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  1. Conway 5.5in gun is hilarious. Fabulous prep for the shitbarn...with flexible ammo choices and comfortable enough depression and mobility. I might keep it for lulz.

    1. CraBeatOff


      HE is best ammo comrade.

      But it's got a turret depression and goes 40, so just try to get an angle and wait for a turret break if you must harass a super.

    2. Tarski


      I switched to the 5.5in and I think I might have to switch back to the 120mm. My DPG has dropped off. I'm having a lot of trouble dealing with how much clumsier this gun is. Positions I used to be able to work are now off limits because of how much more exposure time it takes to bring the 5.5in on target. I've never had so many 0 damage shots from a gun. 

    3. CraBeatOff


      It's not good. Just funny.

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  2. This double xp mission combined with 200% xp boosters and the holiday bonus is nuts. I ground the 5.5 Conway gun with @1n_Soviet_Russia in 11games. 64k xp.

    1. skyf24


      My bad, i got to the 416 in 48 games or so. The A-44 was pretty potato. free xpd all the modules on the 416, seems pretty nice so far, only done 3 games or so though. Probably be done with it in 2 nights or so. 

    2. Darvek


      2x xp bonus wasn't worth much for me yesterday. Playing at my usual blueish level, but with under 40% WR. I'm not great at this game, but I usually win more than the afkers. Ah well, small sample sizes and all that.

    3. PlanetaryGenocide


      I'm not really grinding anything but I've been playing T49 and not using boosters - i've done about 200k out of the 300k free xp i need for the 430 so far.  Gonna spend all day tomorrow with boosters on and see how it goes

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  3. That set up is also being tested by GAIMER. I've actually played it a little recently, but I have a hard time adjusting to NOT having 500+ view range. It might be viable. and its Max Gun Handling set-up.
  4. Cats can't drive. She's a cutie. OK WOTLABS Given that this game hemorrhages unica I've been working hard on keeping people playing this game by showing them CHODEFU - THE WAY TO THE BUTTZ. In the past couple of weeks I've recruited from within the ranks of -G- (mostly by @dualmaster333 's glorious GIFs) to get some people playing this great tank. We've had MajorIssuez, Iron, Giggles101x and GAIMER all actively playing the T49 and 3 marking it, along with a few who are in progress. This has allowed me to validate some tactics and ideas that we've been kicking around for months now. But it also helped me with my eternal equipment dissatisfaction. Best equipment set-ups The spotter - Vstab, Optics, Vents - my most run one. Vents adds a lot. Currently running this with improved versions of the Vstab and Vents. Its got 520 view range, and vents adds all the little nice things. The comfort compromise - Vstab, Optics, eGLD - this is where I ran most of my first games in tier 8. It still spots well with optics, but the GLD makes using the gun a lot easier, especially in brawls and vs mid-range MAX DPM - Vstab, Rammer, Vents - you can shoot more often. You can't see shit (47X view range) BUT you shoot all the time, and with accuracy. Pairs well with a spotter chode friend. Friend @GAIMER is going to try out GLD, Rammer, Optics as a set-up, but its not clear to me that this will be any good. YMMV.
  5. Right click the image and put the image address into that post and it will embed
  6. Ilya Red. He's solid on his scouting explanations. I've picked up a few things from his channel that improved my play. Skill4ltu is also a great demonstration of proper scouting, but less explicit in his instructions
  7. It's only ok. Better than WZ-132-1. Like PTA level. Both USA equivalents are better
  8. I have Hwk and RU and RhmPz all as keepers...but that doesn't mean they're for everyone. It's true that with the exception of the 1375 the tech tree 7s are weak compared to their 8+ counterparts, but tier 7 mm isn't too rough. The whole line is...kinda big, very soft, pretty lackluster dpm and turns wide. This tank was over nerfed when re-tiered but it's not a true turd.
  9. Everything you described about the SP1C applies to the rest of the line! Except shell speed, kinda. You might want to cut your losses now and not play this line.
  10. This is outside your normal wheelhouse, but I'm looking for an opinion on absolutely min-maxing the T49 - with the 152mm. What equipment do you think is optimal? Or is it simply whether you prefer a style of spotting (optics/vents), vs a style of better chances to hit shots(GLD)? I've played around with tons of combos, but can't really figure out what is best, need an expert opinion. 

    1. CarbonWard


      Optics VS and Rammer.

      VS and rammer doesn't need any introduction

      152 means you are gonna have a lot of downtime to scout, you need VR more than say GLD even tho you are starving for aimtime.


