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  1. I put up another half a dozen replays. Silly bullshit. http://wotreplays.eu/uploader/CrabEatOff/id/396915
  2. I'll give you that El Halluf and Ruinberg are hard, but the extreme stealth of the ELC EVEN 90 gives it something to work with, where other LTs aren't able to work. Literally the entire middle of El Halluf is camo over and if you're in the river you're nigh un-hittable. I don't try to push, I just try to control the space with vision, and let my team do the work. Its possible that this is an NA thing, not an EU thing. We do get the occasional completely clueless player, but for the most part NA players are hitting easy shots on stuff that is spotted. And then things die quickly. If the enemy meds rush the low ground...I'm never letting them out. They're going to be spotted every single poke, and their TD support also. And when they're worn down I'm going to go finish them off or else cross and begin gettin' butts and arty. This isn't an important part of the map - I agree. But neither base is easy to push into from NW when the TDs are undistracted and unflanked. http://wotreplays.eu/site/4132368#el_halluf-crabeatoff-elc_even_90 Enemy wins brawl, but instead of a blowout, I'm able to get a few clips/spots in, clear my side of the map. Low hp tanks and lots of space. Grand. Airfield is broken OP in the ELC. You are unspottable on B line. It doesn't work even in the T-100LT, but the ELC makes it work, the extra 4.5% camo and the size. Every rock is cover, but not just like "cover from this 1 angle) but cover from 2 angles and sufficient to mitigate all but the biggest splashing arty. I don't even fire most of the time, except when the TD perch gets lit. I just push them back, corral them with vision, and then my team moves up. The frustration is practically palpable. http://wotreplays.eu/site/4132368#el_halluf-crabeatoff-elc_even_90 Ruinberg...south is tough. I've had success. Its just...so...small. The smallness gives the innate camo rating, but it also gives you the ability to straight up hide. The ditch that kinda hides a medium becomes full defilade. The bushes that cover no other tank suddenly become full concealment - control your proxy and you're fine. The positions to shoot the backs of houses that would get you killed by A line TD nest ARE BELOW THE RIDGE FOR YOU. Pull around, drop 440-660 and dance away. You can poke your turret over and spot their A line TDs with binos, sending them scurrying and giving your team confidence. http://wotreplays.eu/site/4132348#winterberg-crabeatoff-elc_even_90 I think you nailed it here Kolni I'm not a good enough shot to carry off damage, so my slide into this niche is of necessity, and I recognize that limitation. Would I play your game if I could? Probably, but Garbad raised me up, so maybe not. And NA just isn't quite the same as EU in the players. I was watching Smylee stream a week or so ago and he noted "I think I win because the enemy spends so much time and energy trying to kill ME that they ignore my team, and my team actually does damage". This was during the FV4202 3 mark, but during the Sheridan sessions that followed he was literally dictating the flow of the game around the exposure and resulting enemy reaction to his Sheridan. Now thats not precisely the best example, as Smylee plays his LTs in much of the paper medium fashion BUT there is a decided effort to yolo suicide him with reliable regularity. Its not something I've seen extensively in watching skill4ltu play LTs. I've not caught many other EU streams in the last ~6 months though. Meta comments aside...I do use my team. I don't count on them, but as soon as they demonstrate any kind of capability I'll read and play off their positions (while absolutely minimizing my risks). I play the pure map control gameplay like the really old Chaffee days, and the ELC 90 in particular can do map control things in a way that larger less stealthy lights can't. Its the size of the Bulldog turret...
  3. But i don't disagree that you need to adore lights to enjoy it.
  4. I just can't agree with the bolded portions. It completely changes the game w/r/t camo and positional abuse. And risky? The risk is heavily mitigated by the size and camo. Seriously "I think I broked it" to quote @CarbonWard circa 2012
  5. status update worthy. about a year ago it got LFP buffed to 200 effective.
  6. It actually sticks to the ground pretty good.
  7. This is genuinely hard. T92 gun is way more comfortable. On paper DOUBLE the dpm. But the results aren't that much better. Alpha is always best. In 5 seconds the T92 does 300dmg, the ELC does 660. This counts for a lot. I have similar scouting results but the way you obtain them is wildly different. Much higher survival in the ELC...It's so easy to hide/dive. In pubs i think the ELC wins out. The T92 is great in Skirmishes though, where you can more reliably deploy the dpm. T92 gets a big advantage on comfort. 507 view and crazy hp/t makes active scouting great. I don't really know. Smylee gets crazy dpg in the T92 but Carbon and i are carrying tons of games in ELC. Neither is strictly better. T92 is easier to use.
  8. It's a thing...it's really not for everyone but give it a go i guess. It'd be nice if it went in for gold.
  9. Do a barrel roll. Fuck all the udeses! No AP so far. I could do it but 760 m/s seems like a burden. Realistically i still make a solid number of credits because...so much spotting and its not a gun that encourages you to take a lot of bad shots...plus the wins. You're either taking high probability snipes or you're in close. Otherwise you sit and spot them out. French autoloaders are my full APCR vice though. And I've got 31mil credits and another 60million in consumables and crewless tanks. If i only average 50k profits instead of 75k profits it's not going to break my bank. If i had to shoot a 2/3rd AP I'd guess 1500 dpg.
