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  1. Oh, I got a new [insert name of rare tank] in my garage!

    1. ZXrage
    2. punishersal
    3. punishersal


      or did you get oil tank?

  2. The only good tank in a line? What about the sherman firefly with its tier VII heavy gun? (granted, a british tier VII heavy gun and the TOG has it too at tier VI)
  3. All God Hail-Emperor Solono.

  4. I clicked, saw some interesting posts, and suddenly NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE I find your lack of pages disturbing
  5. motion physics test inbound?

    1. Siimcy


      pls gib today

  6. I see those tanks get the infamous russian tactical logs.
  7. Well, me and a clan mate put that accuracy nerf to the test. http://wotreplays.eu/site/1651999#hidden_village-onceuponaban-kv-2 Working as intended.
  8. Well, I've encountered people that found a way to fix that. Constant HEAT spam.
  9. *gets out slowly by the back door, hoping to not get noticed*
  10. Didn't know wotlabs had a minecraft server. I'll stop by and say hello. LET. IT. BE. GIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN! EDIT : and of course I downloaded the wrong modpack. D:
  11. Is it okay if you play arty as a close range TD?

  12. When your matchmaking is "-X/+Y" it means that in battle you meet at best tanks X tiers lower than you and at worst Y tiers more than you.
  13. Protip : to get your daily dose of stupid, open the general chat.

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    2. Private_Miros


      Just like English General chat

    3. Siimcy


      Typical general chat on EU taken right now -> Y7evaCM.png

    4. Medjed


      siemkas are special

  14. So, I was in my AMX 13 75, trying to do LT-7 for the stug IV. There's a unicum arty on the enemy team, yet XVM displays 82% chance to win. I think i'll get to him easily, and he gets teamkilled right at the beginning D:

    1. Cunicularius


      ALLAHU AKHBAR!!!!!

  15. Should I buy the Dicker Max or wait until it's on sale?

  16. You have seven upvotes at the time I wrote this. 7 is a prime number. So is three. A triangle has three sides. Wotlabs forum engine illuminati confirmed
  17. I somehow got a good enough game to finish stug IV HT-15 mission on a tier VII heavy, the IS. Togs and tiger Ps were shooting my side armor while I was wrecking them from cover. Too bad I was on HT-14.
  18. New premium tanks, accuracy changes, new individual missions with tanks as a reward, Stalingrad, global TD view range nerf, light tank buff, ARL 44 view range buff, Severogorsk removed (I think). I probably missed a lot of stuff, but that's what I remember.
  19. 0 WN8 ur bad lel Seriously though, welcome to wotlabs!
  20. I don't get it. When an AT-2 is on my team, it gets rekt in the first two minutes after driving into the middle. When it's on the enemy team, it's a juggernaut that racks up the kills, is impervious to arty, and of course no one on my team tries to hit the gun/cupola.

    1. kolni


      wait you can pen the gun too???

    2. onceuponaban


      yeah, the small area around the gun is a weakpoint. with a good enough gun, the gun itself is also a weakpoint (counts as more spaced armor in front of the weakpoint)

  21. You know a player is good when he carries even when he's AFK.
  22. I knew you were about to compare arty to the blue shell when I read the title. However, there is a point where I disagree. In MK, the blue shell ALWAYS targets the current lead of the race whereas in world of tanks, arty could be aiming at the unicum T-62 A on 6 kills roaming around the map at full speed spotting for the team just as much as the 12 WN8 JPZ E-100 camping K1 that didn't do anything in the whole battle. In MK, it would be comparable to a blue shell that would target a random player. Also, in WoT, the RNG often trolls the arty too, whereas in MK if you launch a blue shell, only extreme luck, forehand planning (need to have a booster mushroom when the shell comes, an item that you simply can't get when first place) and mad skills can give the first place racer a hope of avoiding the shell, or mitigating its impact (I heard it has become easier in the recent installments though) Still, good point.
  23. This was about a year ago, when I was even more bad than today. I was in my arty (shame on me) and I suddenly realised I had to go to school. We were crushing the enemy 11>3 and I was in an arty so nothing of value was lost, but still.
  24. Achievement of the day : got called a hacker and reported for it for the first time

    1. onceuponaban


      (What happened was I was in my KV-2 on ruinberg, and near the start of the battle an enemy M5 stuart blazed through F1. I stopped, fired, and somehow killed him while he was at full speed.)

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