      152 is just shit tho, outside of occasional pens you are basically useless since a 152m HE to the side of a HT is most likely 300 dmg more or less at 19 sec reload, your early/mid/late game role is basically reduced to scout with occasional harrassment, which doesn't do shit on maps like plisen/himms or any city map in general.

    2. CraBeatOff


      Would that change with improved equipment? I've found that rammer is my least preferred 3rd module as I'm so rarely stringing shots together - and that i feel i miss out on more damage from either final accuracy (mitigated by vents) or not being able to close the reticle in time (mitigated by GLD). 

      With 152 i find city fights are great, since like the Type4/5 and unlike other LTs you don't need to flank - frontally hits heavies and superheavies for 350, splashes tracks and sidescrapes for the same. The trouble comes on open maps where accuracy and aimtime are key factors - like steppes and overlord

  11. I don't know the specifics but i know vision devices and tracks give the pop up and are external modules
  12. T92 gets that new sick hp/t to dance around nerds. Hit 100% moe today while grinding credits. Pew pew pew
  13. The 200k xp i plan to bank for the new 10 should be relatively painless. Just doing doubles with a booster will be pretty easy times.
  14. I'm uploading T49 games to show how i play each map. http://wotreplays.eu/site/index/version/60/player/Crabeatoff/sort/uploaded_at.desc

    1. CraBeatOff


      Haha. Why was he even aimed at me? It's the Zen of the T49, RNGesus giveth and he taketh too. In a later game which had shit gameplay i 1-shot an udes for all 1000 hp and then on the next reload i cupola penned an Strv 103-0 for 1005 (at 350m). 

    2. Hellsfog


      Thanks for posting those CraB. I saw some different things I wouldn't have otherwise tried. 

    3. CraBeatOff


      My pleasure. I'll do more as i play.

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  15. I feel like this was pretty clearly laid out. I feel like maybe it's worthy of moving to the newbie section and pinning. Watcha think @Private_Miros? Thanks to the rest of you all for expressing the purpose and norms of wotlabs so clearly. It's not internet normal, but like Miros said it's useful and closer to real life. Reddit is probably the right place for him though, if he wants to ask repetitive questions with scattershot answers of dubious quality and further flood the searchable internet with dreck. Of note: this forum was modeled on the WoW Elitist Jerks forum. Slightly less strict, but same basic intent.
  16. Close. You've got the right sub forum. Now navigate to the 2nd page of this sub forum. Locate the tank specific thread. Read or skim that thread. See if you get enough info from that. If not then post a replay where you felt lost...in that thread.
  17. CraBeatOff


    Ticketed it back as a farewell to the NA pawnshoo gift to myself. Feels like a 3/5/7 winner to me. Bullies 7s with armor, bullies everything else with alpha and pen. Far better than the 132A i took the crew from. It's still right between the T-10 and PTA but because of the MM shifts I'm not sure this is a problem.
  18. WZs are tanks for people who want to play mediums with a camo cushion
  19. Closing on 250 games and I'm a big big fan. The engine was patched to be tier 8 with appropriate module hp and is no longer destroyed with any regularity. It's not particularly flammable either. 1200 m/s standard round and low dispersion make it a great flanker and LT skirmisher. It doesn't get crazy high numbers, but it's real good at influencing!
  20. I rate M41 and WZ last. The WZ is just overly gun derpy. I wish they had left the good handling high rof 85mm on it. The Hwk blows the WZ away in everything that matters with a LT. I've kept the LTTB Hwk and Bat12. I reach for the LTTB least of those 3 but only because the Bat doesn't have 3 marks yet. Hwk is probably my favorite - once you learn the shell speed the mobility, size, VR, depression and accuracy make it the best package in the scouty role. Bat12 is pretty disappointing after the murder machine that is the 13 75 though. I don't find 8 LTs suffer in 3/5/7 like HT/MTs do. These are all tanks that used to see a WORSE version of this MM BEFORE they got buffed with better guns and mobility plus higher hit points. They suffer only that 9s and 10s outclass them and the general maladies of lights, but under 3/5/7 i think they've fared pretty well. And they absolutely crush when top tier.
  21. Highlight - every T49 pen Lowlight - reorganizing your threads. Moving to some. other. subforum.
  22. 20 straight wins in the T49 and over a million credits profit. Terrible pubbie abuse!

    1. mistervanni


      pic or it didnt happen ;p


    2. CraBeatOff


      I'll put up a replay pack tomorrow

    3. mistervanni
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