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  1. I use a regular vstab - because the base bloom isn't that high. Bond optics with all perks and food gives 499 VR which is super great for the Bourrasque CVS LNES build.

    With my regular vstab build i do use bond vents (and bounty IAU) for a comfy 0.33 accuracy - while maintaining decent camo (35) and VR (451).

    So your plan is all Crab-approved - except save the 5000 bond vstab for a tank that can really make use of it.

  2. 11 hours ago, CandyVanMan said:

    Really enjoyed the Murovanka plays, I always go too aggro in the forest, that always fucks me up.
    Will try playing the field more, and the forest ridge, instead of going in.

    CVS turns that forest magical once again. There's some real proxy and LT-in-a-bush risk that can make that ridge not as effective as seen in those two replays. That's why i was slow to approach the ridge and just spotted it early. However - if you can get them to fuck off like the WZ-132-1 did - it usually results in a pretty big numbers game.

  3. @CandyVanMan


    I'll spare you the first game from the session. I went S on Sand River - the T-100 in front of me didn't spot ANYONE moving into position. I fired once, and got vollied down by 6 tanks. Fake scout is fake. Despite that meh start...had a good run obviously

    Murovanka - CVS build - invisible sniper tank is invisible. CVS does great things if you get can get to that line I took. 

    Kharkov - CVS build -  no LTs so I try to use vision to win the 1 line. It works ok. Then I keep pushing pace and punishing with marginal snipes and effective spotting. 

    Empire's Border - vstab build - I'd ban this map if I could. But the early part shows the power of the Prog65 even if it's not AS bursty as it's peers. Also - my game froze, THEN bugged and I couldn't move my turret. So -that's why I didn't run back to the K line and carry the battle and do 5000+. At least the software failures happened after I had a decent score recorded...

    Murovanka #2 - CVS build - An absolute monster of a game. I learned from the previous Muro (being spotted by Leo1) to screen more carefully from the MTs when I fire. And it pays off! System still shits a little with massive stutters during the Type 5 brawl. I more or less die because I can't tell what is going on, but I just hug his butt and autoaim. Again CVS vision and camo let me do gross things to their team. Yes the snipes are bloomy - I just have patience with bad guns developed from thousands of T49 games?

    Overlord - vstab build - A map with virtually no spotting potential. But camo let's me set up shots, deny them space, get in cheeky peeks unseen. Then I awkwardly brawl an E-100 at the end because I am bad at brawling. Still, it was a fine score for a bad map.

    Malinovka - CVS build - Big daddy map! Despite two LTs I stick with vision build because this map is great for spots. Ultimately I don't get a super dominant performance because of how much of their HP is hiding in that back ditch and because I was a little slow to get in and dump the last clip. Still 7k is perfectly respectable and normal for this map, and the game is virtually never winnable for their team. Camo and vision just whittle them down. Do watch as I miss THREE times on the stationary 704? You can't really blame the gun there - 0.31 and FULLY aimed shots. It's no Leo1 gun though...

    Hilariously that match took me to 94.98% ! So any shot from me or assist that went in would have pushed me over. But hey - what's a good 3 mark without a little drama?

    Mannerheim Line - CVS build - not the best CVS map, but with no LTs I want to make sure I've got the vision advantage over the MTs. Which I do - watch that opening drive and all the free peeks I can do from the middle ditch. Taking the T30 hit was a mistake. My support fire was pretty bad! Again though - I find the gun to work pretty well even without gun mods! 6.8k combined is nothing to sneeze at. And I want to make SURE that I get the mark - so I even reload HEAT at the very end. Boom Spotgetto romps to 3 MoE - and a place in my heart as a really fun (but big) vision abuser!



  4. 2 hours ago, WhatTheSkara said:


    I gave it a go in the obj 140, regular equipment (all I can afford at the moment) gives me 490 something view range, about 40% camo and boosted CVS.