  10. http://wotreplays.eu/site/4126682#serene_coast-crabeatoff-elc_even_90 This is a replay that nicely highlights the myriad silly bullshit of the ELC EVEN. I open with a "scout run" that would be suicide in most tanks. I outspot an LTTB despite only having 427 moving view range and he dies. I see the T49 coming so i duck into the rock. For a reasonable sized tank that rock is barely adequate cover but for the ELC it's huge. 9 depression works nicely for clipping into the T49 and again I can hide behind the rock. With those two dead middle is mine. This is the point in the game that made me select this replay though. I'm sitting 280m away from the FV4202 unspotted and using a laughably small bush to spot the arty, JpE and S1. It's completely silly bullshit. After that it's just standard LT brawling aided by having autoloader spike. And a yolo to get an Orliks for bonds. http://wotreplays.eu/site/4127603#fjords-crabeatoff-elc_even_90 Here is some more silly bullshit. My opener is glorious but only 1 of my 3 bushwankers has any brains. If the other two had positioned correctly the game would have been effectively over by the third minute. Instead i have to drag them and drag them. But this is another game that really showcases what the camo, size and spike can do. Everything is cover and every bush is a spotting bush.
  11. It's still got an autoloader and can hide behind anything. See replays!
  12. 3 marked at 95 battles. I had a funky run of games in the late 70s through the 80s where i won a lot with 1500 combined. I also had a great game where i fell between two rail cars on Ensk. Silly fucking bullshit. Value seems to be around 3200 but will likely fall after the early adopters are done. As usual @CarbonWard is spot on. This tank has enough camo that binos let's you do absurd things. Since it's camo is so high you can active spot sufficiently with just the vents/vr skills and food. This gets you shy of 445 on the move. But because you're so damned small and stealthy you can afford to stop and activate those binos to just burn everyone's camo to the ground. This also makes it kind of unique and fun - it becomes a game of inventing spotting lanes and positions. And the size really opens up fun new options. I'm going to really enjoy taking this out with a good platoonmate in the S1/Skorp. So is it good? I think so...in it's niche. I've been able to solo it at 70% (full apcr caveat) and it's made a new minigame of finding lanes bushes and cover. Don't buy it to earn. Don't buy it to run n gun. Don't buy it expecting it to work like the AMX 13s. But if vision games and being tiny seem amusing to you...it could be worth $31.
  13. Haha, the paint is free, I just figured its so fucking ugly, why not roll with it?
  14. 32% survival. 700 assist. Those two are the issue. How can you spot/assist more, while still staying alive? It takes around 2900 combined to 3 mark this last I checked. These values vary by 100-200 depending on the population playing the tank. You have 1200 dpg, which means needing 1700 spotting to make it there. Thats an unrealistically high number for spotting though. For comparison, I have 1600 direct and 1300 spotting average over 300 battles. Our people's champion @SmyleeRage ticked 2k direct and 900 assist to 3 mark. As you can see these numbers add to that same 3 mark value (with possibly needing a little streak to get it over the target) I 100% marked this tank with a long run of 1900-2000 direct dmg sessions, and presumably maintaining my 1300 spotting because I didn't change my play style. I just made sure to think to myself "stay alive like Smylee, stay alive like Smylee" and that seemed to do the trick. Back to the numbers, since you aren't going to sustain 1700 spotting, you'll also need to boost your damage a little bit - and as @TheChang can tell you - the best way to do this is to not lose all your hitpoints early, so you can stay alive. Staying alive and healthy gives you the one resource you need to influence the battles (to carry) via damage. You have the speed and camo, you just need to be able to take key risks instead of bad risks, and have a hit to trade sometimes. Crew skills look good - pop a booster this weekend with the double crew XP mission and get into 5ths, so you can have designated target active, and start on recon for the commander
  15. God the shovel is ugly. The whole thing is just abominable. Surprisingly few crew deaths for the size though.
  16. WG clearly set the default Ace XP value to 2500+, because I just aced it 24hrs post release with 1900(1200 base). Ok then!
  17. I'm running vstab and optics of course. Vents for 3rd. @CarbonWard what's your third piece? GLD or vents?
  18. That's my take from about the same perch. Just because we can make it work doesn't make it good.
  19. Worst in tier gun handling! Such fun!
  20. It's all a blur... with 1k hp, 1700 dpm and slightly better handling it'd be a BUY BUY BUY. For now its niche trash for LT specialists and completionists.
  21. fun for good LT drivers. For others? Eh I dunno. Also 1661 base XP...First Class with Radley-Walters http://wotreplays.eu/site/4120912#stats Can it not be Aced?
  22. This tank is not good. It is however funny. Its the size of a tier 1, with the firepower of the pre 9.18 SP1C, and the hitpoints of a tier 7 tank. But, it has god tier camo, which means a little something, and you can at least do funny things with terrain. Replays http://www.mediafire.com/file/yn3qq0ep1oencz2/20180125_1527_france-F97_ELC_EVEN_90_22_slough.zip Protection/Durability Good 46% camo, 11% firing Tier 1 size - hide in all kinds of bullshit spots, invent cover on the fly, abuse terrain Bad Absurdly low hitpoints - 3 shots from almost anything and you're done all HE will pen, and arty misses splash hard 6 tons of weight means all rams/bumps HURT Mobility Good 70 kph is nice It's a LT - your mobility and size make for nice protection Bad Low hp/t at 23 Traverse on medium terrain is marginal, large turn radius Firepower Good 0.33 accuracy is enough Depression -9 and a comfy +13 elevation 45 x 220 ammo is enough Autoloader! (220x3 2.5 between) Bad: Handling, aim-time, pen, interclip Abysmal 1238 max dpm
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