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  1. OP has been edited with the new requirements.
  2. I finally figured out what my password was, and updated the OP. Yey.
  3. Wooooo! 37 to 100 in 30 days. Recruiters stronk, carry team.
  4. July's requirements are up in the OP.
  5. Dude, you can't say stuff like that. My grandfather worked the tracks, and he'd never tell us anything about it, you could tell it still haunted him though cuz he still flinches when a rabbit runs by to this day.
  6. We are not opposed to having teenagers on principle, but this comes with the caveat that it IS an adult environment. Some teens try too hard to be front and center, others just don't quite know how to conduct themselves in a way that doesn't irritate calmer people. Those teenagers who can conduct themselves in a level-headed, positive, and intelligent fashion are perfectly welcome.
  7. Nope. Playing the long game, by focusing on people that will be good CW folks in time, rather than right away. Tis how we started up the first time, after all.
  8. Clan page for applications is HERE TS: evilgaming.ts3dns.com
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