    I got prok, south spawn on encounter, so the 1/2 line becomes less relevant but I thought it would still be a good test bed for the build, especially since there were no LTs: well it fucking sucked, I snook up the 1/2 up to the middle ridge only to find my support tanks had melted for some reason and I found myself alone vs a t95 and a bunch of mediums.


    Idk if it's bad luck or me not understanding spotting/camo mechanics anymore 😕

    There is no equipment build, ammo loadout, or crew skill that fixes stupid feeders. Once a week i lose a Prok game where i spot 6k+ but my idiots still can't figure out where to sit to shoot.

  5. 4 hours ago, WhatTheSkara said:

    I'm probably doing something wrong, but how can my t100 with 480m vr, 44% camo and boosted CVS get regularly outspotted by pretty much every tank in the game?

    Not even firing or staying in the open, I'm literally sitting inside a bush yet SS goes off and nothing gets spotted in return 😕


    I don't get it

    480m is why. Every single thing i run has between 486 and 527. And most are 499+. Only the Char4 slums with 486 but that's about all you can squeeze from bond optics and the directive is too pricey.

  6. I thought it was crap also but Field Modifications and bounty LNES have turned the Kunze into an extremely powerful LT. It's basically a tier 10.5 LT given the hitpoints, gun, view range and camo. 

    Spotter built stats

    41% camo, 511 VR, 2750 dpm, 0.35(0.25) accuracy. Reloads are 8.6/11.4

    Gun built stats

    32% camo, 462 VR, 3300 dpm, 0.34(0.24) accuracy. Reloads are 7.2/9.5

    But what makes it work are the size, workable top speed and the siege mode. Siege in this tank isn't for snap shot brawling but for positional play. And especially for shooting at distances. Getting a Leo1 accurate gun is worth the dpm loss since you can actually put shots on targets. It's reverse is enough to plink from camo near hard cover and get back in place. It requires being very sure of your camo and vision lines of course but 41% moving camo with TD accuracy and self spotting is great. And it's small enough to use bushes and terrain - legit smaller than the Hwk30 and RU251 and way smaller than the Leos. That's really the problem i see in reviews - it's being compared to those MTs instead of being treated as a majorly upgunned RU/RhmPZ. Is 300 HEAT good? Meh - no. But it'll do the job off 0.25 accuracy and from camo. 0.34 or 0.35 is good enough for medium to close ranges.

    TL;DR play your Kunze like a German LT and you'll likely enjoy it more. It'll never be a Leo PTA no matter what you wish.

  7. 16 minutes ago, WhatTheSkara said:

    So, let me get this straight:


    I have field mods level 4 unlocked, with aiming tuning mechanism bought (less dispersion for longer reload) and two different builds:

    * boosted

    Scout build: CVS*, optics, lnes (475m vr)

    Gun build: vents*, iau, vstab (433m vr but 0.48 dispersion, which will go down once I unlock level 6 and go for firepower)

    Ammo choices are 17 HE, 7 HEAT on both loadouts, the only difference being food in one of the two.


    Can it work?

    All standard equipment as I don't have enough bonds nor bounty equipment.

    Close to mine - except of course nearly everything is bounty or bond

    I run a 7 HEAT and 4 HEAT loadout. There's some maps and matchmaking where i feel like the chances to pen a HEAT are less good. But i have no evidence and plenty of 4 HEAT pen games since the relevant patch. A wise chodefriend of mine said recently "better a 50% chance for 700 damage than 100% for 135"

  8. I love 10v10 Ranked MM. Limited EBRs and arty. Maps are opened up because every lane and angle cannot be stuffed. Mobility rules.

    So far I've just done 10 qual battles. Fully field modded Bat25t has been amazing. Float the offside in Stealth mode or else support the LT in Gun mode. 120% chevs even with some stupid derp games.

    Once I move into the leagues I'll rotate in the EBR, RhmPz and Leo1. It's a good amount of bonds for 11-27 hours of WoT.

