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  1. Time to relearn how to play this game.


    RIP Me

  2. Just confirming what most people probably knew for a while: /r/worldoftanks is now as cancerous as the official forums http://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/30fafo/top_clans_do_you_encourage_this_kind_of_behavior/

    1. ZXrage


      Tell me something I DON'T know.

    2. Constie


      Look at all the negs to top clan members. just wut

    3. Panzer9Supertiger


      I got upvoted to shit, lol.

  3. Welcome! Don't be afraid to post here, I know its intimidating, but most of the people here are really cool and helpful. I've felt this way when I was first starting, and I was fortunate to have friends who were much better than me and willing to teach me. Within a few months I was up 300 points part in thanks to my last clan with a bunch of really good players. They were surprised I was there for a while but soon came to realize I was improving a lot when playing with them and became just another guy in the clan, wn8 not being an issue anymore. It happens to everyone. I remember one night I crashed while playing my T34 on prokhorovka and by the time I got back in-game and started moving to my spot, I had 4-5 mediums on the middle focusing me out. I was dead in no more than 30 seconds after logging back in. Then theres the one shot arties.... As much as I hate them, I can't do anything about it but move on. If I get too upset then usually I go on tilt and play like crap for the rest of the night. All in all, we're glad youre here. It gives me hope for this game to see people wanting to get better so they can fully enjoy this game. A phrase I like to say is "I play to have fun and winning is fun; therefore, I play to win." Make sure to visit the Purple Poaster forum section as well as Vehicles, metagame discussion, and Looking for platoonies. The guys you find in the last one will (hopefully) gladly invite you, and just by playing with them, youll start to see immediate improvement if you follow their directions.
  4. Spam away, I promise to not be a total shitter if we platoon. (I'm up 32 points [WN8] since last month.)

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    2. Scout_in_da_house


      Wears off after like 2 evenings lel

    3. Luna


      i was watching asass play it, and all i could look at was the amazing sky and water graphics. who knew games could look that good!

    4. Kramburglar


      seemed to be lots of driving in circles holding LMB until one side lost. Maybe it's more fun to play than watch (hopefully)

  6. Warships Beta X2

  7. Since there is no thread for the E4, this one will be the closest I can get, though what I have to add is relevant to both tanks all american tanks. Shooting dirt while hull-down a lot lately? Coming up short on those long shots? Have you tried accepting Yeezus as your lord and savior?
  8. Only in my family is it more important to learn how to replace windshield wiper motors at 11PM.

  9. You entered this thread, you WILL contribute. Or we'll give you something to contribute.
  10. I wont be on until later this evening but you can certainly add me to your list and spam me invites when you need platoon mates
  11. You can add me to your spam lists, still trying to grow my platoon list.
  12. So I've come to the conclusion that if I do NOT have music playing while tanking, I will play like shit. That is, even more shit than I probably already play

    1. prolix


      Music prevents rage. Makes the whole game look like a farce.

  13. One more for the spam list! Be advised, I rage pretty hard when I'm on tilt, so Teamspeak is completely optional.
  14. well if I've learned two things today its Reddit players are easily excitable Reddit players are easily offended. This is especially evident after a "shitpost" on the subreddit and one of my comments caused a lot of drama. EDIT: Ok, the guy who uploaded the video isnt Reddit. but fuck it, my points still stand.
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