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  1. Yours or mine? Komm du mir mal nach Hause!
  2. I recognized several times blue players camping with meds (Centurion etc.) near their arty or around the base. This was in tier IX and tier X battles. Is this CHAI sniping the new strat to become a blue player?
  3. Yes it's a great tank but I have to learn how to use it's strength right.
  4. Good to see you again! Just finished the grind with bad stats and sold it without regret. Man you are a BLUE now! Congratulation!
  5. I changed from a setup for a medium to the same setup that I have in the T67 and play the tank similar. Rammer, Binocs, Camonet. Not elegant. But probably better than to die again and again.
  6. WUT??? just when I had the right tactic to make it to M--M you raise the level Hope M-I-T grandfathers me *crossing fingers
  7. @_Marine: Yes you did together with Canadian you played tier III when one of you was streaming Doesn't matter and btw we won
  8. Had just one time the fun and honor to be in the same batlle with you and Canadian. Luckily on the same team. Was in lower tiers and you both didn't pull out trees
  9. @Scout_in_da_house Duitse zijn niet zo gemakkelijk bang te maaken Groetjes
  10. This is how stabilization can look like. I guess it's a real Leo I
  11. Bismi Allahi a Rachman a Rachim .... I don't know your background in Islam and I don't like to discuss it any further. Please complete the sentence: La ihlla il Allah..... and no worries I know the Q'uran and the Sunna and additional Sufi stuff. It is not about your interpretation or mine. It is about the reality that you can face in Syria, Saudi Arabia, Mali, Nigeria or Iran.
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