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  1. WaterWar, on 24 Mar 2015 - 7:06 PM, said:snapback.png


    Thisthisthissomuchthis is why I was permagreen-ish before I won the game. 


    Exactly.. Watching Zeven/Blue/sela etc. You will see them go to different places at the start of a game even on the same map. Something I rarely do. Zeven explained that he was looking at the enemy tank structure and was basing his initial moves on that. You will see similar patterns from all the purples.


    Many have already won the battle before the timer has counted down because they will move into position based on the initial analysis of both teams.  I see this time and time again on streams, shame I can't replicate it.

  2. i doubt that there are that many accounts with multiple people playing them to warrant that lots of greens have sub par players bringing down their accounts


    I know among the people who got me started on this game it was a 100% strike rate that multiple people played accounts. Although that is a small subset of 5 accounts. but yeah I did say it was relatively rare. 

  3. There is another phenomenon at play, although it is probably  not all that prevalent.


    In my case I have up to 6+ people playing this account. My son who is 8yrs old (he doesn't get to play a lot) , My 2 nephews 12yrs old and 13yrs old (they play quite a bit). Some of my nephews friends play also (not quite sure how much they play). yes they all play from their own computers and have there own clients downloaded. I also have a friend who stays over every 3 months or so and the whole weekend when he isn't seeing his kids (he is divorced and lives out of town)  he is playing WOT on my account. I really don't care that much about stats and I find the grind is much easier when you distribute the work load. Between all these people we clocked up about 18k games in just over 1 year. What is the result of all that.




    Have you ever seen anything more ugly?


    I changed the password a while back and concentrated on stats. I got to about 59% recent wr and 2700 recent wn8, I would say this is probably the peak I will ever achieve and am resigend to only ever being an average player. Anyway what I found was that I was completely bored and stopped enjoying the game (don't know how you guys can pull your unicum numbers and still like to play). I gave my nephews and their friends access again because I just couldn't maintain the rage. Also this is completely solo. None of the players who play this account platoon. The account has had about 40 platoon games in it's whole existence.


    I have by chance exclusively played the last 24hours  and my stats are ok in that time. 




    TL:DR Anyway the point of this is the Greens you are seeing might be like me. Barely "OK" players who have very bad/average grinders/other people playing their accounts and you might be running into them.


    Incidentally the bad recent wr was because I stopped playing completely for about 4 weeks and the others have had the account all to themselves. I have a casual reroll on NA now and am only back playing this SEA account to grind xp in my amx 1390 so I can get the amx 30 when it pops up.

  4. After coming back to the elc again I have to say. I still think it is shit. Ok I get it, it has some redeeming qualities (mainly how zippy it is)  but I can't stand tanks with such bad gun handling that is combined with such bad dpm. Add to that the quirky td style aiming and no turret. Quite frankly give me the t67 any day.

  5. probably a dumb question.. are you going to get the amx 30b and have you tried it on the test server?


    edit: by the way I saw they posted one of your videos on reddit, I went into the comments on the video and yeah you are right you get quite a bit of negative energy thrown at you. Both comments are splurges about gold ammo LOL.

  6. I just recently decided to give this tank another go as part of my NA reroll and have been having fun it. Have had some fun games and many more shit games but hey I am learning. I hated the tank the first time through. Anyway I read EchelonIII's great article on the tank and am wondering if crew and equipment priorities are still the same. below is the quote from the article.


    Sixth Sense, Camo, and Repair on the Commander, with Camo, Off Road Driving, and Repair on the Driver.
    Sixth sense, camouflage, and repair are musts, needless to say. Offroading is important because being able to accelerate to put distance between yourself and the enemy matters more than being able to out-turn them in close combat; it also helps you accelerate away from enemy mediums much faster and escape from enemy scouts.
    The equipment, likewise, is a clear-cut choice, Binocs, Gunlayer, and Rammer.



    Thanks in advance for your help.

  7. I disagree. Constantly rerolling to get sheltered MM would have very little purpose unless you plan on putting actual money into each new account you make. The rerolls will still always have a skill advantage over new players, but they won't have multi-perk crews, equipment, and they probably aren't going to be able to afford pure HEAT/APCR loadouts either.


    If you are wondering what they are talking about here is the article (I was so i looked it up) . http://ritastatusreport.blogspot.nl/2015/03/14032015-qa.html


    Even though WG are denying it. If they taking steps like the ones mentioned in the article (ie fucking around with MM to stop seal clubbing/pedotanking) you would have to think MM is under some kind of review. Add to that the questionnaire they put out a little while ago asking reds what they think of MM.


    I personally think WG wants to make money and to make money they need more players playing and newbies staying. What's the best way of doing that? One way is to protect newbies from Seal clubbers, which they are trying to do.  Another way would be to make baddies think they are goodies. you are much more likely to hang around if you are having a good time than if you are pulling your hair out because a purple hiding in one of the few bushes left has ripped apart your tank in the first 30 seconds of game play.


    They need to offset how much those few purples make them against what all the baddies that are chased out of WOT by the purples are losing them in revenue.


    Personally one way or another I think some form of skill based MM is coming. 

  8. "They"? Ironic that you're here bitching and moaning about them coming here bitching and moaning, no? As was discussed a few posts ago, not playing and not caring are two different things.




    It might get you more supporters, but it won't stop you getting RO'ed for mentioning the elephant in the room. As Ezz says, hostility here is rare - if you see it there's a good reason.


    First interaction in over 2 weeks. I don't play Asia anymore and only go Wotlabs to read the NA stuff. I thought I would drop in here to see if things have calmed down. Nope they haven't. Only other thing I checked was the flapdapenis thread on main forum and well that seems dead in the water.  See you guys in another 2 weeks or so.

  9. I did frequent, as a silent reader. As much as I despise those things that have cropped up, it doesn't justify people to become more hostile and unreasonable to those that are still willing to communicate.



    The funny thing is they will come here and bitch and moan when it is the simplest thing in the world to just leave/stop playing. It is like they have early onset alzheimers, they just keep doing the thing they have always done because their brains can't process anything else.

  10. biggest issue i have with WoT is the fact that one team is loaded up with TDS and the other with heavies.  those kind of matches are no fun where one team camps and the other pushes.  the skilled based MM eh dont really care cuz you can win any match (in most cases you wont cuz your team are a bunch of yolo'ers who like to trollalalalala in the middle of an open field).  but the pulled that tread out and are reviewing the comments posted on it and may tweek a few things.  everything is till up in the air with AW.




    Skill based or non skill based MM, it doesn't really matter. AW is being built with a "seemingly" completely different attitude. If you read through that forum link you will see that the developers are talking to and listening to the community.  Obviously in the end they will have to make some hard decisions, they can't please everyone. At least it looks like they are trying to make the game a positive experience for as many as possible from the start.

  11. You're good for a laugh if you think Dumbo is the most negative person in KAC, but continue shitposting and see how far it gets you. Fucking tard


    wow look I got kac mad. I am shitposting? that is pretty rich coming from you guys. you know you can ignore everything I say just like I asked Dumbo to.




    On second thought, feel free to just leave Flaktrak because by the look of things, you're not very popular around here I think.


    wow I need to get my fake points up so people will like me.



    I just did not want to waste any time on him as well its kind of harmless  but since you started it dumbo I might as well reinforce your point.


    Flat, Please stop posting about how awesome NA in every single post you make. its just fucking annoying 


    If its so good , go and hang out with the NA guys 


    saffee. Actually you are right.

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