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    climbinguy reacted to Agamemneon in IAmA_Tank_AMA's Noobie Mentor Program   
    TKing someone for dick platooning is less of an offense than dick platooning.
    And now you're trolling. Consider this a mod warning to get out of the thread.
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    climbinguy got a reaction from PDX_Dragon in I'm Not A Noob!   
    Welcome! Don't be afraid to post here, I know its intimidating, but most of the people here are really cool and helpful. 
    I've felt this way when I was first starting, and I was fortunate to have friends who were much better than me and willing to teach me. Within a few months I was up 300 points part in thanks to my last clan with a bunch of really good players. They were surprised I was there for a while but soon came to realize I was improving a lot when playing with them and became just another guy in the clan, wn8 not being an issue anymore.
    It happens to everyone. I remember one night I crashed while playing my T34 on prokhorovka and by the time I got back in-game and started moving to my spot, I had 4-5 mediums on the middle focusing me out. I was dead in no more than 30 seconds after logging back in. Then theres the one shot arties.... As much as I hate them, I can't do anything about it but move on. If I get too upset then usually I go on tilt and play like crap for the rest of the night.
    All in all, we're glad youre here. It gives me hope for this game to see people wanting to get better so they can fully enjoy this game. A phrase I like to say is "I play to have fun and winning is fun; therefore, I play to win." 
    Make sure to visit the Purple Poaster forum section as well as Vehicles, metagame discussion, and Looking for platoonies. The guys you find in the last one will (hopefully) gladly invite you, and just by playing with them, youll start to see immediate improvement if you follow their directions.
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    climbinguy reacted to Golem501 in I'm Not A Noob!   
    Because I am stupid and didn't think to look him up on VBA. 
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    climbinguy got a reaction from KurtaMurta in In honor of Gashtag's Status: Deciphering the Female Mind   
    This one works as well. Pretty much the same thing, but more in depth, with a bit more humor added
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    climbinguy reacted to DyingDyingDead in My Garage -- 21 December 2014   
    *Hrm, Garbads garage thread, must be interesting.... Wow looks plain, no mods visible. I wonder why- OH MY GOD HE HAS AN ARTY!!!one!juan!!!!onejaun=!!
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    climbinguy got a reaction from Firedog119 in How do i deal with this?   
    Oh hey, I was in that game.
      Here is the other side of that replay If youre interested . Theres not much I can say that you don't already know, but I'll tell you, tonight was tough. How I managed a 62% after 25 battles truly baffles me.
    I think that T34 camping in the back, while the idea is stupid, worked on your team because everyone was afraid to push up and focus it out, or push up and realize it was only a few light tanks holding a bunch of heavies in place.
    As for your side, you had a few tanks out of place and they paid for it early (t71 E5). Then there was the rhm, got focused out early, the bulldog, 54 light, and one of the 34s got over run by mediums, the last t34 was out on his own, meanwhile you had 5 or 6 other heavies bunched up being held back by 3 lights and a t34. The t49 went full retard and sat on the top of the hill and died shortly after.
    Also, the thing that annoys me is when you find tanks where you dont expect them, and in turn find yourself out of place and lose out on damage. I think this is what happened with me as I didnt expect so few tanks in my area, and I had little damage to show for it. Then again, that also happens when you're an autoloader surrounded by a bunch of tanks with <10 second reload times. That being said, ignore my performance for the game and look at it as a whole, use the free cam mod if you have it to make it better.
    Last thing: I never look at others replays but looking at yours actually made me realize that If i take the 5 minutes to go back and watch my own replays or someone elses, I can break down what I did effectively, what I did poorly, and where I can improve, so thanks.
    Hopefully your luck with MM and teams improves. 
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    climbinguy reacted to FreddBoy in The "Shit Happens" Thread   
    PityFool channeling his inner Mr. T to some poor suka'.
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    climbinguy reacted to RutgerS in The "Shit Happens" Thread   
    That awkward moment you don't know if it's socially appropiate to give upboats, and that other awkward moment you realise you overthink forum etiquette.
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    climbinguy reacted to Allurai in Name and Shame Thread, (ArrogantWorms sucks at technical stuffz)   
    omg omg your posted their names!

    carry on then.

    I see your 15, and raise you a few more.

