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  1. this guy )oh wait his name is Nightmare_luna only his forum name is luthrior?
  2. that image is a screen shot from luthrior's machine he posted it a while ago.. It has no bushes. Ie he has no bushes intefering with his view. edit: I am at a loss as to why this question is so confusing. The question is are you allowed to have a mod that removes all the bushes from the map? Yes or NO. The reason I want to know is because the illustrious luthrior (an extreme purple regular here at wotlabs) does exactly that and has admitted to it. Yet it doesn't seem to cause a ripple here at wotlabs. Which makes me wonder does everyone do this?
  3. So is bush hacking like Lothrior (or whatever his name is) does here illegal? Every time it is mentioned people here at wotlabs go quiet.
  4. Armored warfare can't come fast enough edit:might make that my sig on main forum
  5. I have to say though I am getting extremely abusive in game now. I think all this cheating and the mods having a care factor 0 is making me actually want to be banned.
  6. They are taking votes on how to implement arty or even if they should. They are actually doing a survey on it. Also they admitted they copied WOT arty as a place holder for the pre-alpha. Arty is not going to be anything like that in final game (at least that is what they are saying). If you don't want arty in AW go vote! As for it having the same retards in game as wot. Yeah it will but at least we all be new together so it isn't so blatantly annoying.
  7. I think XVM is just a sympton. What is really the real scourge of WOT is stats themselves. So much focus on stats people actually forget to have fun. XVM would not matter at all if people didn't care more about stats than actually enjoying the game. Anyway none of this will change.
  8. it is a bit like that and when you get in it is a lot slower than WOT. That is why I am pinning my hopes on AW.
  9. ^^ This! make sure you go vote against arty. Gaijin have started to sniff that arty is a problem and are taking votes on whether to include it. https://twitter.com/ArmoredWar/status/563386716283613184/photo/1
  10. I love to see the screens of these guys. No Bushes lazers pointing everywhere.. would be kind of trippy. Fucking assholes! quite frankly cheating is probably just endemic in WOT. I have always thought it is a small subset that cheat but the more I think about it I bet a large subset of people who are not red are probably cheating one way or another. Once you start to know about mods/xvm etc I think that is when the seed planted. It is just human nature I even saw a screen shot by Luthrior or whatever his name is here on wotlabs had all bushes gone. That is supposed to be illegal yet it hardl
  11. Your ranks appear to be growing. Domination of NA with warpack and bots seems to be unavoidable
  12. Watch Barks_Internally's stream http://www.twitch.tv/barks_internally he plays from Adelaide at 230ms ping when streaming and he does REALLY well. Personally I get 170ms ping to NA west from Brisbane using Telstra cable. I have iinet at the office and it is pretty bad to NA and even SEA seems to get more packet loss than my bigpond cable. The big difference is the packet loss. The Rubber banding that we take for granted when playing on SEA is non existent to NA west. East is also better but the ping is a bit too high. I have done multiple traceroutes from iinet, bigpond and TPG and they al
  13. Na IS better than SEA. For the simple reason you can ask at the start "anyone rushing hill?" and you will get a "fuckoff noob" back instead of @#$$%%^. Yes you have some skillful people at SEA but the cohesion is better at NA when you get to mid to upper tiers than it is at SEA. Yes NA players there is worse than NA west and it is called the SEA server. Also you rarely get bots at NA, you still see them at SEA and you rarely get a game (once past the gold seller tier) where a tank doesn't leave cap (even it is just to move to the corner to snipe). At SEA I still regularly see up to 4 premi
  14. At least they got stomped on a little http://forum.worldoftanks.asia/index.php?/topic/51445-prohibited-exploitation-of-the-personal-mission-system/
  15. Saw Trumz today. He has left VPA. Wonder if wants to move to NA server. Being Viet I am sure it can be arranged.
  16. None of them say it's rigged but they all complain when they get a bad team. That is human nature. We all complain when we think we have been hard done by.
  17. The 4 minute battle is exactly what WG want. The quicker you are back in the garage buying gold rounds/food/med kits the sooner you are going to realize that tier 10 cannot be run without a premium account and you buy one. Happened to me. I rushed up to the t57 without a premium account or spending any gold.. Yes the crew was terrible. It only took me 10 games in the t57 to realize it was unsustainable and I should have spent real money keeping my crew in top condition and making the credit drought more tolerable. 4 min games is exactly the type of game WG wants because it gets us shitters
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