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  1. This my first Tier 9 and I'm struggling immensely. Of course I'm not fully upgraded yet, about 25k away from the top gun and haven't upgraded the engine either. Research path recommends the gun first so that's what I'm going for. My game play tactics have been primarily using the tank as a passive scouter and sniping when I can since I'm not fully upgraded I don't want to be aggressive. My load out has been about 1/3 APCR, however this isn't helping much.  


    Can you purples offer any sway advise on gameplay and tips on how to deal with a stock Leo PTA?          


    terrible stock very nice upgraded. All there is to this machine.

  2. there have to be more qualifiers and exceptions in there somewhere. I know I've seen matches, recently, with 8 10's on one side, against 3 on the other. Also, as far as i can tell, it doesn't consider the weight of all 3 tanks in a plat, only the heaviest one.


    I have to dig up my screen shot of all tier 9's vs all tier 10's that was a fun match. I think it boils down to whatever people think WG do with their MM, they are wrong.


    It is always one of the funny things players seem to believe about WG and their programming staff. The programmers are apparently constantly tweaking and tinkering with every bit of the code except MM. MM apparently is hardly ever touched. Only the tier spread has been changed. This quite frankly is not true. I wouldn't be surprised if MM has been tinkered with nearly every patch. As a programmer myself I know if your team is responsible for MM you will be looking at it constantly and probably making changes regularly.

  3. I don't know what it is but since about patch 9.0 on SEA you get unbalanced by tier games regularly, 1 in 8 or so. It is not always a bad thing as sometimes I am on the side that has all the tier 10's but it really shouldn't happen. I remember when at most I would see it maybe once a day but it is just ridiculous now.  Not sure if it is a SEA server thing or I have been unlucky. anyone else see this happening more?


    edit: BTW it is happening peek server time.

  4. Public gets worse and worse.

    Two days ago I made a record. I lost 15 battles in a row with my Obj 416 solo pubing. Just because I wanted to double it. I went through hell. I could do what ever I want nothing worked. WN8 was as always over 3000, so I can't say it was my fault. Sure I failed some rounds as well but my team always died like flies. I lost faith in humanity after this day even more I already did. I didn't stop playing because at one point I thought I have to win and even it's because of pure luck.


    I wish my record was 15 in a row.



    All wot know has to do is make sure the influx of new players equals the amount of people leaving



    but we will see, skill mm is not a solution, since there is no problem, yeah, too much bad players, but that cant be really solved, except making losing les frustrating good ``better`` players (so less missions with earn x wins, but more with eran x exp...)


    I agree with these 2 points but what I agree with or don't agree with, doesn't matter like your opinion doesn't matter. My friends on the Russian server are saying that the survey went only to Russian reds. So it is those reds opinions that matter. What do you think they are going to say about skill based MM?


    Edit: anyone else know people who got the survey?

  6. The problem with the MM is that it is like putting a Pro Football team against a High School JV football team every weekend. Eventually most of the Pro players that have true competitive nature will go away because they are tired of beating on kids all day, most of the kids will go away because they are tired of getting beat on. What you are left with are a bunch of Pro players that have stayed because they enjoy beating on the kids all day and a bunch of kids that love getting beat on.


    This is WoT today. The only difference is that WG is able to keep bringing in the kids (noobs and terribads) for their ignorance and willingness to pay to appear to be better and chasing the carrot of better tanks will make them better (not). The Pro that are left are happy that WG can keep the food and worshipers coming. I would have to say that 80% of the people that have left this game is do to this problem with WG's MM model. The other 20% left because of the scam neff/buff economy.


    There will never be a Skill based MM because it would cause too much damage to the WG economy, not because it isn't the correct thing to do to keep experienced long term tankers.


    This seems to be changing. It would appear WOT's growth is stagnating in the mother country and that is why they are sending out these surveys about skill based MM. The surveys are only going to reds. No unicums allowed apparently.


    It would seem that when the number of reds dropping off is the same or more than the ones joining. WG starts wondering about skill based MM and what it will do for the only stat they care about.. Their bottom line.


    So my guess is unicums and the rest of us can carry on these useless conversations about skill based MM but the people who make the decisions about it will only listen to the people who have stopped spending money on their game.


    If the reds they surveyed say they will stay and spend money if there is a skill based MM. It will come. Maybe not tomorrow but when the growth numbers really start looking bad then WG will put it in place. 


    So carry on this useless conversation if you want but really there is no point.


    Always lovely when the bobs think, they understand this game best ... and then find kind words ("garbage") to express their perceived insights.


