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  1. Ok, good deal. Just wanted to sanity check since i'm not too into anything they are offering for the coins right now.
  2. I am blind. Where is the gold option?
  3. I got a platoon with the mighty canadian today! Good times! :)

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      < LostMuffin in game

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      hello missing cupcake


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      was fun. was dank. was bigly.

      fuck ron desantis.

  4. They want to catch the Avian Flu instead of Coronavirus.
  5. I'm pretty much a quintessential pubby with my Green Bay Packers stats (Green and Gold), and I would definitely rate it higher than 3/10. 23 battles in, it is my highest dpg tank, and one of the few with a positive death ratio.
  6. I may be explaining this incorrectly, but I think the overall WN8 is by averaging the expected values of the stats, vs your actual overall stats and then calculating the overall WN8. It's not just a flat average of the WN8 results per tank or per game.
  7. I guess I haven't played any legit sniper tanks yet, it doesn't feel much, if any, worse on aimed dispersion than anything else I've got at range. Aim time was definitely painful though. My play style is not a back of the map style though. I am still working hard to curb my tomato yolo tendencies.
  8. I thought it was the aim time people have against it for sniping role more so than dispersion, but maybe I have misunderstood.
  9. Against my better judgement, I fell for the marketing gimmick (Wargaming: You grinded so long, you might as well get it with the discount right?!). Played one battle, popped off 2749 damage and 4 kills. I am thinking I might never play it again so I don't "tank" my stats in it... lol
  10. I like the tank; have played 4th most battles in it of all tanks I've played. It is not remotely "half heavy". It will bounce a few rounds from some same / lower tiers with lower pen, but you can't count on it's armor at all. The gun is still pretty solid at Tier VII, even if not as OP as it is on the BIS at tier 6. I greatly enjoy the much better mobility compared to the BIS. I have better results in the BIS, but a good chunk of that is due to most of my games in that having been played after re-acclimating to the game , whereas the TER, the last 100 or so battles were since I came back a month or so ago after a year off, so I was playing even worse than normal, and have just been recovering to non-tomato-ness in the last week or so.
  11. It seems like it should be a basic skill, but more specific mechanics on how to play 2nd line/support as a bottom tier, especially in crowded corridors. I have an awful time finding shots, even just to hit tracks because of friendlies in the way up front. So, I have a tendency to go to the undermanned flanks and a lot of times that leads to my early death. Maybe it is all in just learning the maps to the micro level?
  12. If I make it to 90% off, I might get it, but I think I would suck with the tank. I still don't have a Prog 46, so that is what I want to get next.
  13. How about how to transition skills learned in lower tiers to next level tiers. Especially VI > VIII > X seem to be the biggest plateaus.
  14. I already had Lansen C & EBR since last year and would definitely not have paid for the overpriced EBR auction if I didn't. Ended up getting the leafblower, Mutz, and 3 campaign orders. I had thought about going for the Chrysler K, but with it being panned by most and me not really being a heavy tank player, I passed on it. I'm fairly happy with what I got out of BM. I can certainly understand why others would be underwhelmed by the whole thing though.
  15. It seems like they are not. They aren't listed in tank history here either and my recent stats have seemingly been pretty messed up since the event started as well.
  16. Well, if a person is playing Tier Xs already, then it's just free bonds at that point. Only schlubs like me who are Tier VIII max (or less!) and playing badly in the rentals is it really that bad for. I think it is worth getting to 10 though, as you get a nice chunk from the "season reward" at level 10.
  17. I didn't even realize you could go past X. I guess I can look forward to that tonight...
  18. I've been getting weird recents, especially under 24 hours column. Like right now it lists me at one battle, but that I've survived 7 times (player name LostMuffin on NA). The event rental tanks are also not loading at all for me. Maybe it's because they are "special" tanks, but figured I would ask because event is through Standard Battles on NA, so wasn't sure if their data should have gotten pulled or not. (Not that I would be too excited to look at my bad stats in Tier X lol)
  19. I like to pun son! (I will grant you that I stretched pretty hard on that one)
  20. However, there didn't seem to be an active mission giving any exp/credits... so maybe it's just 'for fun' really now? Or maybe I'm missing something...
  21. I was not aware that fairy's had tails. I normally see them with butterfly wings, pointy ears etc, but I really don't remember tails.
  22. I guess it's mainly that you go to the patreon pages, and Never's is very specific - Wotlabs - Servers - Cost big $$$. Your's just says, "I make things better on wotlabs". I have absolutely no doubt that you do, but I have not been around long enough to understand what all you do just on the basis of that. I know you're the head admin, but not sure from the 'wotlabs crew' thread what all goes into that. Are you like writing all of the scripts and apps that go into the wotlabs stats? Etc. Sorry, not trying to be negative or anything like that. Mainly just saying you can do some more shameless self promotion.
  23. There is never a reason to TK someone (except maybe for arty) other than if another is on a tK rampage and is blue. I had an arty do that to me while driving a locust in end game. we had lost both west and mid, so I had retreated to a bush where I could spot the enemy where they would have to cross open field to get to our base. So. Naturally instead of shooting the lit kv1, stupid arty shot at me
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