  9. I 3 marked it 2 days ago around game 115. 2700 + 1500 are my averages. I've run a dual config as noted in the Full Stealth thread. It is frankly a monster - for me it's the best tier 9 tank. Camo can be pushed to 40% with full field mods. VR is weak at 486 without vents but slotted CVS makes it work. The field mod that sacrifices aimtime and between shot bloom is worth it on this tank for the dpm increase. It's the only FR MT I've taken that config on. With 4s between shots and a sub 2s aimtime reloading in 34ish seconds is nice.

  10. I want to put this in another framing. Imagine you had a set of field mods available to the AMX 13 105. They were as such

    • Lose 5% camo to gain 400 hitpoints
    • Lose 6kph forward speed and 3 backward speed  for 2.5% more view range
    • Lose 2 degrees gun depression for +30/+50 penetration
    • Increase 12s reload speed for 2 more shells
    • Increase a small amount of bloom for 9% accuracy increase

    All of these would be worth it - except maybe the 12s reload for 2 more shells...maybe. But that's basically the difference between the field modded and Full Stealth Bat25t and the AMX 13 105 now. Some tradeoffs - but incredibly advantageous ones for Random Battles. 


  11. So the real winners of this build (and field modifications) are the French Support Medium Tanks. The Bat25t, Bat25 AP, Char 4 and Bourrasque. With proper configuration they become full on LT worthy - breaking the 40% camo on the move barrier (bLNES), with slotted CVS (once you upgrade to level 6) and bond optics. The view ranges are not quite what you get from LTs at tier (527, 486, 486 and 499 respectively) but they reach the critical amount that you can always have +1 LT on your team if you so choose. Maybe a LT that's too big for EVERY bush that you can put a Manti/T-100/AMX 13 or EBR in...but good enough that you can do work. As a bonus - because they have MORE camo when sitting still than many of the best LTs do when moving (unless equipped the same) then you're able to invent positions >300m simply by sneaking there and sitting still. It's frankly game-breaking. I 3 marked the Char today using this build like...80% of the time with a session average of 2900+1800. You become 90-95% as effective a spotter as a LT now - but with lopsided MM and most importantly... a gun that works. LTs have always been hampered by low hp, bad pen, bad accuracy. They get results sure, in good hands - this comes at a penalty for winning. I simply cannot pub LTs at these tiers for as many wins as a good MT or HT. But now you don't need to play gimpy LTs to have camo fun - and you won't groan when you get Himmels, Ensk, Serene Coast and the other maps too small to use camo and vision on. Now you just select your gun config, and are a perfectly well equipped MT with burst - waiting until your next monster spotting game on Live Oaks, Highway, Fisherman's Bay  - or some other map that pubbies don't think of as a vision map* and then you dominate on

    *I did 2900 dmg + 3700 spotting  in the Char4 on Ruinberg today because there were no LTs to zoom/burn me out of the middle. It was silly. I had fun. Kemp boosh 4 lyfe. 

  12. It's just the best now. Equipment 2.0 and bounty LNES opened the door. Field mod and dual config bulldozed the house.

    I picked the dispersion improvements for accuracy penalty. I picked stealth improvements.

    Config 1 is Full Stealth. bLNES, slotted CVS and bond optics. 499 VR, full CVS bush burning and 44% camo. That's the same camo as an EBR105 with vents or an EVEN90 with full crew skills and food. It's truly a tier 9 LT now. You lose 2 kph top speed for this. I can do a lot more with the camo.

    Config 2 is full gun. Vstab, slotted vents (in the vision slot) and bounty IAU. No more worries about Himmels and Ensk. Just drop your camo build and go brawl people. There's several fight focused configs i could see being useful - this one was pretty cheap.

    I probably run Full Stealth 70% of the time and gun 30%. It's pushed my session averages up a little bit.

    But the best part? Being able to carry more regular ammo - especially with the intuition skill change. I make a TON more profit now because i can choose the higher premium load for certain maps and MM (with hard targets) but if it's all softs and 8s then bringing nearly all regular ammo to boost my credits!!!

