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  1. My advice is to stay away from SEA. The main reason is that NA you get alot more cohesian in the teams. Better gameplay and better strategies. Teams can actually work together sometimes. It is so funny watching NA streamers complain about either server but particularly about west coast, if they played SEA they would think NA west was heaven. The main reason for this is language. At least on NA you all pretty much speak english but on SEA there are at least 9 different languages. That is why I would recommend NA over EU also as I hear they have similar problems but not anywhere near as
  2. I probably could have titled this better though. Something like VPA are a bunch of cunts. Something like that.
  3. LOL you serious? Have you been in the Garbad thread lately? This forum thrives on shit that can't be posted on the official ofurms. I daresay without that very shit you speak of this forum would not exist.
  4. VPA a notorious Vietnamese clan was caught cheating in clanwars and now in the IM missions they are timing joining games so they can be on opposite teams and then let the players that needs to finish a mission kill them. edit: and apparently tanitha a VPA member but also a mod on Asia server was apparently caught selling accounts on facebook and he was let off. Apparently the rule is you can sell accounts just not on the official forum. I can't confirm this but the pbkac guys know the details. Evidence of warpack usage is also floating around apparently. So the clan is a bad egg b
  5. Now in this thread I made the comment "I got an idea how about we remove VPA from the server?" No red marks just blanket removal of comment LOL http://forum.worldoftanks.asia/index.php?/topic/51338-game-rigging-replay/page__st__20#topmost edit: Wasabi thought it was off topic and I have received a warning.
  6. Looks like not much is going to happen in this thread either. The whole name and shame thing is stupid.
  7. When ever I see VPA in a game I now ask them if they got warpack on. So many LOL's. Also a good way to work out subclans because they usually run to the defence. I_360noscoped_JFK from PBCAK was helping me wind them up in one game, was fun!
  8. The way they are going SEA will just be all Viets soon anyway. I am having much more fun in NA. No packet loss no rubber banding which has been terrible for me last 2 days at SEA, Game play is much better. I won't be spending any money in NA though. I won't spend anymore money on this game as it stands at the moment. When Armored Warfare comes out I will play that if it plays like WOT, Otherwise I will have to move onto some other game.
  9. So let's keep the discussion going here? http://forum.worldoftanks.asia/index.php?/topic/51337-vpa-player-throw-game-for-the-personal-mission/ Quite frankly I wish they would just move the viets back to their own server. 2 VPA player plying T57 Heavy throw game by letting enemy type 61 who is enemy without fighting back, when i try to kill type 61, T57 Heavy hit n kill me. Here i give the replay http://www.vbaddict.net/battlereport/kipas00-sea-b7e6f7e465f884fd7c1d6877f9daefaf/stalingrad-soviet-union-t-54-ltwt--118110279212978756 Duplicate post. User warned. Issue has been raise
  10. another horrible event/mod. I have played 5 games not one game did I get under 10k wn8 LOL but lost every game.
  11. Exactly this. The game is virtually unplayable now. Solo tier 10 is terrifying.
  12. These personal missions are making this game even more shit. Unicums throwing games just to get themselves a shitty Stug.
  13. When you get so many huge egos in a room it will inevitably degenerate into a pissing competition. These guys have been pissing so long the room is beginning to stink. If anything the main forum is a lot more civil than here.
  14. It seems to me that a tier 7 tank like the bulldog (might be a bad example as bulldog is a bit OP, maybe amx 1375 is a better example) in a battle tier 10 game should get more wn8 love than in a tier 8 game. As such, expected target damage should be less in a battle tier 10 game than in a battle tier 8 game. Anyway there is probably something I am missing.
  15. FlakTrack

    Leopard 1

    notice I said "in my hands anyway"
  16. So in wn8 you can't take into account what tanks you kill/damage? I mean if you are in a t71 and you kill/damage a batchat isn't that worth more than if you are in a batchat and kill a t71? Is the data available to do this? edit: or even if you are in a battle tier 10 game in a type 62 and manage to get 1k damage it should be worth more than if you are in a battle tier 8 game and do 1k.
  17. FlakTrack

    Leopard 1

    Leo 1 is good in platoons. Kinda shit otherwise. In my hands anyway. I feel more in control on the battlefield in my bulldog in a tier 10 game than the leo 1.
  18. Should I be embarrassed that I have 0 interest in these personal missions?
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