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    climbinguy reacted to Grumpy_Turtle in Name and Shame Thread, (ArrogantWorms sucks at technical stuffz)   
    You just HAD to go and find the 1 game all night where I managed to screw up in the first 2 mins didn't you?
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    climbinguy reacted to Gashtag in The Unica of days past: the nostalgia thread   
    If you get an avatar
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    climbinguy reacted to SkittlesOfSteeI in So why is IS3 still better than KT for tourny play?   
    why take a tiger 2 when you can have a 110?
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    climbinguy reacted to A_Chodeful in Girls > Boys   
    Feminism and leftism and liberalism in general are plagues on society. 
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    climbinguy reacted to Patient0 in Girls > Boys   
    Next addition is youth crews. Learn 3x as fast. Will be appealing to certain people.
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    climbinguy reacted to KenadianCSJ in From Green To Purple   
    What you ask is impossible a lot of the time. Common causes include things falling from the sky, massive things falling from the sky, and several massive things falling from the sky at once.
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    climbinguy got a reaction from Tman450 in I have done it.   
    Congrats on reaching your goal.

    I had fun last time I platooned with you and shifty, we should play together more often.
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    climbinguy reacted to CandyVanMan in Coming out of the closet   
    I hope you came out about your sexual preferences, and not some disgusting shit like enjoying arty.
    Respect for having the strength to come out (unless it's about arty).
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    climbinguy reacted to Tman450 in I have done it.   
    I'd also like to thank anyone dumb enough to put up with me in platoons. You guys are the only reason I still play the game.
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    climbinguy got a reaction from Gashtag in In honor of Gashtag's Status: Deciphering the Female Mind   
    This one works as well. Pretty much the same thing, but more in depth, with a bit more humor added
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    climbinguy reacted to Joyrider216 in Old guy looking to improve   
    Hello and welcome to the Lab!
    Have a picture of Shaq with a seal

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    climbinguy reacted to H4NS0L0 in 9.6 accuracy changes explained   
    Looks like it's a nerf for for the deep reds and unicums who rarely fully aim shots and a buff for the average and good players who aim more fully.
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    climbinguy reacted to Pompous in Best t8 Scout or possibly t7   
    As a caveat before I start typing a lot, I'm going to tell you outright there is no "best" tank at anything, in any aspect. Tanks are situational as hell, and even a tiny change of the situation can take a tank that is solid all-around, to being mediocre or even a detriment. Full disclosure; I own the 13-90 and T49, have sold the 132 as it wasn't really my thing, and just bought the 54Lwt but have no games in it. My experience of these tanks comes from fighting them, playing against them, playing alongside them, and playing them on the test server. Someone who owns and plays the RU/54lwt regularly can comment more indepth on their strengths and weaknesses, if I missed something or got something wrong.
    That being said, light tanks, especially at T8, are highly specialized in what each one offers. There is overlap, certainly, but as a general rule, each light will be more suited to a given role than any other. Worth noting, I am speaking from my personal perspective experience, and this is largely an opinion question, so I hope you're ready for opinions.
    To pick one T8 light tank as what you should go for above all else, comes down to playstyle, ultimately. The two best in that class, in my opinion, are the RU251 and the Walker Bulldog. 
    As a brief overview of each tank, admittedly in my own, possibly(probably) flawed knowledge;
    The RU251 pretty much has it all. Fantastic camo, view range, mobility, gun, dpm, variable ammo load where all 3 shells actually matter, etc. The drawbacks that I have heard/seen on test server, as I do not own one myself, are it's general squishiness, relatively low total ammo capacity, and a pretty slow AP round. This is countered by the HEAT gaining a decent chunk of shell velocity, which makes distance shots on moving targets far easier. You need only watch a few WGLNA matches to see how often this tank is picked, and it's for good reason. It has usurped the other T8 lights in terms of all-around generalist, a position formerly held by the WZ-132.
    WZ-132 is in a weird spot atm. It is currently bettered by the RU251 quite heavily in a lot of categories, and is even rivaled by the T-54 Lightweight in a number of areas. 54Lwt currently wins in HP, speed, armor(for what that's worth, which on a light tank isn't very much, but still. It certainly helps in light v light), overall horsepower, HP/t. It exceeds the 132's dpm if the 132 is using the 100, but suffers if the 132 is running the 85mm. The APCR round of the 100mm on the WZ132 is a bit better, at 244 pen vs 235. Most people I know who still play this tank do so because of the crew they've developed, which they haven't yet done for the RU251.
    T-54lwt, while overall(imo) better than the WZ-132, still sits in the shadow of the RU251. Armor is very rarely relevant for a light tank, outside of pretty easy matchmaking games, and so the losses on DPM, agility, mobility, and I believe(again, not sure on this), camo, are pretty painful to accept. The 54Lwt, from what I have seen, shines as one of the best T8 medium tanks for stronghold skirmishes. Which is an interesting role for a light tank to be filling, but alas, it's light tank mobility combined with high HP(for a light), solid armor, good camo value that is kept while moving, dpm, and very capable APCR round make it quite strong at securing early positions in T8 capped games. I tend to unfairly think of it like a T8 RU hovertank, but it's not quite so insane, unfortunately.
    Now it gets interesting. T49 and AMX 13-90.
    The 13-90 is a longtime favorite of mine. The autoloader is devastating if you are in the right spots to employ it properly, and when combined with very capable camo value and view range, in addition to excellent mobility, you get a dream of a light tank. The 13-90 struggles a bit in terms of it's agility, that being it's ability to dodge and duck around other tanks or objects and keep it's speed up. Also, the gun handling is pretty appalling. But when you get that 90 to hit, and pen, it's a dream. It's an insane amount of damage to be dumping from that mobile a platform, and if you can use it to your advantage, you will reap the benefits. There is a reason this tank still gets picked for WGLNA regularly, it's an absolute monster.
    The T49, in my opinion, can never be said to be a great, or even good tank. It's just so unreliable. There are games where you will snap off 600m HE pens at the front of medium tanks for 900+ damage, and there are games where you will miss fully aimed shots on waffle turrets from 80m. What I will say about the T49, is that the people who can force it to work for them make the tank look like one of the dumbest decisions Wargaming has ever made. A 60 kp/h KV-2 never needed to exist, after all. But then you watch the other 90% of the server, myself included, and it doesn't seem so stupid anymore. It might not be good, but honestly, shot after shot of nonpen, hit, bounce, whatever, is worth it to be able to roll up behind a T110E3 and blast his engine bay for 1,000 damage and a fire.
    Regarding Tier 7, The bulldog wins by a country mile, currently. The coming patch brings nerfs, and maybe, but probably not, change. The Bulldog outclasses T7 light tanks hard, and gives a lot of T8 lights a run for their money in situations where it isn't a gladiatorial fight to the death.
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    climbinguy reacted to Luna in EPIC T-43 game, but only first class... WHAT DOES IT TAKE FOR ACE TANKER IN THIS TANK?   
    Maybe look on vbaddict for the required amount of base exp? http://www.vbaddict.net/moe-marks-of-excellence