  13. Now that dual config exists I've tried out the @PlanetaryGenocide Full Stealth Derp build. It works. It's less pure fun than a full gun brawl...But losing on Prok and other vision maps isn't fun either. The gun handles...okish with the field configs and the buffs from last patch and a snap shot directive. It's not great but if are mostly spotting things then you're not tempted to take risky shots. Brawling off LTs is hard however - the D7 Muro middle spot for example. But with a little support fire I've been able to have real nice averages in sessions...and there's few maps where you can't use a config well.


    I run a 7 HEAT and 4 HEAT ammo options now. With the more accurate gun certain shots and yolos drive bys work better with HEAT. Splashing is worth less too - so the expected value is tipped in favor of the HEAT. Chance for 700 vs 150? When you can poke out and splatter a 60TP for 350 then fine - now it's load HEAT get past the gun and snap the booty for 700.

    I took the VR reduction for the camo. 10m for flat 3% feels worth it. 35% camo in gun build is nice. Over 42% in stealth is great.

    Also took the reload penalty for accuracy. Reload of 20.5 feels long when I've been used to 19.9 for a while. But 0.44 is fabulous. And 0.50 on stealth is still better than the highest achievable accuracy prior to equipment 2.0

  14. 3 hours ago, Gryphon_ said:

    Played a few hundred battles with this build and I get a stellar result in about 1 in 20 battles. The much more usual result is lots of spots but team fails to hit or even shoot at what is spotted. I'm enjoying the SR360 youtube vids but I'm now sure having the unicum platoon is key to more frequent success.

    I'm looking forward to Field Mods in 1.14 so I can just turn on the stealth when the map is worth it. I have played so many Himmelsdorfs and Pearl Rivers lately it makes me weep.

    For what it's worth...most decent players can play the support fire role, especially with voice comms. There is skill to hitting the shots, using bushes, knowing when to rotate - but the scout is the key role - the hard one to play. 

    And further - the scout platoon play is always different. You can push the envelope, bait people into poking and thus punished, etc. The build is just a tool for doing the job better, being more protected, and being able to use more pieces of the map. Nothing about equipping a CVS and LNES makes pubbies know where to be or how to anticipate shots.

  15. 23 minutes ago, Gryphon_ said:


    Hmm well a bush is +25% and LNES +6%. But it seems to be working nicely - here is a fair example of how the binos open up the map. Also shows how I had to pause twice to let binos come up to try find the 4005. http://wotreplays.eu/site/5960488

    Here's a game where 499 and being able to spot/burn while moving makes it work. My comment about being one's own bush is about the section in the end where i just sit one the open slowly switching sides to keep all angles spotted.


  16. 1 hour ago, Gryphon_ said:

    Ok then - as I dont have any improved eqpt, I realized that as there is no rng in vision/camo calcs, I would always lose the spotting game against someone who has that eqpt.

    Then I saw a video (below) where a guy used binos instead of optics, so I'm now running CVS/LNES/Binos. Now I can outspot anyone as soon as I'm bushed up. My first session with that build was 7/10 wins, 1300 dpg, 1600 assisted, 3.7 spots/game. I'll try this a little longer...


    But if you have LNES then you are your own bush! Then having optics lets you explore as you move. But i could see LNES binos builds working. The magic of VR starts around 500 though - that's why every time i get 4k bonds another LT gets purple optics.

  17. 56 minutes ago, hall0 said:

    Wasn't rly an issue. With 2s intraclip you can burst an enemy and hide behind your allies for the quite short reload. 

    If it wasn't already a typical rofl stomp no enemy yoloed me during reload. 

    I could quite good dictate the engagements. Similar I do in my Borat 

    My experience through the years has been that 20s or thereabouts is simply the best downtime for autoloader tanks. Something about how long it takes to cross short spaces and the pacing of brawls and other tanks reloads just makes anything from 15-24s just ideal at any tier. It's just easy to maneuver and protect yourself for that little window and unless your opponent is particularly good at timing reloads - hard to estimate. The tanks at each tier with that reload end up being favorites - Kran, Skoda 50, Borat, 13 75, etc

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