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  1. It happens. Not sure why. A good example is my current grind the 30.02d. A horrible tank to play as far as I am concerned. Apparently it was great once but now it just sucks. If you want to pen you need to use the tier 6 L70 or gold with your short 88 and the gold round sucks. 56kmh top speed but is that a bump in your way? lets wash off your speed down to 11kmh.


    Ok so it is a bad tank for me anyway but what is making it unbearable are the terrible teams it gets. This might be luck but I just can't play it. In tanks like the hellcat or kv13 I might carry a bad team a little but the 30.02d needs at least a competent team to be able to perform at all. Since buying It I have tracked the chance to win on a piece of paper (I do this with most tanks since installing xvm and then put it in a spreadhseet, sad I know). I have only had over 40% chance to win 12 times. By far the worst of any tank I have tracked. Of those 12 games I have only been over 50% chance to win 5 times.


    My current WR in it is 47.83% which considering is pretty good. I am beating the odds.. just. 


    The other tank that was a bit like this for me was the t20. I just kept getting bad teams but as I was really bad at the time (worse than I am now anyway) I just added to the problem.

  2. Not caring about stats until very recently, I was never worried about how my team or for that matter myself performed in a game. I even let my 8 year old play on this account.. although you could argue that increased my standings. I didn't even use xvm until about 8k games into my career.


    Now I do care a little more than I used to about stats and in particular WR as I see it as a measure of how much better I am getting at this game. This has brought about a change in attitude when playing my light tanks. I used to concentrate on doing damage in them (even though I didn't know wn8 existed). I would rush forward empty a clip out of t71 and hope I survived long enough to get a 2nd clip out. I rarely ever made it to the third clip.


    Now I am moving forward or sitting forward spotting for my team hitting the t key on any tank I see and then only after all spots are exhausted start unleashing damage.


    However there is one caveat to this. If I have a team that is so full of reds and the other team don't then I will rush forward of the lemming train a few times and try to get some spots for them, if they don't shoot at anything then I will fall back and farm damage. I hate when I do this but I can't help it. It is a product of having xvm installed. All the time in the back of my head I will be thinking oh well at least wn8 is getting padded a bit.


    And personally that is why I hate that wn8 even exists, I was a much happier player before I knew it existed I could just play in happy blissful naivety. I now have to actively force myself to stop thinking like a wn8 padder. The upshot is that at my level wn8 padding actually seems to help wr as they seem to be climbing together. I guess it is a case of me using my mediocre skills to clean up the damaged enemy that are left and occasionally helping get a win. 


    However I am with garbad, at unicum and super unicum level, wn8 has become a joke. Even a detriment to the game. A unicum who is trying to pad his wn8 even to the detriment of WR is a actually worse than skycancer. I don't know how many times (being a horribad myself) I have seen a purple on my team and decided to follow them, so I can be a meat shield or backup for their skills. Only to find them rushing off to some abandoned corner of the map to wait for the enemy to appear just inside their view range or to clean up at the end.


    How am I supposed to learn from these guys? As a very red player (not long ago and when I first installed xvm) I was confused by this. I was wondering what the hell was going on, did they have some special gun that could shoot further than mine. Did they have some special optics they got in clan wars that let them spot further, so that is why they could afford to sit so far back. As the reality of the situation dawned on me I became pretty disgusted and ended up wanting blues and green on my team and hoping the purples would go to the enemy. It really is a bad message that is being transmitted to the rest of the player base when the people who are supposed to be the elite are the ones who are flawed and actually not the players you can rely on.


    edit: To qualify this. I play SEA and at SEA everything seems to be extreme.  The bot problem is more extreme, the noob yolo problem is more extreme and the unicums farming damage seems to be more extreme. A lot of SEA's problems stem from there being at least 15 different languages/cultures being represented by the player base. At NA the problem may not be as bad.

  3. This would be a feature of the ADU, it will grab results after each battle is played.



    After talking with Xen I wrote a program that combs replay files and calculates your solo and platooned winrates. I realized rather quickly that as soon as you exit a battle, WoT stops writing to that replay file. That means if you leave before the battle is over, the file will not contain the information regarding which team won. We devised an alternative solution: Use the temporary dat files created after each battle to track the stats we need. Since WoT deletes these dat files when closed, the program will be unable to retroactively calculate the winrates. I will write an extension to the current program, it will launch WoT and then monitor the battle results folder for the dat files. Phalanx wrote a utility for converting these dat files into usable JSON that I have incorporated.


    If anyone is interested in the current version that works off of the replays, I'll make it available.



    In that case (and correct me if I am wrong) wouldn't you be able to integrate it with xvm and say ok this guy has 30% chance to win and does double the rest of the teams damage and kills but still loses. He gets more for that than if was on a good team and did the same?


    That has always been a bug bear for me. I have not had one platoon in the whole time I have been playing, so I would love to see non platoon wr from WG but as that isn't going to happen anytime soon this would be next best thing.


    TLDR : give more weight to a win/or even loss if it is against the odds?

  4. I recently made the decision to get my 8 year old son his own account. Previous to that he would play my account but I have all of a sudden developed an interest in stats and have decided to better mine. So he only gets to play "the big tanks" (my account) for an hour or so a week now. He can play his own account for only 2 hours a week. He is only 8 after all.


    Of course my son is young and I am still not sure if I will let him continue to play a game that requires such a high level of skill.


    Anyway.. what I have noticed at lower tiers is the seal clubbing is out of control. It is not unusual to see platoons of purples, blues and greens where as when I started which is not even a year ago, they were a lot rarer. They can't be down there for wn8 padding because of the relatively high target damage, they must be there because they like to seal club.


    I play SEA and at tiers 5-8 there seems to be more reds than in the lower tiers.


    I have played his account a little just to help him get some better tanks to play with and I can say that at certain times (mostly it seems when the kids are home from school) it is just better to log off. Most games seem to be 2 platoons a side of t18's. So that is usually a minimum of 6 t18's a side. I have to say for me it is kind of fun fighting against these platoons and I usally do well. I think it is mainly because the seal clubbers are not expecting someone to use some of their strats against them but definitely for my son it is NOT VERY FUN and infact he has said already that he would rather go play minecraft if he can't use my account.


    I really do think WG are shooting themselves in the foot by allowing this kind of seal clubbing to continue. Ok my son isn't the best example as he might be too young for this game anyway (although he enjoyed blasting people with my T57, he even had a 4.5k damage game in it).


    Anyway there is one example of how seal clubbing is chasing away a player. I have even bought him 1 month premium that I won't be renewing after it runs out.

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