    1304 aparantly.
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    climbinguy got a reaction from Shifty_101st in [NA EAST] Returning player, could use some new battle buddies.   
    I was in a pretty successful clan a few months back before I eventually got caught up with some personal matters and needed to step away from the game. I'm back now and joined a small clan with a bunch of old clanmates, but some of them arent the most active anymore. My good friend Shifty is always platooning with unicums, which i understand, but I could always use someone new who can coach me through matches, especially when I'm playing a tank I tend to struggle with. 
    I run mostly 8's 9's and 10's but I do own a few 6's and 7's.
    Currently grinding:
    VK 16.01 Leopard, T-43, KV-85, and T28.
    If you're good at scouting, then I could especially use you, as I've forgotten most of what I learned during my time on the t21/t71, and what I do remember I often forget to implement in my playstyle. 
    I enjoy my T-43 as its a well rounded medium tank, and the MM I've gotten for it has been good, spoiled even.
    I never really played the KV-1S before the split so I cant really compare it to the KV-85, what I do know is that the KV-85 is easy for me to play and achieved my Ace Tanker badge the first round I bought it back.
    The T28 is a interesting change in pace (lol speed joke, get it, because T28 is slow as molasses) from its turreted TD cousins. Since I've unlocked the E4, I have the 120 unlocked, researched the tracks already, and have had a few good matches in it so far. Hopefully I can sustain a decent Avg. XP in it so I can get the T95 relatively quick and troll even harder in that beast of a tank. I'm looking forward to having the E3 as a second tier X TD as I very much enjoy the American TDs with their hull down and gun depression advantages.
    Premium tanks: T34, Super Pershing, E25, TOG (though that one collects dust and only gets used to dick around in)
    Look forward to playing with some of yall.
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    climbinguy reacted to Shade421 in T34 for $34?   
    Wish I could upvote mod edits. RIP. The T34 is a non pref mm prem, but of all the ones that don't get pref, it is easily the best. I like it, and would recommend.
    You can take them instead. People, upvote this post if you liked my edit. ~Pity
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