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  1. If I ever get WoT to work again, shoot me an invite.
  2. Crashing when I try to log in. Anyone else have issues like this?

    1. xWulffx


      locking up on battle loading screen

  3. I'm as cheap as they come, but that didn't stop me from Free XPing past the A-20. My God, that thing was awful.
  4. WoTlabs has always been the better stat tracker, not to mention community and forum. Thanks!
  5. Skill floor has conflicting definitions, it's weird, but also irrelevant. I can try running a challenge of some kind to find out. Perhaps a random survey of stats of IS-3 players in game.
  6. Something about the IS-3 I feel I am supremely qualified to point out is that it has a low skill floor, which makes it better than most of its opponents when played by unskilled players. For example, look at my stats. I'm a very mediocre player, hanging around 49.6% for pub battles while trending upwards slightly. That's not very good. Take a look at my IS-3, and it's 2.5 percentage points higher. Compare it to my other tier 8s (which, while I have owned them longer, I still play at an orange level at best) and the IS-3 is a whopping 6 full percentage points over the other tanks. T
  7. This. If nothing else, it can tell you if it's a hardware of software problem.
  8. I haven't checked if anyone suggested it already, but Michael Crichton has written several of my favorite books. Prey especially.
  9. Grab Half-Life and all related stuff. It's amazing, and there are amazing mods that require HL2 EP 1 to run, like No More Room in Hell, etc.
  10. HESH makes Lazar sad. Always seems to work perfectly fine against me, but I suppose that's confirmation bias. Also, is the thread title a Douglas Adams reference?
  11. I'm trying to hook up a sound system for the television I run tanks on. Sounds pretty simple, but the equipment I have to work with makes it difficult. We have: A LCD TV that puts out unamplified sound through two RCA connectors. An amplifier with bare-wire outputs, and RCA inputs. Unpowered speakers with bare wire connectors Finally, the problem one: Powered subwoofer with a 3.5mm connector Is there any to use all of these, or will I just have to spring for a new subwoofer?
  12. Yeah, even as bad@tanks player, the T-43 wasn't that bad for me.
  13. The only constructive thing I've been able to do is alienate most of the badpoasters in the submarine thread, which is universally ridiculed.
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