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  1. I don't play a lot of arty, but I have been carrying about 90% stun, a few damage HE, and 1-2 AP for potential shotguns. Sad to say, my only 2 shotgun attempts with AP bounced. Can't really hit specific parts of a tank unless they are right on top of you, so it's up to RNG. The stun only missions are still fairly doable, a little bit harder, but anything requiring a combination of assist/damage, etc, is now much, much harder.
  2. I got it with 70% discount, cuz why not. Better players who can consistently be in positions to use the DPM without taking much damage in return will have the best time with it, but it's still fun, and frankly even as a more average player, I do find it better than the Schwartz 58, which was my only other german medium prem.
  3. I saw that posted on reddit, nice one
  4. Do we really want them to be in the mode where every new premium is more OP than the last? I'm pretty fine with what they've been doing with prems lately, as they've been fairly balanced and unique. Frankly, most of them have still been better than most of the tech tree tanks.
  5. I think that there is a difference between "auto-pilot" and being "in the zone". You are more referencing being in the zone, where you have optimal situational awareness, focus and reaction without having to think through everything in detail. It's unfortunately not a state that most of us can be in most of the time. Auto-pilot on the other hand is where you go to a spot because that is the spot that you always go, and you aren't focused or paying good attention to what is happening, and you are just going through the matches. That is an easy and common state to be in, one that most playe
  6. When I was perma-blue, I got banned for awhile, then I wasn't blue anymore. J/K. Really good article.
  7. It will be a while before I am working on the 279e (still closing out the excalibur...), but I hereby proclaim my interest in such content!
  8. Meanwhile, I am closing in on the Excalibur... lol. Only Bloc 15 left in terms of getting the tank, and trying to clean up a few "For Honors" too. Bloc 14 I managed to finish in one night once I finally got the VK 100.01 P. I can't really imagine doing some of those higher level missions though...
  9. Nice game! Also, don't worry about your stats too much right now. Anyone who can have great stats at just 5k battles is unnaturally good at the game by nature, or a reroll. Especially when you have had a long break in between some of those battles. Not only do you have to just get an understanding of the basic mechanics, but the higher the tiers get, the more experienced the opponents are, and it is just that much harder to do well. It takes time/battles to absorb so many of the nuances and battle flows with so many different tanks, maps, thousands of players, and the seemingly infin
  10. Oh yeah, and since you mentioned earning credits, it's nice to get into even a casual clan that will run boosters at least a few times a week. There have been some videos about different ways to pick up credits out there that may help you get a bit of a boost.
  11. Even though they are old, there are still a lot of good articles on here. The most important thing is probably to brush up on the spotting and camo mechanics. Watching some videos about the different maps would help at least give you an idea of what to do on them which would help get from the point of just wandering around getting blown up without accomplishing anything, to actually doing some damage regularly as well.
  12. You got luck from killing me (LostMuffin) the other day I bought 1 packof 75 and got the GSOR and some of the lower tier prems and about 25k gold, a lot of german 3d styles, etc. I was mostly getting them just for the gold and head start on event, so no complaints from me. Since I got a new job with a 16% raise, I might roll the dice one more time later...? Because I'm a whale or something, I bought another pack and got the Bisonte & ISU + something like 40k gold... I haven't even equipped my new tanks yet because I have 30m silver of tech tree tanks that I want to buy...
  13. Ok, good deal. Just wanted to sanity check since i'm not too into anything they are offering for the coins right now.
  14. I am blind. Where is the gold option?
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