games. Once I move into the leagues I'll rotate in the EBR, RhmPz and Leo1. It's a good amount of bonds for 11-27 hours of WoT.
  3. I 3 marked it 2 days ago around game 115. 2700 + 1500 are my averages. I've run a dual config as noted in the Full Stealth thread. It is frankly a monster - for me it's the best tier 9 tank. Camo can be pushed to 40% with full field mods. VR is weak at 486 without vents but slotted CVS makes it work. The field mod that sacrifices aimtime and between shot bloom is worth it on this tank for the dpm increase. It's the only FR MT I've taken that config on. With 4s between shots and a sub 2s aimtime reloading in 34ish seconds is nice.
  4. I want to put this in another framing. Imagine you had a set of field mods available to the AMX 13 105. They were as such Lose 5% camo to gain 400 hitpoints Lose 6kph forward speed and 3 backward speed for 2.5% more view range Lose 2 degrees gun depression for +30/+50 penetration Increase 12s reload speed for 2 more shells Increase a small amount of bloom for 9% accuracy increase All of these would be worth it - except maybe the 12s reload for 2 more shells...maybe. But that's basically the difference between the field modded and Full Stealth Bat25t and t
  5. So the real winners of this build (and field modifications) are the French Support Medium Tanks. The Bat25t, Bat25 AP, Char 4 and Bourrasque. With proper configuration they become full on LT worthy - breaking the 40% camo on the move barrier (bLNES), with slotted CVS (once you upgrade to level 6) and bond optics. The view ranges are not quite what you get from LTs at tier (527, 486, 486 and 499 respectively) but they reach the critical amount that you can always have +1 LT on your team if you so choose. Maybe a LT that's too big for EVERY bush that you can put a Manti/T-100/AMX 13 or EBR in...
  6. The two most relevant ones i listed above. I don't know the names. I choose the accuracy for reload penalty and the camo 3% for VR penalty. I also took the top speed increase for engine power penalty - 67 is nice. I passed on the other two and chose nothing.
  7. It's just the best now. Equipment 2.0 and bounty LNES opened the door. Field mod and dual config bulldozed the house. I picked the dispersion improvements for accuracy penalty. I picked stealth improvements. Config 1 is Full Stealth. bLNES, slotted CVS and bond optics. 499 VR, full CVS bush burning and 44% camo. That's the same camo as an EBR105 with vents or an EVEN90 with full crew skills and food. It's truly a tier 9 LT now. You lose 2 kph top speed for this. I can do a lot more with the camo. Config 2 is full gun. Vstab, slotted vents (in the vision slot) and bounty IAU. No
  8. Now that dual config exists I've tried out the @PlanetaryGenocide Full Stealth Derp build. It works. It's less pure fun than a full gun brawl...But losing on Prok and other vision maps isn't fun either. The gun handles...okish with the field configs and the buffs from last patch and a snap shot directive. It's not great but if are mostly spotting things then you're not tempted to take risky shots. Brawling off LTs is hard however - the D7 Muro middle spot for example. But with a little support fire I've been able to have real nice averages in sessions...and there's few maps where you can't use
  9. Bounty doesn't get a slot bonus either.
  10. The last thing we needed was the kind of burst and mobility on a HT that would let idiots feed faster and speed up brawls. Their design decisions make no sense!
  11. Same on the Bourrasque. Gets a vision slot now. And 3% more camo fr field modifications. A tier 9 LT with tier 8 MM.
  12. I spent the day just romping in the Bourrasque and T49. Even maps that sorta suck for spots aren't too bad when you go full gun.
  13. For what it's worth...most decent players can play the support fire role, especially with voice comms. There is skill to hitting the shots, using bushes, knowing when to rotate - but the scout is the key role - the hard one to play. And further - the scout platoon play is always different. You can push the envelope, bait people into poking and thus punished, etc. The build is just a tool for doing the job better, being more protected, and being able to use more pieces of the map. Nothing about equipping a CVS and LNES makes pubbies know where to be or how to anticipate shots.
