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  1. So you ever going to start streaming? you know you would get a bunch of subscribers almost instantly.
  2. Apparently mediums will be fine (well mediums I care about anyway) http://ftr.wot-news.com/2014/11/12/12-11-2014/ for the lazy... " when nerfing viewrange, developers will take into account that some hightier mediums (Batchat, Leopard) act as scouts." I actually think this is going to be great for tanks like the LEO 1. I completely agree the nerfs came in the wrong order.
  3. It will be good it will reduce the number of td players. Just like arty. Before camo nerf wasn't unusual to see 1 light, 1 heavy, 1 arty (maybe) and then the rest TD's. WG is trying to make LT's relevant which is good. Not sure if they will get it right though. What am I saying??? do they ever get it right?
  4. They should have just increased lt hp to medium level and left it at that.
  5. I want to know the same. I haven't fully ground out the Russian meds. Is the t54lt really any better than the t54 itself? I would have thought that the t54 would have been better than the t54lt as they are same tier but t54 better armoured and better fire power?
  6. Hi nice mod. Is there a way to reduce how much you zoom out? I find when I switch between modes I end up being to far out and get confused.
  7. So I just bought this thing. What equipment.. anyone?
  8. I thought this was only supposed to happen during low population times? Or is that just some more BS from WG, which is code for we got no fucking idea why our shitty MM does this.
  9. I used to like 8. But now tier 8 is painful 80 % of the time. Tier 10 I guess. Even though I hate my t57. My only other tier 10 is the leopard which is nice but so squishy.
  10. That's right I was in a tier 7 game today in my m41 bulldog It was the last game before they shut off the server for 9.4 upgrade. How is this possible? Might have been a special mode to get everyone waiting for a game a final game before server shutdown. Only explanation I can think of.
  11. Or maybe. I should get carried by platoons like you do.
  12. to depressed and amazed to. Probably. We didn't lose them all. Won about 40% of them or something I think it is school holidays in 1 or 2 Asian countries and SEA server overrun. Doesn't explain my luck though.
  13. Oh yeah, forgot about that. Thanks.
  14. FlakTrack


    Yes we have all had rare good games in it. When it top tiers it's ok. It's better than the vk 30.02d, but that is the only good thing I will say about it.
  15. Hi Zeven, I am regular on your stream and it has helped my play a lot! ! question about spotting distance and view range. Is there a point a crew can get to where you no longer need optics? Ie when you have BIA/situ Aw/Recon/vents will spotting distance be at a max and view range be sufficient that you no longer need optics? I ask this because my Leo 1 crew are nearly there (or could be there if I spend a bit of gold to rearrange stuff). Cheers
  16. FlakTrack

    Leopard 1

    Only now training bia as my fith skill.
  17. I am liking the t44 but it isn't a tank I will be keeping once I get the t54. I do like the hovercraft feel that seems to be a prelude to the higher level ru meds. I personally prefer the t44 to the indien, mainly because at top tier I can bully hard in the t44. The indien was constantly being bullied by others.
  18. I have run into 6 x t54lts in my bulldog and destroyed all of them. I can't remember how good the players were. Every time I was always near full clip though. Quite frankly I assumed it was a shit tank. After looking at garbads replays, I think I want one. Problem i have with that is what I call leo syndrome. I watched some good steamers play the leo 1 so I wanted it but quite frankly I can't carry in it. T54lt will probably be the same.
  19. Anyone got a link to garbads thoughts on the t54 lt.
  20. Lttb seemed Ok when I faced it but still not a match for the bulldog. Having said that bd seems op and will probably get nerfed soon.
  21. I have come up against 6 in my bulldog and wrecked everyone of them. All that there is to say about it really. Think that might be why so few are playing it
  22. I love this tank but I can't carry at all in it. Do big damage games and still lose. edit: this tank just seems to get the shittiest teams. I don't know what it is. like it is cursed. edit2: here is this mornings example (every game I got highest damage, but when your team lemmings and yolo's there is not much you can do it about it. Or is there?)
  23. I do like the bulldawg but I agree t37 is better for its tier.
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