    But I will give you the benefit of the doubt and try to explain why you are wrong:

    1. The primary issue with bush-camping TDs is not viewrange but how powerful the camo bonus from bushes is. In order to spot a Rheinmetal camping in a bush, you will often have to get within 100m or less with your scouts. And guess what: even after the massive viewrange nerfs for the Rheinmetal, he will still spot you first.
    2. And that is not a bad thing. If scouts could light TDs hidden behind bushes with little effort and no risk, the gameplay would be broken. TDs are supposed to be weapons of area-denial. They make sure that people who choose stupid routes on the battlefield get blasted. TDs pay a high price for this: usually no turret, sometimes slow, sometimes bad armour, ... Again: the guy sitting in the bush is not supposed to be spotted first!
    3. A good scout can work around this challenge: he will choose routes that limit his exposure, he knows bushes that allow him to get safe spots, he might even bait the TD to take a low-chance shot which will remove the cover from his bush. Only because you might have no clue how to scout effectively does not mean the developpers have to dumb the game down to your levels.
    4. Removing the TD class bonus (retaining camo after firing) was a good step. Nerfing viewrange is the wrong step since nobody wants invisible sniping. The way it's supposed to work is this: TD doesn't shoot - TD has a high chance to remain hidden; TD shoots - TD has a high chance to get spotted. Broken gameplay would look like the following: Scout spots TD at 350m, rapes him from the same distance without the TD having any chance of spotting him back.
    5. The "if" in your text: "if a TD has good LT on his team, he will still rape". How many good teammates do you usually get? Very few. Anything that makes players utterly dependant on teammates is a bad thing. It is not fun to have no chance at winning because the teammates who are supposed to perform a crucial task (spotting) happen to be donkeys (or are called FlakTrack). There is a lot wrong with high-tier gameplay but all tanks having decent viewranges is not one of them.

    1stly thanks for all the abuse in that response asshole.


    1 is wrong because turretless tds have to adjust position more often than not and then break camo numbnutz.


    All the rest is basically saying lights should continue to have no real role in the game except to be mediums hardmode and that TD's should be able to do everything.


    I really don't care if I get banned for this response but you are a moron.


    14 day RO for being an idiot. - Solono

  8. The weird thing about MM arguments here is that the contributors here actually think they know what WG is doing with their MM. When they actually have no fucking clue. 


    WG could have code that if your mother maiden name is winklestein then you will get bottom tier every match. If your name is Garbad you must have shitlords on your team.


    We just don't know and WG will never tell us.


    So how about we just don't talk about it at all. The mods should just blacklist MM/Matchmaking and any other word that has anything to do with a discussion about said topic.


    In fact autoban anyone who posts anything about MM for a day. We should all get the idea eventually.

  9. I am not sure.  My impression of reading the mechanics are that bushes have the camo, not the tanks.  So if the bush loses the camo, it loses the camo for "everyone".

    It would be easy enough to test in a training room though.  Just get two identical tanks with the same crew skills (no BiA or camo), put them side by side in a bush, have the spotting tank find the minimum non-detecting distance and then have one of the tanks fire.


    Oh man somebody do this. Maybe even just put base 100% crews in each tank so we get the same baseline.

  10.  But currently heavies and TDs have at least a chance to spot back. 


    I agree with most of what you say but this above is garbage. Td's that are bush camping even after the "camo after firing nerf" will outspot a light that is looking for it and with the alpha potential of some of the Russian TD's that means a one shot insta death for that light. Meds can take a few shots at least but they get spotted by that camping td easier.


    The problem has always been that TD's who aren't moving (which is nearly all of them) will see you before you see them and then drop a whole lot of pain on your ass. 


    I do think they should remove the camo nerf and then nerf the view ranges though. A borsig sitting in the middle of a field and still being able to camo snipe is not as dangerous if it can't see you. If that borsig has good LT on his team then he will still rape like the old days and share the xp with that LT. This is exactly how nature intended it to be.

    RIP meds.


    Don't think so.. Not some meds like LEO and batchat. They will be immune from the view range nerf. They will actually benefit.

  11. Wow, Shittur Emil was bad enough as is. Now it's going to be even worse? I'm rather glad the waffle line is getting raped. Now I'll no longer have any reason to grind it out. Fuck paper tanks.


    Amen to that.


    There was once a time (pre camo nerf/ gun nerf) when I thought I had better get one because they jsut rapes everyone and everything. Even though I really didn't want to play it. With all the successive nerfs I now no longer entertain having one. A good thing!

  12. Well this an obvious shove towards an pro-brawling meta. But yes, the German glass cannon TDs deserve the nerf, and this will demote some TDs from possible snipers to 2nd lind support. But this really boils down to the maps: city brawls is like 50-200m (no diff) and open fields can be a deathtrap.


    I think it will be better at restricting RU td's. I always wondered how such low to ground td's could get such good view range. Don't you need to be high to see?

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