  14. Here's a game where 499 and being able to spot/burn while moving makes it work. My comment about being one's own bush is about the section in the end where i just sit one the open slowly switching sides to keep all angles spotted. http://wotreplays.eu/site/5933970#fisherman_s_bay-crabeatoff-amx_13_105
  15. But if you have LNES then you are your own bush! Then having optics lets you explore as you move. But i could see LNES binos builds working. The magic of VR starts around 500 though - that's why every time i get 4k bonds another LT gets purple optics.
  16. My experience through the years has been that 20s or thereabouts is simply the best downtime for autoloader tanks. Something about how long it takes to cross short spaces and the pacing of brawls and other tanks reloads just makes anything from 15-24s just ideal at any tier. It's just easy to maneuver and protect yourself for that little window and unless your opponent is particularly good at timing reloads - hard to estimate. The tanks at each tier with that reload end up being favorites - Kran, Skoda 50, Borat, 13 75, etc
  17. It feels good to be dirty.
  18. I just moved a bond vstab and bought bond optics for it. The LNES goes in the slot. It's hilariously OP. Played 16ish games, 80% wins, 1500 xpg, 1900+1300
  19. I did more testing today. It's still good but different. What's gone: Your ability to face brawl in cities is lots weaker. I used to win many games on Berlin, Lakeville etc by just going town and shooting heavies in their roadwheels and side scrapes for 200-300 and making their lives suck. This was especially good in 3-4 LT games. Sitting in a bush, at distances, and kiting heavies by slapping them 200-400 at a time. It's a tactic of last resort now - probably by design or as a side effect of the intent of making this threat much weaker when done by E3s etc. Reliably picki
  20. A few more, because I wanted to really test this out. Close to 50 games - winrate kinda bad - both mistakes and solo so just about 60%. DPG 2k, spotting 1.5k - an acceptable total. But here's two more highlights Minsk This really highlights how you need to play this tank now. Ambush those enemy LTs, make them 1 shots early, so you can keep control of the space. Also highlights the way you shoot soft armor on the Emil 2 - if I had penned a shot - the game would've been 4 mins shorter - but in the end the gun, vision, camo were enough to make a win. Some nice egregious cleanup on the P
  21. I posted in the T49 thread About the build I've been using. purple vstab and vents, bounty IAU - shot placement is key for HE now. To support this here are some replays. I cannot say my averages are good yet - getting a feel for the T49's camo, 683 m/s shell speed, and when to use HEAT is still a work in progress. @sr360rightly raises concerns - that going with no vision cedes MM weight to the enemy LT on very bushy maps - a sort of reverse Bourrasque effect. It's true - the T49 is more offensive with the gun now than the vision - so bring a platoonmate. But here's a series of gam
  22. While obviously the HE changes have neutered the tactical flexibility and bush wanking chode slapping of yore - tank is still fun. Lean in with Full Stealth and gun of choice OR build for full gun and intuition and yolo for pens. I'm using bond vstab, bond vents, bounty IAU, snap shot directives and 6 HEAT. 3.9s to switch shells. 33% camo, 480 VR and 0.45 accuracy. It's like a crappy TD that goes fast!
  23. Build it with IAU vents and a rammer. 200 pen hesh is better for tier 9 than 230 is for tier 10. But under the old mechanics a non pen was too penalized for smaller alpha. Now having a faster aiming gun on a better platform is superior, especially when it takes less than 2s to reload to AP round. 4k dpm if you're penning those HESH, acceptable meaty hits if not. The rounds ARE slow.
  24. Fair - there's good variety and power amongst the tier 8 LTs. I'd reach for those first. K-91 is a standout among the tier X MTs that work well with camo torture. The best ones are the K-91, other RU MTs because good camo and guns that work well without mods. The faster ones are better but they all work. Obviously using the 430U and 907 are heretical but that doesn't mean that they don't work. NUDES 15/16 is great - also heretical but great. Leo1 is pretty meh (camo) - same for the Bat25t (better played for the gun). 121B works due to the great base VR, acceptable camo and ridicul
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